workout recap 5.16.16 – 5.22.16

Let’s see, let’s see…what is there to say about my workouts this week? Overall, they were great. My runs were awesome  and Pure Barre has been lovely. Lovely may sound like an interesting choice of words but it’s the first word that came to mind as I am sitting here drinking some coffee and typing up this post.

Pure Barre does what it says it will – life, tone and oh yes, burn — but it’s a lovely sort of burn and the stretching segments are the perfect compliment within the routine helping to stretch out my muscles and put a smile on my face.

I can definitely feel the difference in my patience level and focus during my Pure Barre workouts since half marathon training in complete. It’s interesting though when I think about it because I am really running just as much yet find myself more interested again in enjoying each Pure Barre workout rather than feeling like I am mentally rushing or selecting the Tone in 10 workouts just to get things done quicker.

Before getting to my workout recap, I wanted to share this link to the Pure Barre website offering us 20% the Pure Barre DVD’s and online workouts. I mentioned recently that I may order a new DVD or online workout so I am definitely going to check out the sale ( I think it ends in a few days) so if you are looking to try Pure Barre from home and have any questions about which DVD or workout to try, let me know! This is not an affiliate link! I just love Pure Barre and wanted to share. 🙂

workout recap

Monday – 7 Miles

It felt like fall outside! It was in the low 40’s with a cold whipping wind – so weird for this time of year! The weather did make for decent running conditions (aside from the wind part).


Immediately following my run I quickly did the Pop Sugar 10 minute workout before getting in the shower.

Tuesday – 8 Miles

I went with one of the fartlek styled runs from my half marathon training.

2 mile warm up + 4 miles with 1 min fast/1 min easy + cool down

Wednesday – 4 Miles (easy) & Pure Barre

I was at a real easy pace until the last mile when I would call what I was doing rushing NOT running – I had to go to the bathroom! And yes, this was also the day that I wore the faulty GapFit pants and lululemon headband.


After I went to the bathroom quick, I finished up my workout with the Pure Barre Mile High Series. I really like this series, always have and always will. 35 minutes targeting every body part. The time flies.

Thursday – 8 Miles

I wasn’t sure what I had in me for this run (I thought I felt tired at first) so I went by my warm up paces. Had they clocked in closer to the 10:00 min mile mark, I would have known that speed work probably wasn’t a good idea. As I started warming up though, I felt much better and picked up the pace.

tempo splits

I ended up running 4 miles between 10k – half marathon pace. I didn’t plan this. It’s amazing what one can do when they start out thinking they are tired.

Friday – 3 Miles & Pure Barre

3 easy miles before coming home for Pure Barre Studio Series (45 minutes in length).

pure barre

Saturday – 14 Miles

I had zero plans for this long run until I got outside and started running. I felt good so after a warm up mile, I just jumped right in to picking up the pace and holding it until the 10 mile mark followed by a few easy miles.

long run splits

Sunday – Pure Barre Pure Results Online Workout

This Pure Barre online workout (review here) is a one year subscription. I know it is ending soon so I have to pick a new one to try out…or maybe just reorder this one? I don’t know, I haven’t decided!

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Are you good at doing workouts from home or are you better taking the actual classes?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Are you running today?

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      ugh, rain again?! I think it’s drizzly here but I am not running today. agreed it’s not easy to head out in the rain – much easier if it just starts raining while we are running lol. the options can totally be overwhelming with at home workouts, that’s why I try to stick with mainly one type (pure barre) and make the variety from that!

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    I’ve never taken a class before, but I also don’t workout much at home. Outside of using my yoga mat for mobility and core, I usually take it outside or do my own thing at the gym.
    The best thing I ate this weekend was grits topped with cashew cheese 🙂
    I just finished a long run with a friend this morning in the rain. It was fun to catch up. Have a great weekend!
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    Ran this morning! Your run with those pants and that headband AND that toilet dash! Too funny and gosh haven’t we all had those runs. I tend to be more relaxed doing dvd classes at home and love the luxury of not having to commute to class. But I do like some of the awesome studios set up for classes. It is actually autumn here so the weather is definitely brisk!