week in review #8

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It was a super busy yet productive week! Let’s take a look in recap form…

Blog Highlights:

I shared a new run by time tempo workout on Tuesday. Click here if you missed it, it’s a really good running workout.

I finally tried Pure Barre Platform on Friday which I reviewed in yesterday’s post. I love Pure Barre but don’t think I will be back for Platform.

I have been eating out more than normal lately but Laura is really keeping me accountable in kitchen with our recipe challenge! I love that we pick a new recipe to try each week and especially love that it is leaving me with leftovers that I freeze for later use.

Last week was falafel, this week may involve vegetarian Buddha style bowls which are perfect for lunch, dinner and preparing in advance. Yum!


I registered for the NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon. November 12th, here I come! Actually, it’s more like here WE come because my cousins will be running it with me making this half marathon extra fun.

NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon

I suddenly felt as though my Energy Boosts were on their last leg and after a quick calculation, I realized that my current pair was exactly three months old with almost 400 miles on them! I love how I can always feel when my running shoes are finished basically right on schedule.

New shoes were a must so I picked them up yesterday at Runner’s Edge. I can’t wait to run in them!

new adidas energy boosts


I had my son’s room painted on Friday (the blue-gray color is so nice!) and the carpet is coming tomorrow. I can’t wait for him to see his room all finished!

I spent several hours over the last week refreshing my son’s camp’s online photo albums to see all of the fun he is having. Camp is such a gift that we give our kids. I didn’t realize this obviously when I was the kid going to camp but I am grateful now that I had my camp years and hope one day my son understands how fortunate he was to spend his summers at camp.

I easily wrote him seven letters by mail and a bunch by email. I received two letters by mail which has made retrieving my mail from my mailbox more interesting than ever. Usually I avoid my mailbox for an embarrassing long time because, well, I hate the mail.

Work Stuff:

I sort of recapped the red carpet event we had for work last week but it’s worth mentioning again since it was so much fun. The desserts are still on my mind!

AllSeated event photo booth

I had my highlights touched up the day before the event plus a blow out which served as another trial for how I will wear my hair for the Bar Mitzvah. I am still unsure exactly what I will do with my hair but we are getting there.

Bar Mitzvah Planning:

I met with the favors vendor to get started on figuring out what I need. I have to wait for the final RSVP’s to come in before placing my order but still, we made major progress in this department.

I worked on a few DIY things for the party. I am not the DIY type but there were a few ideas that I had which I knew I could complete myself that wouldn’t look DIY.

I worked crazy hard on the photo montage. With my dad’s help, we sorted through thousands of photos (in addition to the thousands I have already weeded through over the last several months). I didn’t finish but hope to complete it this week.

That face though.


I have my meetings starting this week into next week with the caterer, the entertainment, photographer and décor so things are really coming together!

I have received some comments asking about Bar Mitzvahs; what the planning process entails and what the affairs are like. I think the best resource for explaining all of this well is the Mitzvah Market website. I started utilizing Mitzvah Market as a resource years ago when I began working in Bar Mitzvahs/event planning and now as a Mitzvah Mom, I really look to the site for planning inspiration.

Food & Fun:

I dined out way more than I ate at home over the last several days but I am not complaining. I love going out to eat and will never pass up the opportunity to enjoy my favorite salad.

cheesecake salad

I was seriously all caked out after the work event last week that Linda’s Fudge cake was barely appealing to me yet somebody I used to know insisted a slice be brought to our table. I didn’t even want my own slice of cake but we share well so it’s fine.

lindas fudge cake

I spent Saturday at my aunt’s summer house in Atlantic Beach with my cousins. Summer weekends have always meant going to my aunt’s house at the beach. It’s nice to know that although we all keep getting older, the tradition never changes, it just involves more kids.


We sat by the pool a little too long before walking down to the beach because it got cloudy once we were there before starting to rain.

atlantic beach

I ate a lot of fruit this weekend too.


Not included in the above fruit platter is the YELLOW WATERMELON that I sampled over the weekend. Have you tried yellow watermelon? I don’t love it. The color confuses me, the texture is the same as regular watermelon but it’s not as sweet.

