Hi From Hershey & Running Round Up


Hi from Hershey Park! We have been having the best time this week and the chocolate isn’t half bad either…

hershey bar

I have lost count of how many chocolate bars and Hershey Kisses I have eaten but hey, it’s Hershey Park. If you are here, you eat chocolate with every meal. 🙂

Anyway, I will be back soon to recap our fun but in the meantime, I have been wanting to share a round-up of my favorite running-related and running workout posts from the last six months or so. I find it extremely helpful not only for me to see what I have been writing about in the last few months but for new readers who may have missed a great running-related post and workout idea!

running round up

Let’s start with the workouts:

Tempo Interval Workout < – This workout is challenging in a really good way, I swear! Work on your speed, ability and endurance.

Easy Run on the Treadmill Workout < – I ran this one yesterday for a few miles in the hotel gym!

Treadmill Workout < – A fun speed interval workout for the treadmill is always necessary.

13 Mile Long Run Workout < – A great way to run 13 miles and watch the time fly by fast.


Running Topics:

5 Benefits of Treadmill Running For Outdoor Runners < – Even if you prefer to run outside, there are benefits to running on the treadmill.

Treadmill Running: The Pros & Cons List < – Some of the positives are also negatives but hey, the treadmill is our friend and available to us when we can’t run outside!

5 Things I Do Everyday To Make Myself a Better Runner <- Really, it’s what I do when I am not running to make myself a better runner.

Surviving Summer as a Runner < – A few things I do both when running and not running to get through the warmer weather as a runner

Running Realizations < – So many things about ourselves as runners realized while running.

The Benefits of Tune Up Races < – Terrific guest post from Laura about how and why we should run a tune up race during our training.


Running & Health:

Laura and I worked together on this finding balance series. I really enjoyed writing it, learning and sharing the information. These posts are pretty popular which means I should probably put more posts like these together soon.

Finding Balance Between our DIets & Workouts

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Workouts – How many calories do you really need?

Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Workouts Part II –  Good discussion about fueling for our workouts.

NEDA Week/Amenorrhea – The Female Athlete Triad is a serious topic and one female runners need to be aware of during their training.


Girl Talk: Body Image Chat – I can be nuts when it comes to the clothes in my closet!

The Dangers of Running on Anti-Inflammatory Medications – I didn’t know there were side effects of running after taking ant-inflammatory medications until seeing it as a warning in a race info packet!

Race Recaps:

I ran two races this Spring. I am still planning my fall race calendar but remain super happy with my current half PR. 🙂

Aspire 10k Race Recap – The tune up race during my half marathon training!

Long Island Half Marathon – My current PR half marathon!

Long Island Half Marathon Over The Years – Running the same half marathon a few years in a row is a pretty cool experience since you are able to look back at where you were in your life at the time of the race.

Other Running Round Ups:

Running Round Up June 2015 – This round-up of running posts was written a year ago already, wow.

Turkey Trot Running Round Up – Good round-up of running workouts.

Running Helps Me Think – So many great post ideas are thought of while running. This round-up includes all topics including divorce.

Running Round Up 2014 – I shared this post while we were away in Disney World! Feels like yesterday.

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What did you have for dessert last night (I have desserts on my mind since I am eating a lot of chocolate)?

What types of running/running-related posts are you interested in seeing more of?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?

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    Glad you are having fun! Hershey Park sounds like a great place to visit for the desserts:) Last night I opted for wine over dessert…it was just one of those days! But I’ve been craving ice cream lately, so that might need to happen tonight.
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