What’s Next?


Now that the Long Island half marathon has come and gone, my training with Laura as my running coach is completed.

You may be wondering — Well, what’s next?

what's next? running and workouts after training for a half marathon

1. Getting Back To My Usual Workout Routine.

I am really okay with jumping back into my usual workout routine even though I LOVED training with Laura. I am still so happy that I won the free coaching from her blog giveaway. I learned so much from her and got myself a new PR in the half marathon too.

I think getting back to my usual “training” is a little easier to do because the basic structure of my workout routine is fairly similar to the training schedule Laura had put together for me.

She kept my Pure Barre days in tact and followed the way I schedule my easy runs and harder/longer runs, just making adjustments to the types of running workouts I did on specific days. The fine tuning she did to my workouts made a huge difference in my speed and ability!

My plan right now is the take the workouts Laura gave me and work them into the Tuesday and Thursday runs while incorporating some of the fun workouts I like to run as well.

I shared the structure of the workout routine I follow in a post last year but since I still follow it, here it is again!

workout routine

Click here to read the full post from last year.

2. Races On My Radar

I am planning to run a 10 mile race in Long Beach the Sunday of Labor Day weekend which is in just a few weeks! I ran this race in 2014 (recap here) and look forward to running it again.

It can be a bit warm for this race (no shade) but I want to give it another try to see how I can improve my time.

Besides, I do enjoy running down by the beach, especially at the start of the summer season.

long beach boardwalk

This race runs a portion of the boardwalk so the views are really nice.

Other than maybe a 4 mile race on July 4th, I have nothing else coming up for a few months.

Fall is really the best time of year for racing for me. I am currently eyeing a few half marathons but won’t be able to make a decision until mid-summer as to which I will run.

On my list:

Great South Bay Half Marathon < – ran this half last fall and really liked it! Recap here.

Rock n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon < – probably not but maybe!

Suffolk County Half Marathon < – They changed the date of this race to October 30th rather than at the beginning of September. I am definitely interested because it will be much cooler weather which is what I like!

3. Pure Barre

While Laura worked Pure Barre into my training plan, I don’t feel like I really focused on my Pure Barre workouts as I got more into the training.

I still completed at least three Pure Barre workouts a week but I feel as though I rushed through them, didn’t pay attention to enjoying them and I often opted for the Pure Barre Tone in 10 workouts to keep things short to save me time.

It’s not easy to balance lots of running with other forms of exercise. We need to strength train for sure and I did a good job of getting it all in but I still feel as though the extras (Pure Barre and Yoga) took a back seat.

Now that training is done, I am definitely making more time for Pure Barre and I want to finally try the new Pure Barre Platform class at the Pure Barre Studio!

Although I do most of the Pure Barre workouts from home, once a while I do like to take a studio class. I have been waiting for half marathon training to end so that I could give this new Pure Barre Platform class a try. From what I understand, the use of the platform kicks the class up a notch by incorporating much more cardio to the barre routine.

pure barre platform

I also want to order a new at-home Pure Barre workout to use in my rotation. The Pure Barre Pure Results online workout (review here) expires at the beginning of July. It was a one year subscription so I am thinking that I should pick a new one to do something a little different.

If I don’t select a different online workout, I may order a new Pure Barre DVD workout. I am looking at the resistance series but haven’t decided just yet.

Pure Barre resistance

I should add in here that I do want to take a spin class but the truth is, I don’t see it happening before the summer. My schedule isn’t always so flexible for fitting in the studio class times but I think over the summer, I will be able to figure it out. With my son away at camp for a few weeks, I will have a bit more time and flexibility to make those class schedules work!

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What’s next on your race calendar?

Has anyone tried Pure Barre Platform yet?





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    • says

      yes!!! I know we talked about great south bay, it’s the first weekend of October. if I can run it (you know me, according to my cycle) I definitely want to. If it works out, I would like to run that one and the Suffolk county half at the end of the month. we need to discuss!

  1. says

    I’ve been thinking about those Pure Barre online workouts. There isn’t a studio super close to me so it ends up taking too long for me to actually go to a class.

    Lately I’ve been loving the Tone It Up workouts. They switch it up a lot so I’m never bored!
    Liz @ I heart vegetables recently posted…5 Healthy Salad Topping IdeasMy Profile

  2. says

    Oof that Pure Barre Platform looks legit! Barre is hard enough as is for me, I always end up leaving a class as a quivering mess! I’m a big fan of spin; probably my favorite type of cross-training since it doesn’t leave me horribly sore and I think it really helps my running. I’m hoping to run my first marathon in the fall so right now I’m focusing on building my base. I might do some local 5/10ks but nothing too crazy!
    Caroline M recently posted…How to Stay Sane During Exams (or Insanely Busy Times)My Profile

  3. says

    I loved training you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the workouts and will continue to use them. It is tricky to balance running and strength training, especially in the later weeks of race training. I really want to get into Pilates even more after marathon training and plan on asking for a year of Pilatesology or some classes for my birthday gift. Can’t take much advantage of those though while training for a marathon!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…How to Balance Hiking with Long Distance RunningMy Profile

  4. says

    I still don’t know how you find the motivation to do the pure barre workouts at home, so I give you major props. I need to be in a class setting for that type of thing. I’m not big on planning out workouts/races anymore because I get too stressed, but I have started looking for some later in the summer or fall that I’d be interested in doing!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

  5. says

    It’s definitely tough to keep up more than one form of training. I struggled bus’d it with running in the winter when I was snowboarding, and it’s kind of taken a backseat now too since I’ve been biking so much. I dunno. I guess it’s just all about finding a way that you like to move your body.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…link love 5/8My Profile