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I don’t recall ever being so busy or feeling like I am forever pulled in a 100 directions every single day but I guess that’s just life right now!

The Blog:

Randomly receiving an email from your web host that your site is being malicious is not what you want to hear about or think about when you are about to go to bed. I still don’t know what the heck the problems are with my site but luckily, it’s been up and running for the most part anyway.

I went without plug-in’s for several days and now have a few back, although they aren’t working correctly because the spam is still coming as regular mail and legit comments are going to spam.

I have my web guy (that’s what I call him) working on the issues because I am not tech savvy or patient enough to figure things out on my own. Nor do I have the time at the moment either.

My favorite posts from the week:

Surviving Summer as a Runner – the common/not so common things I consider to survive summer running

My Blog and Me – a little history about me and how/why I started my blog 🙂

The best blog moment of the week though was definitely meeting Lisa for lunch! It was so good to finally see her in person.

Lisa and me

Work Stuff:

I was in the city on Wednesday for a quick work meeting. I took the train instead of driving and got really excited to eat a cup of Red Mango as I waited for my train track announcement heading home.

The whole waiting for your track announcement especially during rush hour is a stressful thing. It makes it better these days though since Penn Station has great food choices, they recently added a Magnolia Bakery!

red mango in penn station

Bar Mitzvah Stuff:

We sent out the kid portion of the invitations! We wanted those to go out before summer since everyone is leaving for sleep away camp. The adult invites will wait until August.

So many other tasks are slowly being checked off my list yet with each item checked off, I seem to add another. I know I have said this before but Mitzvah parties are really detailed and involved.

As a side note, sometimes I don’t even recognize my own son. He was walking ahead of me the other night and I was like, when did my baby get so tall?



So call me weird but I never crave Mexican food. My son talked me into an early meal at Moe’s Friday night before he was off to the last Bar Mitzvah party of the season.

I liked my salad but can’t say I am rushing back for another one any time soon.

Moe's salad

After my long run Saturday morning, we spent the afternoon at my aunt’s beach house. My site was down for a bit during the day but instead of dealing with it, I put my feet in the pool and relaxed.


I have always enjoyed spending time at my aunt’s house at the beach with my cousins in the summer and my son loves it too, probably because among other reasons, my aunt keeps a separate freezer filled with ice cream treats for the kids.

ice cream freezer

I did not get a picture of my son eating the Lil’Drums ice cream cones on Saturday but I do have this picture from oh, ten summers ago (seriously, where does the time go) when he was not even three years old eating an ice cream sandwich at my aunt’s beach house.

Maybe it will go in the Bar Mitzvah photo montage which is on my list of things to put together. Ugh, I have to sort through and decide on 160 pictures of him to get over to my photographer before I know it!


On the way home from my aunt’s house, we had dinner with my parents. Pizza and salads for the win.

Sicilian pizza is awesome. Sometimes I love grandma pizza but sometimes, the thicker crust of the Sicilian is the best.


We left early Sunday morning to head upstate to visit my son’s sleep away camp for an orientation. I didn’t get many pictures but the camp is beautiful and I think I am slightly jealous of the fun he is going to have this summer. I miss my camp days and being a kid!

lake at camp

And on that note, it’s time for another week. Have a good one!

3 things you did this weekend?

Did you go to sleep away camp as a kid? I went to day camp and teen tours!

Which do you prefer – ice cream novelties or ice pops? As a kid I liked the ice pop over the ice cream choices in the summer because the ices were more refreshing!





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  1. says

    All of that ice cream looks SO good right now. I don’t care if it’s 8am..I want it!

    This week, I ran a race, met up with my parents for lunch on Father’s Day, and built some shelves for a drink bar in my kitchen!

  2. says

    Pizza and salad are the best combo! I liked ice cream novelties as a kid, especially drumsticks. I don’t think I could handle the sugar now though.
    This weekend we brought a new kitchen table, went out to our favorite brewery, and did an easy 5 mile hike.

  3. says

    We don’t have sleep away camp in California. At least nobody I know has gone! I wish we did though because how fun!!

  4. says

    I went to sleep away camp for 2 weeks when I was a kid every summer! I loved it–we had horseback riding, tubing, archery, drama class…it was so fun! So funny you never crave Mexican food–that’s the one cuisine I get crazy cravings for, especially in the summer.

  5. says

    I’m kind of jealous of his camp too. Although I went to sleep away camp (just for 2 weeks) and cried every day and mailed my parents hate letters because I wanted to go home so badly haha I want Sicilian pizza!! That looks SO FREAKING GOOD.

  6. says

    I went to sleep away for 7 years and was a counselor for 3 and my son left YESTERDAY for overnight camp and I am so jealous!! He is 2000 plus miles away and I am so excited him for him to have as much fun as I did!
    3 weekend things:
    1. Celebrated Father’s Day early since my son left on Father’s Day
    2. Did a really hard treadmill workout that kicked my butt
    3. Made a yummy dinner last night–Salmon/Sweet Potato and Broccoli.

  7. says

    I rarely eat ice cream but we got a Carvel cake for Father’s Day and I remembered that I do love it – that freezer must be every kids dream!

    Sicilian pizza, when the crust is done right, is amazing. All the carbs speak to me!

  8. says

    I went to a few shorter sleepaway camps as a kid, and they were really great experiences! Since I’m an only child, my parents thought it would be good practice for college, etc. 🙂 I still keep in close touch with a little group of girls I met at camp after 6th grade. We haven’t all seen each other since camp, and we’ve all started (and some finished) college, but I guess we really bonded that summer. It’s been really cool to share our very similar (and very different) experiences from afar!

  9. says

    I went to camp a few years in a row but only for a week at a time. I remember tolerating it but not loving it. What an awesome freezer with treats for the grandkids. Have you tried those fruit bars from Chloe’s? I picked some up at Costco recently and they are amazing BTW! 🙂
    Kate @ Kate Lives Healthy recently posted…WIAW #104My Profile

  10. says

    I don’t think I crave Mexican food either. I crave chips, and chips must be dipped…preferably in guacamole…so that might be Mexican, or I just like chips. I hope your blog gets sorted out. I had a hacking problem this past week and getting that solved was a headache!
    Ellie recently posted…Pacing, Planning and New FoodsMy Profile

  11. says

    Wow that camp looks stunning! Camp isn’t even a thing over in the UK so us Brits would always watch movies with summer camp in them a dream about going! Instead we just had 7 weeks at home!
    Always ice pops when it’s hot… They are a lifesaver when you need your thirst quenched!