extra miles, treadmill time and a heat wave! (workout recap)


My week started with this need to run a few more miles than my normal routine. I needed the extra time outside in the quiet of the morning without being bothered by the world. Somehow running allows me to sort through the tasks ahead of me for the day along with helping me to figure out how to approach situations while getting a better understanding of the details at hand.

I think the Bar Mitzvah had a lot to do with my need for extra mental time on my feet as it weighs heavily on my mind. Thankfully I really do find that running helps me to organize myself while minimizing the impact of many of the details surrounding the planning.

running path

I was super grateful to have the extra time this week to run a little longer while feeling great during each run. I sort of felt like I could run forever and really appreciated that feeling as it doesn’t always work out that way. Quite often the brain wants to keep going but the body isn’t interested. Or, the legs are motivated but the brain wants to go home.

Speaking of home, my son will be home today! I am very excited. 🙂

Monday – Yoga & 10 Miles

I skipped Pure Barre in favor of extra time on my feet outside. It felt great!

Tuesday – 9 Miles & Pure Barre Tone in 10

2 mile warm up + 5 miles fartleks + cool down easy miles. I could have kept going for sure but I headed home instead to do one Pure Barre Tone in 10 workout: Full Body.

As a side note, I noticed that lately I feel stronger during the planks section of Pure Barre. I don’t know why this suddenly is but I will take it!

Wednesday – Pure Barre (Mile High) & 5 Easy Miles

I started my morning with 35 minutes of Pure Barre followed by a treadmill run. I followed this easy run on the treadmill workout plan.

I had decided to run indoors as a change of scenery and surface before even stepping outside to know that the humidity was so crazy heavy that running outdoors would not have been fun!

Thursday – Yoga & 8 Miles (Treadmill)

80 degrees with 80% humidity before 8:00 am sent me running for the treadmill. I had a great run indoors again so I really didn’t mind.

3 miles easy + 4 miles between 7.5 – 8.0 + cool down

Friday – 3 Miles Easy & Pure Barre Studio Series

I saw on the news before heading outside that it was 75 degrees and 94% humidity. The sun wasn’t that bright so maybe that’s what made a few easy miles outside bearable.

Pure Barre Studio Series for a change. I rotate six Pure Barre from home options so it’s been a while since I did this particular Pure Barre workout.

pure barre studio series

Saturday – Yoga & 12 Miles

We have been in an excessive heat warning for a few days which doesn’t end until Sunday night. This morning was no joke when it came to the heat. I made it 3 easy miles outside before heading inside to the treadmill.


I switched my mindset from running aimlessly outside to finishing up my long run indoors with two sets of 5 miles for a total of 13 miles.

The first set of 5 miles were great. I stopped the treadmill at that point to restart it (since it shuts on me otherwise at the 60 minute mark) and had some water plus almost half of a Hammer Gel.

Big mistake.

I don’t usually drink water while taking some of a Hammer Gel.

In fact, I probably took in more gel at a time than I normally do so once I started the treadmill up again, I didn’t feel well. I gave it about half a mile before realizing I needed to get off of the treadmill.

I didn’t need a bathroom, I just felt as though the water and Hammer Gel were sitting in my chest. I sort of felt heavy, maybe light-headed and possibly nauseous. I knew that the combination needed to digest and that was not happening on the treadmill. I needed to move around, not run in place if that makes sense.

I also needed to move at a natural pace, not a pace set by the treadmill even if that pace was being set by me. It still wasn’t natural.

I headed back outside (into the heat), found a natural pace and started to feel better.

I finished up my run with a few miles outside that I think came in around 12 miles.

Laura told me that the heat can delay gastric emptying which probably played a role in my not feeling well from the water and gel combination. Once she said that, I recalled reading about this in her Master Your Fueling and Hydration E-Course! If you missed my review of her e-course, be sure to check it out especially for the discount!

Sunday – Not Running

I usually take Sunday’s off from running but have been considering switching my non-run day to Friday instead once the school year starts. We shall see.

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Is it crazy hot and humid where you live? Have you been running outside or inside on the treadmill?

Do you plan you rest days from running? Is it always the same day(s) of the week?

Are you able to drink water and take in gel at same time or do you space them out?


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      I normally just sip water while I run, I totally had more than a sip and that combined with the gel was way too much for me. the weather is awful, I think they said the heat wave ends tonight

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    I hate to wish away summer … But I’m ready for fall 🙂 Running in the heat/humidity is no fun!

    I’ve been making a conscious effort to listen to my body and proactively take rest days. I try to take 1 day off (sometimes 2) from running and usually spend that time at the pool … Usually it’s Sunday or Monday and then maybe I’ll toss in an extra pool day on Thursdays or Fridays before my long run.
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