Week In Review #3


Linking up with Meg’s Week in Review for the third time today! I thought this would be Week in Review #2 until I realized I reviewed our trip to Boston back in December 🙂


Last week was an interesting week since my son went into school late three days (remember, we opt out of the New York State tests, it’s a bit of a revolution here right now) followed by not going to school Friday so that he could go to Mets opening day. Needless to say, my schedule was a bit off.

I normally try to work from Panera at least three or four mornings a week but I only made it there once, on Friday.

work from Panera

The mornings hours are my best hours for getting brain-powered things accomplished and working from Panera (or Starbucks) usually helps me to get in my zone.  Somehow, even with only the one day working from Panera, I managed to get stuff done.

Blog Stuff:

Lately I find myself starting up a bunch of posts and then coming back to them every so often to finish them up. I have so many ideas and topics to discuss but can’t always generate the full post in one sitting. Sometimes I get excited about a topic only to then not feel like fully addressing the ideas.

My favorite posts from last week:

Aspire 10K Recap

The Dangers of Running on Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Work Stuff:

Spring Newsletters are out so my focus turned to Wedding Week which begins this weekend here in New York. We have a few events coming up as well for next week which we have been preparing for including a brunch event that I will be speaking at on Monday.

AllSeated brunch at vibe

I do 99% of AllSeated‘s blog/event industry article writing and I think you may find interest in this recent post which is a Q & A discussion with a gluten-free caterer. Food allergies/sensitivities may be something for you to consider when planning your wedding or other event. I am currently looking into allergy-friendly food options for some of my son’s friends who have nut allergies/gluten allergies so that they can have something safe to eat at his Bar Mitzvah.

Running Stuff:

I absolutely cannot even believe how fast this half marathon training cycle is going! You can read last week’s training recap here if you missed it yesterday.

One thing I had to do this week was restock my Hammer Gels! How was I down to only two gels in my pantry?!

hammer gel

Bar Mitzvah Stuff:

Invitations: Finalized! Time to send the guest list with addresses to the calligrapher.

Last Tuesday evening, we had our meeting with the Rabbi to go over a wide range of Bar Mitzvah details. They had cookie platters with coffee available during the meeting but not one chocolate chip cookie. On any of the platters. All kinds of cookies. But not chocolate chip. I didn’t understand it either.

Camp Stuff:

I might as well include camp in the list of things I do in a week because getting my son ready for sleepaway camp is a task for sure. I have a pile of camp forms to still fill out but I picked up his camp clothing order from Denny’s yesterday.

Denny's camp order

Denny’s sewed name tag labels into all of my son’s new summer clothing which is one of the main reasons I did his camp order there — I cannot deal with tedious tasks like labeling. Although, we still need to finish up getting what he will need which means I will still need to order my own labels to label what didn’t come from Denny’s.

Weekend Stuff:

Red Mango while window shopping at the mall is one of my most favorite things to do.

Red Mango

In between taking my son to two Bar Mitzvah parties (Friday night and Saturday night) we waited to hear that his opening day for baseball would be canceled due to the rain Saturday afternoon. We went to the book store instead.

I Run Therefore I Am Nuts

Dinner at La Scala because my long run left me thinking about pizza. I love grandma pizza, especially the corner slices.

grandma pizza

Still loving my new favorite Cold Stone combination of chocolate fudge brownie yogurt, chocolate chips, cookie dough and hot fudge.

cold stone sundae

Unpictured Stuff:

I watched My Girl on television < – I remember seeing this movie in the theater when I was in 8th grade!!

I also caught Shirley Temple’s The Little Princess after my long run Saturday morning.

We went to the movies to see Boss with Melissa McCarthy and my son ordered popcorn because, and I quote, “I don’t care how they make their popcorn. You are not stopping me from enjoying one of America’s favorite foods.”

I ignored two loads of laundry but emptied the dishwasher so that counts for something.

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Which foods do you think about when you are running and getting hungry?

How old were you when you first saw My Girl?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?




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  1. says

    Definitely remember the grandma pizza from long long ago! You had quite the productive week! I also feel like if I begin blog posts sometimes to come back to I won’t have the same feelings about it when I come back, or I don’t want to write it at all. Working from Panera is a great idea since you can always grab more coffee when you want, coffee is my key to being productive!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Boston Marathon Training Week 11 – 1 To Go!My Profile

    • says

      I didn’t buy that book but it was cute….I definitely need to keep to a schedule with working from home. I am fairly routine so it’s not really an issue for me but getting out to work from Panera makes a difference for sure.

  2. says

    When I’m running hungry I think about brunch food and desserts. Speaking of food, so great of you to consider the allergies of your son’s friends. I’m really used to going to parties now at my age and unless it’s my best friend’s engagement party where her mom’s known me since I was 10, having to fend for myself on the food front (aka eat beforehand and bring Larabars and jerky in my purse, which I doubt is the case for most little pink Kate Spade clutches).
    Alyssa @ renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…Weekly Workouts and Updates 4/4-4/11My Profile

  3. says

    Oh, I totally forgot about that movie!!! So great. I’m planning on pushing Callum in the stroller for a few miles and then seeing if I can finish my run on the treadmill while he plays beside me. That way I can do whatever I want during his nap time instead of run the whole time!
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  4. says

    Hahaha his popcorn comment. So great. That kid cracks me up. I think we’d be good friends… if I wasn’t twice his age. Those square style pizzas are my fave. When you posted it on instagram I was so jealous. Growing up My Girl was my absolute favorite movie of all time! I should watch that again…
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Currently…My Profile

  5. says

    Is it bad I’ve never seen My Girl and actually am not sure I really know which movie it is [i.e. I have a picture in mind but might be wrong]. I watched The Parent Trap quite a few times, though :). Another kind-of-classic, no?
    You had quite the busy week butI’m glad you found some time for fun, not just work, too. Also, I like that you’re getting calligraphy done for your invitations – it’s so beautiful.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Week in review: Just keep swimming.My Profile

  6. says

    I used to always think about beer and jelly babies when I was coming to the end of a long run but more recently, it’s been fizzy orange… combined with I can’t make up my mind what I’d like to eat! I must be in some sort of transition! Loving your cold stone combo 🙂
    Fiona recently posted…Paris Marathon: Race Review Part 2My Profile