workout recap 5.9.16 – 5.15.16


So they located my race photos but I can’t say I want to buy any of them!

They really didn’t get any great shots of me and none of them were taken without someone else right next to me.

I’m the girl in the yellow. I hope the girl that is the main focus of this photo doesn’t mind that I am sharing it.

Since this photo looks to be inside the park, it must be from the last mile.

race photo

Anyway, on to this week’s workouts! The weather was finally a bit warmer and it didn’t rain (at least not in the morning when I run) so it was a real treat.

Yesterday was probably the warmest run of the season so far which made it clear to me that my adjustment to running in the warmer weather is still needed. I definitely need a bunch of warm weather runs to adjust before the 10 mile race Memorial Day weekend! It has not been consistently warm here (like today? It’s back to chilly temps again!) so if it suddenly warms up to summer-like weather come race day, it is going to be interesting to say the least.

Monday – 6 Miles & Pure Barre

I started my morning with 6 easy miles and then came home to squeeze in two 10 minute workouts:

Tuesday – 8 Miles

I followed one of the workouts from my half marathon training:

2 mile warm up + 6 X 3 minutes hard/2 minutes easy + cool down

I looked down at my feet halfway through this run to see I was wearing my old pair of Energy Boosts by mistake!

running shoes

I hadn’t noticed until looking down to see pink Energy Boosts on my feet instead of the new navy pair so I guess these Boosts aren’t as burned out as I thought. I have both pairs by the front door still which clearly needs to change since it’s obvious my mind doesn’t work so well early in the morning when I need to get out the door for my run.

Wednesday – Pure Barre Studio Series DVD (#3) & 3 Miles

Pure Barre from home

3 miles came to 30 minutes almost exactly which was all I needed today.

Thursday – 8 Miles

Oh boy I loved this workout that I created today! Full details plus workout infographic to come soon.


Later in the morning: Yoga For Runners: Injury Prevention

Friday – 3.5 Miles Easy & Pure Barre Studio Series DVD (#4)

I ran a total of 35 minutes which came out to 3.5 easy miles and then headed back home for Pure Barre. I went with another Studio Series workout because I had the time (the Studio Series DVD’s are 45 minutes in length as opposed to the Mile High Series which is 35 minutes).

Saturday – 13.1 Miles

I made the slight mistake of heading outside a little later than usual, not thinking about the effect of the bright sun and warmer temperatures. It was 60 degrees and a bit humid with beautiful sunshine making for the warmest, brightest run so far this year.

I was fine for the first 6 miles but then started to feel it. I had some of a Hammer Gel between miles 6 and 7 which really didn’t sit as well as usual and took longer to digest. I realized it was all from adjusting to the weather so I told myself to just find a comfortable pace with what I had to give for the day and allow this run to count towards getting acclimated to the season.

long run splits

I did everything right after this run though which helped me to feel completely normal for the rest of the day rather than tired, stiff, sore, thirsty or overly drained from a sweatier, warmer run. I drank several cups of watered down orange juice (my favorite summer running beverage) throughout the morning and salted all of my meals. Worked like a charm.

Sunday – Rest

There’s always that chance that I feel like a Pure Barre workout but there won’t be any running today.

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How long does it take you to adjust to running in warmer weather?

Do you have a favorite drink that hydrates you after a hot run?

Best thing you have eaten so far this weekend?

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    I did 13.1 on Saturday too! And it was definitely warmer than I am used to but it didnt bother me, I think because alot of the run was in the shade. I was just happy to be running in the sun because it was overcast/foggy and even a little rainy for all my runs this week.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…5 Snacks for any Time of DayMy Profile

  2. says

    Adjusting to the weather has been a huge challenge in our neck of the woods since it has been SO up and down. I am fairly certain I picked up a cold my last day in Maine from having run early morning in 40ish degrees after getting used to it being a bit warmer/more humid here in NY and breathing the cold air, then my run yesterday (first one back after being sick this week) I had to cut short due to feeling so overheated!
    Alyssa @ Renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…Three Portland Ice Cream FindsMy Profile

  3. says

    Best thing I ate this weekend was a chocolate cake shake from Portillo’s. Technically more of a drink but there were giant pieces of chocolate cake mashed up into the milkshake so I think it sort of counts as a food!

    Best drink after a hot run – The orange or blue Powerade Zeros! My favorites!
    Arthi recently posted…My Week in Pics.My Profile