running & workout recap 8.15 – 8.21


Since switching to Runkeeper from MapMyRun, I have fallen out of the habit of sharing my splits in these weekly workout recap posts. Runkeeper is awesome and I definitely like it more than MapMyRun but their screen for splits isn’t as screenshot friendly.

This has worked out just fine for me lately as my pace has pretty much meant nothing to me this summer to the point where I barely even stop to look at the splits screen when I finish my runs.

The heat and humidity have both been relentless these past few weeks that I find myself lucky to have been able to run outdoors at all, let alone care about how fast I am moving. Most of my runs this summer have been all about effort levels over watching my pace which I believe is more important for me when the weather is challenging.

In the next few weeks as the weather slowly cools down and I settle into training for the NYCRuns Falling Leaves Half Marathon, I will start to pay attention again to my pace for certain runs and do a better job at reporting my splits.

workout recap

Monday – 7 hot miles & Pure Barre

They said the heat wave ended Sunday night but it was still very hot and humid early in the morning! I wanted to run longer but by the hour mark, I was feeling a bit nauseous out there so I headed home for a quick set of Pure Barre Tone in 10.

Pure Barre Tone in 10 combo:

  • Thighs & Seat
  • Arms & Abs

Tuesday – 10 Miles

2 mile warm up + 6 miles of fartleks + 2 mile cool down

I am loving fartleks this summer. I speed up and slow down as I feel like it which is perfect for summer weather running. No pressure or focus on time, pace or distance.

Wednesday – Pure Barre Mile High Series & 5 Easy Miles

I barely remember running these miles which I guess is a good thing. No news is good news.

Thursday – Yoga & 8 Miles

2 mile warm up + 2 miles increased effort + 4 miles alternating .50 easy/.50 effort

This was a great run but I was tired the rest of the day. I don’t know if it was from the run or just a lingering fatigue that I realized I was feeling all week.

Friday – Pure Barre (rest day from running)

Thursday’s exhaustion was not like me at all. I wasn’t sick but I was to the bone tired so even though I woke up feeling much better today, I knew I needed the day off from running.

Running a few easy miles as I normally do on a Friday morning seemed pointless in the grand scheme of things. It made more sense to skip the run and feel fresh for Saturday’s long run rather than push myself and possibly feel fatigued for future workouts.

I have been meaning to switch my rest day from running from Sunday to Friday so this became the perfect time to experiment with the change.

My favorite Pure Barre online workout with feature focus on thighs was enough to get me moving without sweating. I usually use 5 lb free weights for Pure Barre but dropped down to the 3 lb weights to keep the workout on the lighter side.

pure barre online workout with focus on thighs

Saturday – 13 Miles

Yesterday’s break from running was super smart as I had extra pop in my step for this run. I realized I felt better than I have in a while out there so I like to think the rest day from running combined with lowered humidity helped move me along at a comfortably quick pace.

I even remembered to check my pace at the end of the run to see I averaged 8:45 overall.

My fastest split was mile 11 @ 7:53.

Sunday – Short, easy run

I plan to head outside for a few easy miles. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Has it cooled down at all where you live?

Is today a rest day or a run day for you?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?


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  1. says

    Yesterday was a million times better for running than last weekend. Today is a rest day for me, as Sundays usually are. Last night we went to a new restaurant and I had a really good steak! Not sure if we will go back much because it was kind of overpriced, but it was a nice change.

  2. says

    Hopefully it cools down here by October! LOL.
    Ran a 6.5 mile loop with my neighbor today–it was one of those where I didn’t want to go but now that it’s done and only 730 in the morning, I am so so happy I got out there!
    Best thing I ate….new to me zuchhini bread I made using almond flour!
    Lauren recently posted…Friday Favorites–But on a Monday!My Profile

    • says

      i swear it never cools down anymore until at least the end of October. we get a couple of cooler days but my son can wear shorts into November. i don’t remember it being like that when i was a kid.

  3. says

    Our heatwave appears to be over, too, and today was such a beautiful morning for a run, but my legs were totally not having it. Instead, I did lots of stretching and some walking. Sooo looking forward to fall, though. Best thing I ate was an awesome seared scallop salad with roasted golden beets, fresh Campari tomatoes, and huge chunks of fresh avocado. So. Good.
    Ellen @ My Uncommon Everyday recently posted…Five Friday Favorites 08/19/16My Profile

  4. says

    this summer is so hot 🙁 i just can’t run in only 30 minutes but i go swimming everyday. another good way to have a healthy body, right?
    have a great week!

  5. says

    Running in hot and humid summer has never been easy. This summer seems much hotter than ever. I think we should be careful with the weather and take the rest whenever we feel tired. Hope it’s cooler now there.