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I woke up yesterday to a slow-moving blog which quickly led to the inability to log into my wordpress dashboard. I kept one window open trying to refresh my blog page while the Dream Host Live Chat wait window kept chiming to alert me 8 more minutes, 7 more minutes, hold on 4 more minutes and then suddenly, 23 more minutes.

Eventually I got my post published and headed outside for my run but was delayed at least 35 minutes. Since school is over for my son, I do have more flexibility in the morning but as you know, every minute counts when it comes to your running routine, especially in the summer sun and heat.

That extra half hour gave me additional hazy sunshine, warmer temperatures and humidity. I don’t even know what the humidity was exactly and I don’t need to look it up because trust me, it was humid.

The later run time also meant a different set of sprinklers at various points on my running path which forced me to weave on and off the route often because I cannot stand getting wet.

running path

I haven’t pushed my pace in a few weeks so figured I would attempt my 8 mile tempo interval workout.

Uh huh.

I don’t know if it was the humidity, the lack of tempo miles recently or the two nights in a row of eating black bean pasta but I couldn’t keep it up.


My stomach was bothering me. Not hurting, not a side stitch but noticeably bothering me. By the second round of tempo miles, I chose to slow the heck down.

Why push it? I am not training for anything at the moment and even if I was, who really cares? Sometimes I am capable of pushing it and sometimes, I just don’t care. My idea of balance.

Let’s quickly discuss the black bean pasta which I mentioned in Wednesday’s post. I really do like it.

trader joe's black bean pasta

Quick stats:

Calories are the same as your standard pasta serving (200 calories)

15 grams of fiber

14 grams of protein

Awesome source of iron (20%)

Since I do not eat a lot of pasta, I felt the need to taste test the black bean pasta along side whole wheat pasta and regular pasta. In my opinion, the texture of the black bean pasta is the same as whole wheat pasta and extremely similar to the regular pasta. I am talking boxed pastas, not fresh pasta. Fresh pasta of course will taste different.

Do I think it’s a good idea to eat black bean pasta the night before a run or race? No, I do not. The amount of fiber is significantly higher in black bean pasta than your traditional pasta. Black bean pasta is not a carb loading food. Not even close! Of the 35 grams of total carbohydrate, 15 grams are fiber!

In other yesterday news, I had lunch with a friend while working at Panera.

I think he’s a friend although I am not really sure if friend is the right word. We don’t have a word really.

We aren’t facebook friends but half of the people I am facebook friends with aren’t really my friends so maybe the word friend lost it’s meaning once social media came into the picture.

So really, I had lunch with someone I used to know and continue to know even though I probably shouldn’t still know but we get along so it’s fine.

Neither of us had the power hummus bowl salad that I mentioned I wanted in Wednesday’s post.

Believe me, I tried to order it for us but this Panera location, which was different from one I was at on Tuesday, wouldn’t make it for me either.

I went with the barbecue chicken salad without chicken plus avocado. And tomatoes, I added tomatoes. Why doesn’t this salad come with tomatoes?

panera salad

Then I stopped off at Trader Joe’s but didn’t do a full food shop because we are going to Hershey Park next week which means not a lot of cooking going on at home for a bit!

trader joes

I am also excited that today is Friday because tomorrow I am meeting up with Michele for lunch and some shopping in the city. Enjoy your weekend!

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3 things you are doing this weekend?

Do you try to run at the exact same time every day?

Have you been to Hershey Park? Favorite amusement park?

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  1. says

    That’s so much fiber! I was curious after we texted about it and saw that beans have like 6 grams. I love fiber but my stomach doesn’t always.
    Weekend plans including hiking, going to a baseball game (first sports game in Seattle), and probably going out to eat with my mom and sister in town.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…High Five Friday: Start of SummerMy Profile

  2. says

    Haha a friend who shouldn’t be a friend. YEP. Definitely have had those over the past couple years. I’m still hesitant to try that pasta but I think I might. I’ll have to work myself up to that. I pretty much run first thing in the morning. So that’s anywhere from 5am-7am depending on the day. If I wait much longer than that, it’s just not going to happen.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Find Your CommunityMy Profile

  3. says

    I feel you, some runs are better than others, but that’s just life I guess. My body definitely doesn’t like me having too much fiber either (hello bloating). Hershey Park is an awesome amusement park! I’ve been there a few times and the rides are great and it’s a really fun atmosphere. I also really like Busch Gardens. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I think mine will be filled with recipe testing and cleaning/organizing around the house.

    Meah recently posted…Fitness Friday #2 Learning to Rest and Focusing on YOUR NeedsMy Profile