Long Island Half Marathon: Over The Years


Sunday will be my fourth year in a row running the Long Island Marathon. I know I have told you this over and over but when I really stop to think about this being my fourth year in a row, I can’t help but think about each half marathon of the year’s past. Not just the race details (I have the recaps for that to read) but where I was in life and how things may or may not be different now.

Long Island Half Marathon 2013:

Finish time: 1:45:24 -> Race Recap

I had no idea this half marathon, which was only my third half, would become a PR race that I am now, three years later, trying to surpass! Funny how that happens, right?

My son was in the fourth grade. That seems so long ago! I had just started my blog a few months before this race and had also just come off an injured shoulder a month earlier. The Islanders were in the playoffs, playing a home game against the Penguins only a few hours after the race. I remember running the race, which passes the Coliseum in the first mile or so, feeling all excited about the playoffs. My son had wanted to go to the game but I knew there was no way I was going to be able to run this race, get home to shower, eat and recover enough to turn back around to sit in a stadium seat!

This was such a fun time in life and a fun time of year. Only a week or so later, I attend the Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet for the first time. They need to bring that event back, where did it go?!

fitness magazine meet and tweet

Long Island Half Marathon 2014:

Finish time: 1:48:59 -> Race Recap

All I can think of regarding the time of year of this race is Status Quo. Nothing overly new, nothing overly different aside from the Islanders not being in the playoffs at the time of this race. My son would be graduating from elementary school though which was a weird concept to me, one I tried not to think about because it meant my baby was moving on to middle school.

I was more heavily involved in the PTA stuff during this school year — I was on the Fifth Grade Planning Committee and the Nutrition Representative for his school as well. I should consider getting back to that for next year! I really enjoyed being involved with the Nutritional Committee in the school district.


Let’s take note of my race outfit – See, I have been wearing Adidas Energy Boosts for years! And, those lululemon Run Inspire Crops? I wore this very pair for my first half marathon in 2012, in the above Fitness Magazine photo from 2013, for this race in 2014 and just yesterday morning for my 5 mile easy run. Talk about durability.

This was not a great race for me. Only weeks earlier, I had my one and only DNF (did not finish) while running the Fitness Magazine Half Marathon. I remember fearing, completely irrationally, that I wouldn’t be able to run this race to completion. I was in fear of not feeling well again, even though I didn’t have my period this time.

I was just afraid. I had psyched myself out of completing a distance I complete on a weekly basis. I remember stopping at every water stop to keep myself from overheating or feeling sick. Not fun.

Interesting though, as I read my recap, I was all positive and happy, calling it a good race.

Maybe it was? I don’t know. All that sticks out to me is remembering how I ran so crazy cautiously, I ran in fear and overall, I think I used this fear as an excuse to not try to perform my best.

Long Island Half Marathon 2015:

Finish time: 1:51:20 -> Race Recap

I swore after this half that I would NEVER run this race again. I made the mistake of running this race only days after having a 24 hour virus. I was convinced I was fine since I didn’t have an upset stomach during the virus and hadn’t been vomiting. I was not fine. I was not 100% myself. What I should have done (aside from not running the race), was run this race easy but I started out at my regular pace thinking I was fine only to feel TERRIBLE by mile three or four.

I was never running this race again I tell you! I had seen enough of this race course and felt done with running this half marathon which has no shade and can be really hot.

I was pretty sad running by the Nassau Coliseum this year since it was right after the Islanders were eliminated from the playoffs which meant the Coliseum was no longer home (remember, they moved to Brooklyn this season).

Life though was great! My blog was going strong and I had started working for AllSeated as their social media/blog and article writing person a few months earlier, loving my position and the company!

AllSeated event

This AllSeated event where I hung out by the cake display took place during the taper week for this half marathon.

I was also dating someone new and that was pretty fun too. What’s interesting about this and worth mentioning is that even though it ended, it’s not like I forgot what I was doing this time last year or that I completely forgot the fun stuff.

I think that sometimes, the person who no longer wants to be in the relationship is seen as evil and terrible and must have forgotten immediately about the other person but that’s really not true at all. I am neither evil nor terrible (at least I don’t think so) and I can look back fondly even though my ultimate decision was to not continue this relationship.

And here we are. Long Island Half Marathon 2016 quickly approaching!

Here I am, in the age group 35 – 39 for the third time (I started this half when I was 34) and in the taper week of my training plan with Laura. The Islanders are in round two of the playoffs, my son is in seventh grade and we are less than six months away from his Bar Mitzvah (I can’t even believe it). Never, ever would I have imagined last year that I would be running this race again, let alone training for it with a running coach.