I gotta go now to test out my new Boosts! This will totally throw off my running shoe rotation but how I can let a new pair of running shoes just sit in the box?!

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Don’t forget to check out what everyone else did this week!

Have you tried yellow watermelon? What did you think?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Are you due for a new pair of running shoes?



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  1. says

    I was going through and cleaning out the notes section on my phone this weekend and I found the one I saved with the name of the salad you get from Cheesecake Factory. Of course, I didn’t delete it. I still need this salad in my life, especially of course since you had it last week.

    I love when you participate in the WIR. I get an even deeper glimpse into your life and I get to hear more details about the Bar Mitzvahs. I love any kind of party planning so this is right up my alley.

    That picture of your son is adorable. I bet it’s been a lot of fun going through all those pics; a stroll down memory lane. Hopefully it’s been mostly good memories.

    I need an Aunt with a beach house. Maybe I can marry into the family. Oh wait, I’m already taken. Crap. 🙂
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: #42My Profile

    • says

      it’s my favorite salad. in fact I eat it even more than it actually makes it on the blog lol. it’s just so good! it is definitely fun looking at the pictures – I have been thinking of you as I do it because I can’t believe how fast it went from when benji was the same age as Ave! It’s crazy how time just flies.

  2. says

    AWE!!!! Ben’s CHEEKS!!! So cute. I’m glad you’re fitting in all this fun stuff! I’m usually good at rotating my shoes but ever since I started branching out into Brooks Launch, my shoe rotation is all mixed up and now I have no idea how old my Asics Nimbus are (I have like, 3 of each!) Confusing. Boooooo. Enjoy your new shoes!!!
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  3. says

    All I did was eat out this weekend and I’m so ready for a more regular routine food-wise this week. I ate my favorite paper moon red velvet cake yesterday and almost wasn’t hungry for it, but I also knew I wouldn’t get it again for a long time so I toughed it out 😉 The Mitzvah planning sounds like SO much work. It’s like planning a wedding!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Workouts 7/25-7/31My Profile

  4. says

    Best part of weekend was Brady coming home from camp! I love having him home. We got like 4 letters TOTAL in 6 wks despite them supposedly having to write one each week! LOL. Mail pickup was fun but also sad b/c the letters were few and far between! Will be starting Bar Mitzvah planning soon…well we get our “date” soon…thanks for the resources!
    Lauren recently posted…Friday Favorites–But on a Monday!My Profile

    • says

      So exciting to get your date. It goes so fast though from that time – I think we got it 3 years in advance. Did he totally love his summer? I bet he had a great time. Did I respond to yesterday’s comment about Orange Theory? (I can’t remember lol) – we do have a few Orange Theory locations right near me but I never tried it! My best friend loves it in Florida though!

  5. says

    I’m due for new running shoes but I’m going to put it off for as long as possible since I just made a running related purchase…my first Garmin! It was one of the simpler models so I think it’s actually cheaper than my running shoes.
    Best thing I ate this weekend was birthday cake! My little brother just turned 13, so he’s just around your son’s age. I dropped him off at day camp today and he was off and like BYE! before I even had a chance to wish him luck…I guess I’m just an embarrassing older sister showing up in her running clothes 😉
    Caroline M recently posted…Week (Month?) in Review #3My Profile

  6. says

    That picture of your son is so cute! At that age, he looks like a little boy I babysit occasionally. So sweet 🙂 Wow it looks like your week was filled to the brim! I love weeks that are busy but in a way that just makes me feel productive but not overwhelmed.

    I LOVE your new running shoes. I really need a pair. I’m hoping to do a half in the spring, so I’ll definitely need to buy a pair then. If they weren’t so darn expensive, I would probably buy a new pair every other month 😀
    Evangeline Kennedy recently posted…Weekend in Review: University of PittMy Profile

  7. says

    I’ve seen yellow watermelon in a few stores, but I’ve never tried it. Or at least I -think- it was yellow watermelon 😆 There’s a lot of fruits out there that I have no idea about. And I’m seriously loving the stormy blue colour right now. My parents asked me to pick a colour for my room over at their place, and that’s the one I chose. So pretty.