What I Ate Wednesday 5.18.16


Thank you for your comments on yesterday’s post! I am still working on responding to those and to your emails.

So, hi! How are you this week? Why do I feel like we really haven’t totally chatted? Is it just me? This time of year is so busy on my end that everything is starting to blur. I was in the city all day on Monday for a wonderful work event which threw me off into thinking it wasn’t even Monday but it was Monday. It was ONLY Monday. And the after school hours around here are becoming more than just after school hours, they are feeling like totally new days, as if I didn’t just put in a full day of work and activity.

Anyway! Let’s take a look at what I ate on Sunday rather than have you listen to me ramble on mindlessly…

what I ate wednesday 5/18/16


I didn’t run on Sunday but I still ate a small breakfast when I first woke up because my stomach needs a little something when I get up in the morning, running or not.

I had my usual half of a banana mashed up into a really small amount of oatmeal along with coffee. A couple hours later (right after a Pure Barre workout), I was ready for what is normally my post-run oatmeal.

We have strawberries in the house right now so I added them to oatmeal along with blueberries, Skoop and almond milk. Served cold.


I also had some watermelon midmorning because water was just not quenching my thirst. This usually happens to me the day after a long run, no matter how I hydrate in the hours following the workout. Watermelon does the trick.



My son requested that we go Chopt again for lunch. I wasn’t overly thrilled with his choice since we all know that I didn’t love my Chopt salad last week but I went along with his request anyway.

I am happy to report that this week’s Chopt salad was much better than last week’s salad! I think they did a better job of chopping this salad, added more of each topping to the mix AND offered me a side of bread. There was no bread offer last time.

Chopt salad

Salad ingredients:

  • Romaine lettuce and spinach
  • tomatoes
  • hearts of palm
  • roasted beets
  • roasted butternut squash
  • avocado
  • quinoa
  • corn

I ordered the lemon tahini on the side again and liked it so much better this week so maybe last week was really just an off day at Chopt.


That Chopt salad really filled me up that come dinner time, I was barely in the mood for my typical dinner food. That’s what happens to me if I eat a big lunch especially when I eat it later than my usual lunch time. I really prefer smaller meals during the day and a bigger meal at dinner because I do not like that overly full feeling as I go about my business during the daytime hours. While the salad doesn’t look that big, it felt big in my stomach for some reason.

So for dinner, I made the sandwich that I usually love to eat for lunch which was a really smart decision.

egg sandwich on ezekiel bread

I call it my omelette sandwich. I cook an omelette with spinach, mushrooms and onions and then place it between two toasted cinnamon raisin Ezekiel slices of bread which are covered with mashed avocado. So ridiculously simple and good.


Lately I have been telling myself to make one of my protein bite/snack ball recipes because I haven’t in forever. We need to have those types of snacks on hand but for some reason, I just kept forgetting to actually take the two minutes to whip them up! Once Lisa shared her snack post the other day, I quickly whipped up a version of my peanut butter and banana protein bites  — I say version because I didn’t check how I originally made them but I am pretty sure it’s extremely similar and I added raisins.

I have been enjoying a few of these bites in the evening along with a diced apple and already made another batch. My son loves them too!

oatmeal protein bites

I also want to make my flourless & grain free fudge brownie bites which are made with sweet potatoes. I may play with the recipe a bit so I will let you know if I come up with a new version! I want to try using Skoop’s chocolate flavored plant based nutritional shake in the mix so we will see what happens.

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Which fresh fruits do you currently have in the house this week?

Do you like to eat a big lunch and a smaller dinner or the other way around?

What was for dinner last night?

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    • says

      yeah, the packing up the food to bring to work can be tricky depending on appetite! I always had my emergency snacks just in case what I packed for lunch wasn’t enough

  1. says

    I’m still not quite ready to go back to watermelon, but I’ve got ALL the berries currently sitting in my fridge. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries… it makes me a happy camper 😀 And I usually prefer a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner. I need to front load most of my calories or I end up hungry and peckish for most of the day.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…banana ice cream breakfast parfaitMy Profile

  2. Lizzie says

    I always have apples. But usually blueberries, strawberries and blackberries too. I like smaller meals during the day and a decent sized dinner and snack at night. Last night for dinner I had ground turkey, spinach, broccoli, green beans with a large sweet potato!

  3. says

    I have blueberries and mango in the house right now, along with some fresh apricots. I love fruit! My mom cooked an amazing bday dinner for me last night–lamb and duck, salad, and polenta. Complete with chocolate cake/chocolate icing for dessert!

  4. says

    I love watermelon to quench my thirst as well, especially those days when I seem parched no matter how much water is going into me! I typically do a medium size breakfast, some morning snack, smaller snacky lunch, afternoon snack(s), and then a larger dinner since that’s the meal I can cook.

  5. says

    My meals used to go up in size as the day went on, but now lunch is usually my biggest. I have 2 little kids, so 2-330 ish is usually when they sleep and I can get in some time to eat alone (ha!) but then my son eats dinner at 530/6 and I like to eat with him so I’m usually not that hungry by dinner time.
    Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday: All the FatsMy Profile

  6. says

    I am more breakfast type of girl, so I prefer eat huge breakfast and smaller lunch and dinner. Dinner food is so boring, I just can`t. Sometimes I browse Pinterest like it is my work but nothing seems appealing!