Let’s make this my best half yet, okay? I am more than overdue for a finish time of 1:45 or under.

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Is there a race that you have run a few years in a row?

Which age group box do you check off when you run a race?

What’s for lunch today? Are you taking it with you to work?




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  1. says

    I love doing races every year and its fun to think about where you were in life during each race. There is a 5k in July that I think i have done 3 years in a row, and each time it comes around I can’t believe another year has passed. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you on Sunday- you are definitely due for a PR!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Port to Fort 6k Race RecapMy Profile

    • says

      I am hopeful for Sunday! there’s a 4 mile race I once ran on july 4th – I keep meaning to run it again and hope to do so this year. Plus the memorial day 10 miler – I want to do that one again too!

  2. says

    The only race that I have done multiple times is the Mag Mile Half, and that is kind of cheating because I have never really “raced” it–I’ve only run it with friends. And I’ve run the very last part of the Chicago marathon twice, but that doesn’t count.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…The Benefits of MovingMy Profile

  3. says

    You will totally PR at this race. I just know it. As long as the weather cooperates, you’ll go sub 1:45. I’m with you on the relationship thing. It’s tough when you know in your gut it isn’t right, so you choose to end it. It doesn’t mean anyone did anything “wrong,” it’s just not meant to be. You know I get it.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Since We Last Talked…My Profile

  4. says

    I always think it’s fun to look back. Even if you don’t think things are different day to day, year by year you see just how much they have! I’ve run the NYC Half for 3 years in a row now – my first half (and PR until this year) as a second year law student who was really still struggling with school and other life stuff, the second time as a third year looking forward to graduation, just starting my blog, and starting to figure things out, and now this year – my new PR, six months into a new job, awhile into a strong relationship that’s really become a huge part of my life, and lots down the road.
    Alyssa @ renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…Weekly Workouts and Updates 4/18-4/25My Profile

  5. says

    I love how you recapped this race throughout the years! There actually isn’t a race I’ve run consecutively over the years–I’ve done the Rock n Roll series twice, but once in DC and once in Dallas. I think the St. Michael’s half marathon is one that will stick around, and the GW Parkway 10 miler in April. I actually would’ve done that one this year had I not been in the middle of training. I’m off today for election day, so lunch will be leftover cauliflower rice, carnets, black beans and salsa at home!
    Jen@bubblyrunner.com recently posted…Weekend Wrap-Up+Half Marathon Training, Week 3My Profile

  6. says

    I love this and I’m so excited for you! Thinking back on big events and what life was like when they occurred is when I realize just how much life has changed, and it’s really cool that you have this one repeated race to orient everything. Also, I like your comment about the one who broke off the relationship not just casually forgetting about it and being heartless. I think that really hit me once I became that person, but I definitely look back at the relationship I chose to end fondly. It made me happy at the time, but for one reason or another, it just wasn’t right for the long run.
    Ellen @ My Uncommon Everyday recently posted…I’m Just Really GratefulMy Profile

  7. Devon says

    Hey Meredith!!! So I’ll give you some runner advice! I just ran the Boston Marathon last monday and I was beyond nervous since it was my first time running it and I knew that it was a tough course. Leading up to the race I was so nervous until a friend told me to look at the race as a payoff for the hard training I had done and that I would now be able to have some fun! Well sure enough, I went into the race with no pressure to run a PR and swore that I would run my own race and enjoy every second. Well sure enough, I did not only that but I took a FULL minute and 20 seconds off of my previous PR from the NJ Marathon of 3:14:40 (which is a COMPLETELY flat course) to run a 3:13:24 Boston Marathon 🙂 I enjoyed every second and ran my own race. I didn’t run with a watch and briefly looked at the time clocks at each mile marker. I ran by feel and loved each moment (even the climb up Heartbreak Hill). So smile, MAKE AN AMAZING PLAYLIST and simply ENJOY the Run!! Promise you may even surprise yourself! Lots of luck this weekend! I’ll send healthy and fast thoughts your way!

  8. says

    The two halfs that I’ve run are the same race, so it was really interesting doing it the second year again. I also set a 20 minute (!!!) PR going from 2:10 to 1:50, my stretch goal. I’m in the 19-24 age range now, but before I ran in the 18 and under. It’s kind of fun when you can say you’re fourth in your age group, and casually forgetting to mention there are only about 12 people in your age group haha.
    Caroline M recently posted…TGIF – Five Things Friday EditionMy Profile