epic sundaes, running socks & avoiding my to do list (TOL)


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I love seeing the google search terms that bring people to my blog. My favorite search term this week: Epic Sundaes.

I am honored that google thought to display me as a result for such a topic. I guess I often enjoy epic sundaes?

Actually, I am planning to have an epic sundae this Friday night at Prime. They have a new sundae on their dessert menu called the movie theater sundae which I MUST try so dinner reservations were already made for tomorrow night.

Funny thing, after making the reservations, someone I know on facebook went to Prime and ordered the sundae! I took a screenshot of their movie theater sundae to show you.movie theater sundae

I also cropped the sundae description out of the menu for you to see. Doesn’t it sound good? I am curious about the reeses pieces ice cream but think it needs hot fudge instead of chocolate sauce though, right?

The smores sundae sounds good too. But what’s this for 2 business? I wouldn’t share it.

prime dessert menu

I love the view at Prime too so I am looking forward to dinner. Such a nice place, especially in the summer.

prime happy hour

I can’t believe it’s summer and that it’s really July. I don’t even mean this in a cliché way as if I have nothing else to write about so let’s talk about the months and seasons.


You see, all year I have had a planning To Do list for my son’s Bar Mitzvah with most of the tasks listed as – TO DO IN JULY!!

The organized side of me felt so complete for several months knowing that my tasks have been assigned to July because come July, I would be ready to get down to business!

It’s now July and I want nothing to do with my list.

Maybe it’s because I work in event planning and write tons of planning tips, event planning trends and details for other people to read that I don’t feel like planning my own affair?

Is this a similar phenomenon like what happens to those lucky people who work in bakeries when they claim they are surrounded by baked goods all the time therefore the bakery aroma has no effect on them and no, they don’t want to eat fudge cakes all day? That wouldn’t happen to me, I am sure of it, I would always want to eat the cakes. I find the aroma of a bakery intoxicating if you want to know the truth. 

Whatever it is, instead of really getting down to business with my list of things left to plan for the Bar Mitzvah, I have sidetracked myself by starting new projects at home.

I am on the hunt for new bedding, decided I need to redecorate my bathroom, and have started the process of redesigning my son’s room.

And worse, as soon as I sit down to do something for the Bar Mitzvah, I get up and start tearing through closets and drawers to clean and organize those instead.

I have donated a ton of clothing in the last few weeks include several pieces one only parts with when they are in the mood to tear through their closet. I hope I don’t suddenly miss the jeans, pants and sweatshirts I have unloaded and I really hope my son doesn’t open his closet. He will notice a ton of empty hangers.

I cleaned out my sock drawer too.

Can we discuss running socks for a minute?

Has anyone else had a problem with their running socks shrinking in the dryer? I don’t know if that’s what happened but my Thorlos are MISERABLE lately. Remember when they were my favorite running socks?

Yeah, right now I can’t even wear them so instead I spend my time arranging running socks in pile for a picture rather than focus on the Bar Mitzvah list.

thorlos running socks

Every time I put the socks on, they are slipping at the heel as if they are missing material and feeling too thick even though I never found them too thick. I was appreciating the padding for so many months yet now, I want to wear my Pro Compression socks instead since they are the thinnest running socks that I own.

Is it that the Thorlos shrunk in my dryer or do my feet swell that much in the summer to make these socks super uncomfortable? Please help, thanks.

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Who else is procrastinating with something on their to do list right now?

What sundae toppings would create your idea of an epic sundae?

Talk to me about running socks!!


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  1. says

    First of all, I love that the sundaes are paired with wine. As for the shrinking socks, I agree that it happens and is more noticeable in the summer. One of my “theories” about my foot problem is that maybe because my feet are slightly bigger in the summer that my shoes are tighter than they were in the winter. I have heard people say they hand wash their running socks to avoid them shrinking but that seems like way too much work!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Rest Now For Success LaterMy Profile

    • says

      you need to plan a night in huntington! even take the kids, so fun! btw, I tried to leave a comment on your post today but the post froze right before the comment section and then froze my computer. I got a blue screen that said I encountered a site error and my computer needed to make a note and then would restart lol. perhaps it was only me but figured I would tell you!

  2. says

    You turned us on to Prime and we love it!!! We have been there three times. Love your taste and style in restaurants. Btw, thorlos shrink and disappoint as a result. I bought them for the padding and they have made my very comfortable running shoes to snug as the summer got bruttly hot. Not sure if it’s my feet or the socks, but thorolos are a good brand and should hold up to washing and drying. Very disappointing. Have a blast at Prime and enjoy your sundae!,,

    • says

      so many people are commenting about the wine pairings – I think a lot of restaurants do that here? I am going to have to pay really close attention from now on to the other restaurants I go to so I can see for sure lol

  3. says

    Haha I love that ‘epic sundaes’ was a search term! I think my favorite would have chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, crushed Oreo’s, brownie, Reese cups, and hot fudge. Clearly I love chocolate. I actually love my Injinji toe socks! They felt weird when I first put them on but I don’t feel them running and have never gotten blisters in them.

  4. says

    Socks that don’t feel quite right are literally my biggest pet peeve! It can totally ruin a run!! I’ve always liked the really short ankle socks, but I think I am going to get some taller ones to try out (at least for when I’m on the trails). Maybe try out a couple new brands and see if there’s one you like better?
    Lish recently posted…Leadville Trail MarathonMy Profile

  5. says

    First of all, that sundae looks AMAZING. Second of all, I also love Thorlo socks and have so many pairs of the pink ones — but I have found that wearing them in the intense humidity (not even really heat) makes them uncomfortable because that’s what causes my feet to swell. Maybe that’s it?
    Alyssa @ renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…Marathon Training Plan Month #1My Profile

  6. says

    I never buy special running socks; I just get a pack of white ankle socks from Costco and they work great! I love the feeling of putting on brand new white socks. I always make to-do lists and I love mowing through it and crossing things off BUT I have to be in the mood. Lots of coffee first, and then boom–I’m a to-do list maniac.
    Suzy recently posted…Friendly SharksMy Profile

  7. Amanda says

    I have many flaws but procrastination is not one of them. I can’t relax until everything is crossed off my to-do list so I just get it done. Both the s’mores sundae and the movie theater sundae sound amazing! I have the biggest sweet tooth ever so the more candy toppings the better. Favorites would be cookie dough, brownies, and Oreos.

  8. says

    For a thin running sock my feetures have really held up well. It was my first “running” sock. I also really love my thicker balega’s. I randomly bought some asics off amazon (called cushion low sock) and they are nice and cushiony and cheaper than the fancy ones! I was just cleaning up my drawers and realized I haven’t worn my pro crompressions in like 2 years.
    Gianna recently posted…Let the Marathoning Begin!My Profile

  9. says

    Forgive me if you have addresses this, but when is your son’s Bar Mitzvah? I have no experiences with Jewish traditions, and know it’s a huge deal, but what goes into it? Can you direct me toward a post of you explaining what things go into such an event?
    Ellie recently posted…A Day In My Life [WIAW July 5, 2016]My Profile

    • says

      hi! my son’s bar mitzvah is in October. The planning is similar to a wedding but more detailed because there are so many kids invited (over 100)! So I guess it can also be similar to planning an involved sweet 16 party too. I haven’t really done a full post on planning a bar mitzvah so you haven’t missed a full post like that. The planning though really is like wedding planning plus managing all of the details (invitations, favors, entertainment, finding dress, selecting menu, desserts, etc). The religious part involves a service (two services actually) at the temple both the day of and day before party. I hope this helps!