week in review: multitasking

I am juggling four significant things right now:

  1. The blog
  2. AllSeated (my job)
  3. Planning the Bar Mitzvah
  4. Getting my son ready for sleep away camp

My head is a jumbled mess of all them all, at all times. For example, after clicking the order button for my son’s camp logo apparel (another thing checked off my list!), I quickly jumped tasks and called a Bar Mitzvah vendor to discuss favors. While speaking to her (she was lovely by the way), I decided she was perfect for a featured article in AllSeated’s next newsletter so I asked her if she was interested.

My point is, I bounce from one thing to the other and sometimes, confuse them all into one effort. I can’t plan the Bar Mitzvah without my event planning job position getting involved. I can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time, I jump from camp tasks to work tasks to the Bar Mitzvah all with my blog editor tab opened on my computer.

Ordering camp clothing turned into ordering more clothing name labels which turned into maybe I need to order Bar Mitzvah labels for favors which turned into writing about all of this in my week in review blog post. Can I make labels into an event planning post too? Tips on ordering labels for your event?

I am trying this week to do one thing at a time. While I am a terrific multitasker, sometimes I think I multitask when I don’t need to be doing it all, all at once.

Anyway, let’s catch up a bit on my life via week in review. I like these posts lately! Thanks Meg for the link up 🙂


Blog Stuff:

I really liked my Spring Favorites post on Monday and Laura really helped me out by guest posting on Tuesday, covering a great topic: The Benefits of Tune Up Races. I try to keep up with my usual amount of posting but sometimes, a good guest post is a perfect fit and very much-needed!

Work Stuff:

Our brunch event early in the week was a great time! I had to leave the house very early to ensure we didn’t hit traffic on the way to New Jersey. I carpooled with one of my best friends Dina, who also works for AllSeated. We didn’t hit much traffic so once in the area of New Jersey we needed to be in, we stopped at a REALLY ODD diner for a quick bite and coffee.

When was the last time you were served on bright red dishes at a diner? Or anywhere?

diner breakfast

The oatmeal was terrible. I ate it anyway, even though I already had breakfast but, um, ick.

Even the bathroom was odd-looking for a diner. I guess the red dishes matched the red in the wallpaper? I mean, look at that pattern behind me. What the heck?


AllSeated held a brunch networking event where I spoke for a bit about the importance of social media and how it can help vendors/planners in the event industry.

Dina was supposed to take pictures of me speaking but she didn’t so this is all we have.

AllSeated event

Oh and in case you are Real Housewives fans, I also work with Albert Manzo (Real Housewives New Jersey and Manzo’d With Children). He is on the AllSeated Advisory Board and was a special guest at our event.

AllSeated Albert Manzo

Bar Mitzvah Stuff:

I am on top of my son each day trying to get the guest list finalized. I need all of the mailing addresses, not just names!

We had our meeting to go over the décor and centerpieces last week which was really fun.

Benji Stuff:

I rarely use my son’s name on the blog which I am just noticing so, in case you were wondering, my baby’s name is Benji. Short for Benjamin.

Although he isn’t a baby anymore because he is suddenly a little taller than me. I don’t even know what to do with that.


What’s new with him? Well, once again, he was home sick for a few days! I swear this school year has been THE WORST when it comes to the viruses and illnesses. I thought it was seasonal allergies but then he had a fever so there went my theory.

Because he was home sick, he missed Hebrew school (which he was thrilled about) along with a few days of school plus one of his little league baseball games.

He did not miss the Islanders playoff game. He rebounded enough to pull himself together to head to Brooklyn as seen in the above picture when we were waiting for the train. I am glad he was well enough to go to the game. I never ever would have gone without him had he not been well enough to go with me.

Weekend Stuff:

Passover began on Friday and I successfully made the roasted vegetables and potatoes at my house to bring to my parents’ house for dinner without snacking on them.

passover vegetables

I also made an apple matzoh kugel which I did cut into but remember, I didn’t touch the potatoes or vegetables.


The chocolate covered macaroons were divine.

chocolate covered macaroons

Saturday was like a lost day to me. As you know, I didn’t feel myself, didn’t run like usual and just felt off all day long. I went to my son’s little league game but other than that, I feel as though I just waited until I could go to bed.

