Pure Barre Platform (workout recap)


As you may remember, I have been trying to get into a Pure Barre Platform class for a long time now. My Pure Barre studio does not offer the Platform class as often as the regular Pure Barre classes so it’s been a bit of a struggle finding a class time which not only fit my schedule but also wasn’t already booked to capacity.

Since my son is away at camp, I was able to secure a spot in Friday morning’s 6:00 am Pure Barre Platform class which is a class time I cannot normally attend. Before getting to a brief recap of the rest of my workouts, let’s discuss my thoughts on my first Pure Barre Platform class!

Although I am a natural morning person who is always up early without issue, I actually struggled mentally leaving the house for Friday morning’s class. I was tired from the week and the rain outside was not helping me! Of course I still went, of course I was even early but still, I felt like I was dragging.

I probably needed my morning run to have happened before going to this class in order to feel myself and awake!

Pure Barre

I told the instructor that it was my first Pure Barre Platform class. Since I am extremely familiar with the regular Pure Barre routine, she told me that it is important to forget whatever I already know about Pure Barre in order to succeed with taking a Platform class.

She also suggested I get a spot facing the mirror so that I could see what I was doing but all of those spots were taken so I took my spot at the back wall.

Pure Barre Platform

That’s me in the back wearing purple.

I wasn’t overly concerned about my spot even though she told me the Platform class would be different from the regular Pure Barre class; I really believed that a seasoned Pure Barrer like me would be able to handle the different style class anyway.

All you need for the Pure Barre Platform class is the platform and a set of weights. No stretchy tube or red ball.

This part alone felt a little weird. I am not the best with change but I went with it.

Pure Barre Platform

The Pure Barre Platform movements are faster than traditional Pure Barre which is where it goes against the traditional workout routine. The point of the class is to incorporate more cardio into the routine which is why everything is amped up in order to get your heart rate high.

The structure of the class is fairly similar to the traditional class in terms of the order in which you work each body part yet still, it was pretty different.

Even the warm up was different!

I was relying on at least having the tried and true Pure Barre warm up to ease me into the class but I felt immediately thrown into a whole other routine.

I kept up as best as I could. I didn’t love the amped up fast version of the movements because 1) they were new to me so I didn’t totally know what I was doing 2) I had to slow them down a bit in order to keep proper form which in turn kept me from achieving the right level of cardio workout.

It sort of went by in a blur so it’s hard to remember exactly what went on for sure. Almost all poses incorporated the platform into the exercise, including the warm up, arm section and ab work at the end too.

I was not sore from this class.

The only thing I noticed was that my arms ached at night, not in the I worked my muscles real good way but in the did I do something wrong position wise to hurt myself way. I still had that feeling Saturday morning, more in my right arm than my left but thankfully, it passed by afternoon. I will be cautious though with arm work for the next few days to be safe.

I can’t really say that I loved the class but I don’t think it’s fair to review and judge after only one experience. The instructor even told me before we started that it would take at least three classes to feel comfortable with Pure Barre Platform.

I won’t be back for another Platform class though. I just don’t think it’s worth it to me.

Here’s the thing: I LOVE PURE BARRE.

I love how the small isometric movements strengthen and tone my body, acting as the perfect complement to my running routine.

I look forward to my Pure Barre mornings in which my muscles shake and burn yet I don’t sweat. I love the calming effect it has while giving me yoga and pilates stretching and strengthening too.

I really missed running Friday morning. I didn’t have time after the class to run.

I didn’t feel as though I had a great workout after the Pure Barre Platform class. Maybe it’s because I had to slow some of it down in order to keep proper form or maybe because I just prefer my cardio to come from running and my strengthening to come from Pure Barre.

But this is only my opinion. We are all different and all like different forms of exercise!

Do I recommend that you try Pure Barre Platform?

Maybe. I haven’t decided.

I do recommend that if you are looking to try a Barre class that you try the traditional Pure Barre class first.

Rest of the Week in Workouts:

Monday – 6 Miles & Pure Barre Mile High DVD

Tuesday – 8 Miles (Fartleks)

Wednesday – 4 Miles (easy treadmill workout) & Pure Barre (focus on thighs online workout)

Thursday – 10 Miles (sort of following this tempo interval workout)

Friday – Pure Barre Platform

Saturday – 13 Miles

Sunday – Short, easy run

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Do you like taking early morning studio classes or are you an evening workout person?

Are you running today?

Are you a Pure Barre fan or do you like a different style barre class? Which one?




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  1. says

    That’s interesting that the class moves as a faster pace. I definitely think that would be strange! It’s good that you tried it but I agree its weird to change up your normal routine. I keep thinking that it would be nice to have a gym again but I know it would be really hard and annoying to have to drive somewhere to work out. It saves so much time to do it all at home!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Running and Anxiety {Guest Post}My Profile

  2. says

    You know what you works for you at this point. Trying new things usually makes me more content with what I do. I know my daily run and yoga is my perfect pair. For you it seems pure barre and running with some yoga thrown in. You have been doing this gig a long time and you know what makes you feel your best!!!

  3. says

    I ran today with my neighbor—we did a 6.5 mile loop and it poured almost the entire time! Actually felt good. If I don’t workout in the am, I am much less likely to go at all….I lose motivation and am usually clean and don’t want to get gross again!! I have tried Barre 3 a bunch–love going but also love to sweat and that doesn’t happen much for me at Barrre 3. Orange Theory seems to be the perfect mix for me as it combines both–do you have one near you? The AZ Orange theory owner is opening some on Long Island!!
    Lauren recently posted…Friday Favorites–But on a Monday!My Profile

  4. says

    I’m honestly not sure I could drag myself out of the house before 6am. I’m awake anyways, but I like to take my mornings slow and not rush to be anywhere. Also, I still haven’t taken a Pure Barre class. I need to get on that!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…link love 7/31My Profile