I felt better yesterday, went for a short run and caught up on the stuff that got neglected on Saturday. Not the laundry, I mean stuff like ordering new shampoo and conditioner (I have slacked on replacing my Kerastase bottles for way too long) and walking the mall while eating Red Mango.

red mango

No, Red Mango is not Kosher for Passover.

I made a stop at Whole Foods for Japanese sweet potatoes to eat this week as my taper potato of choice and grabbed a Kombucha because I felt like I needed it.


And then I was up too late again watching the Islanders win their playoff series in double overtime!!

Islanders playoffs

I will take this tired feeling for today in exchange for knowing my team is on to the next round of the playoffs.

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Are you a good multitasker?

Do you snack on the food while you cook it? I know I ask this often but I need to ask again.

Passover people — favorite Passover food from the weekend? If you are k for p the rest of the week, what are you having for breakfast?



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  1. says

    I don’t know if I’m a “good”multitasker but it’s the only way I function. When I am too busy I try to make a list and focus on one thing at a time. I realized recently that I didn’t know your son’s name! I was thinking maybe you didn’t want to share it on the blog. I had no idea that planning a Bar Mitzvah was so much work!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…A Last-Minute Race WeekMy Profile

    • says

      It’s just like planning a wedding! Crazy. And yeah, I think I started out not using his name because I really don’t like to share it but then I realized it was ok to do, at least once in a while lol

  2. says

    Adam was going nuts watching the game last night! I actually did not succeed at not touching the roasted potatoes I brought to my parents house! I made extra knowing I’d have a problem. At least I didn’t touch the desserts until we were all sitting down 🙂 Also I feel like I’ve been to a similar diner in NJ a couple of years ago, then again maybe there’s more than one with those dishes and placemats?
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Last Week & Weekend ReviewMy Profile

  3. says

    It makes me happy when you come to the link up party, especially since these posts are some of the few blog posts I’m reading these days. It gives me a chance to catch up with you a little bit since I’m missing out on most other blog things right now.

    I feel ya on the mental chaos front along with needing to focus more and multitask less. Right now, I’m hovering down breakfast and reading blogs before hopefully sneaking in a shower. Wish me luck.

    It’s awesome you got to work with Mr. Manzo. I watch the HONJ religiously.

    I like the name Benjamin. It’s a good fit.

    Go Islanders!
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week In Review: #28My Profile

    • says

      happy Passover! I don’t really have a recipe since I made it up as I went along lol — matzoh, diced apple, cinnamon, I think two eggs, a spoonful or two of coconut sugar… I wet the matzoh and then combined it all into a loaf pan, baked for like 45 minutes? A drop of earth balance, maybe a spoonful. It was really good! Not too sweet and pretty healthy!

  4. says

    Passover is my favorite time of year because the food is so good. Have you ever had Charoset (sp?) it has win, pistachios, dates etc and it SO GOOD! I also love latkes! I work for a Jewish company so they provide all that good stuff. I would marry a Jewish man for all this stuff hahahaa
    You’re a professional multitasker! I can do things like read and bike, but if it’s two things that have a lot of detail, I try not do do it.
    Ellie recently posted…Week In Review [CTB, Plant Fusion and 24.28]My Profile

  5. says

    I love your week in in review! And I love the name Benjamin. My nephew’s name is Ben. It’s such a good strong name. You look so great in that dress! And I love your shoes!!
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    • says

      Aw thanks! That’s one of my favorite go-to basic black dress outfits 🙂 And I love the name Benjamin too – I rarely call him Benjamin (love the name Benji) but you are right, it is such a strong nice name.

  6. says

    I always snack when I cook. Sometimes it feels bad because I am not hungry for actual meal or my mouth burn but I just can`t help myself. Now I grab other snack before cooking and it helps (not always but still).

  7. says

    Happy Passover week! I was just reading that story in the Bible. 🙂 Also, you always make me hungry with your Red Mango creations. I’m glad that you’re doing well on your Bar Mitzvah planning. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be well on your way in planning a party.
    Emily recently posted…The Quest for the Best Nut ButterMy Profile