What I Ate Wednesday 3.30.16

Oh, Hi! It’s Wednesday already. I say already because this week feels like a fast blur which sometimes happens when I don’t post on Tuesdays. Did I miss anything yesterday? Please fill me in!

Let’s take a look at what I ate on Monday which was a day I would consider a normal appetite day. My appetite changes by day, usually ranging from OMG I am starving today!! to OK I feel normal today. Saturday night (or was it Sunday morning?) I was up eating at 1:00 am because the intense hunger I was experiencing was keeping me from sleeping. Luckily that doesn’t happen often and usually, when it does, it comes after a long run.

So long as I eat when I feel I need to and keep going until satisfied, I can usually keep things under control. Keyword: Usually.


I eat oatmeal every single day, both pre and post run. I always have oatmeal before I run because it works the best for me and I don’t care to mess with that. If on occasion I have gone with toast instead, I find myself hungry while running. And although sometimes I do make a 3-ingredient pancake after a run, 9 times out of 10, I choose oatmeal.

I make four servings of oatmeal at a time to have for a few days. I cook a pot of 2 servings steel-cut oats plus 2 servings of old-fashioned rolled oats with chia seeds and then divide the servings into bowls, storing them in my refrigerator.

oatmeal prep

Each morning I take out a serving from the fridge, heat some up with banana before my run and then finish the serving after my run.

Here is my post-run oatmeal mixed with banana, Skoop B-Strong (best protein powder there is) and a few blueberries in an almost-empty peanut butter jar.

oats in a jar

It had been a while since I had an empty peanut butter jar since I haven’t been eating as much peanut butter so this was a real treat 🙂


The French toast bagels from Stew Leonard’s have seriously stolen my heart. I like when I can get them from the store still warm OR if I bring them home, I like to toast one up real good. This French toast bagel is super toasted with eggs and organic raspberry preserves.

I know the diet industry people tell you to cut out bagels and replace them with whole grains, lower calorie/less carby bread choices but when you want a bagel, no English muffin, whole wheat bread or Ezekiel bread, as much as I love it, is going to satisfy you.

french toast bagel

I like to eat my bagels open-faced even though I cut them as a sandwich.

I have been eating watermelon every day, all day. Thankfully the price is slowly coming down to acceptable as we approach summer.



I made a quick and easy shrimp stir fry (similar to this recipe) only this one in particular contains sliced portobello mushrooms for a change (I think they are at the bottom so you can’t really see them).

shrimp stir fry


Trader Joe’s had Honey Crisp apples the other day so I had to buy some. I really like apples lately when sprinkled with Skoop B-Strong for added sweetness plus a crumbled mini dark chocolate bar.


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How often does your appetite wake you up at night? Does it usually correlate to a long run or race?

Favorite night-time snack lately?


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  1. says

    Sometimes I wake up starving in the morning, but never in the middle of the night. I could never give up bagels. I eat them way less now that I live in MD and we just don’t have many good ones here. I didn’t post yesterday either, and didnt get around to reading blogs until last night. Sometimes my bloglovin hides posts (I’m convinced) so I was hoping I didn’t just miss yours!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…A Standard Week of Running and Strength TrainingMy Profile

  2. says

    I usually eat dinner right before I go to bed, so I am usually content throughout the night. I know if I am hungry, a scoop of peanut butter does the trick. I agree that when you want a bagel, nothing else really satisfies that craving. Have you ever had the Cinnamon Crunch bagel at Panera? You would LOVE it!
    I don’t think you missed much yesterday, it was really windy here but today is supposed to be 60 🙂
    Ellie recently posted…WIAW [Annoying Types of Vegans]My Profile

    • says

      I did have the cinnamon crunch bagels! years ago when they first opened here, I think I was pregnant actually! haven’t had them since I don’t think – i prefer the bagels from bagel stores. but i do remember those cinnamon ones being good!

    • says

      If you click the link, it should bring you to site – let me know if it doesn’t! It is seriously best plant based protein powder ever (I don’t know from a lot of protein powders but I know I love this one and have been using it daily for like two years now I think)

  3. says

    Oatmeal is one of those foods that is so easy on the stomach, and it’s also filling before a good run/workout. Hmm… Sometimes my appetite wakes me up at night, but if I have a snack about 30 minutes before bed, I can usually last until the morning. One of my favorite, no-tummy trouble night snacks is cereal, peanut butter, and maybe some raisins. 🙂
    Emily recently posted…WIAW: Dealing with SicknessMy Profile

  4. Anne says

    I eat dinner right before going to bed, so I never wake up feeling hungry. However, my parents came to visit a few months ago, and we ate dinner around 8 pm (I usually eat around 11 pm), and I woke up absolutely starving. And I totally agree with you on the bagels! I rarely eat them, but I’ll have one once every few months when I can’t take the craving any longer. Same with baguette-type breads–I hardly ever eat that stuff, but when I do, there is nothing like it!

  5. says

    YUM!! Such great eats! I’m glad that you eat oatmeal everyday because I LOVE oatmeal!! And Stew Lenard’s is SO fun!! Hope that you’re having a great week!
    xoxo Cailee!

  6. Amanda says

    I have this irrational fear of bagels after all the industry hoopla! I wish I could go back to the days when I ate without outside influence 🙂 The bagel in your picture looks awesome!! (Panera bagels make me very sad).
    I wake up in the middle of the night hungry a lot (3 out of 7 nights?) even though I eat dinner right before I go to bed. A scoop of peanut butter does the trick!

  7. says

    Nothing else will suffice when you are craving a bagel. Especially if freshly made or from a local bakery. There needs to be way more bagel appreciation out there.
    Honey crisps are such a treat!
    Cora recently posted…Day In the Life (WIAW)My Profile

  8. Jennifer Lattin says

    Speaking of apples, I have recently rediscovered my love of Apples sprinkled with a bit of salt! In doing so, I am replacing the salt in my diet that I have lost from sweating/exercising, right? 🙂 🙂 Regardless, I don’t care…the combination is simple and delicious.

  9. says

    I love apples and chocolate! If I wake up due to hunger, it usually correlates to me not eating enough the day before, or me being more active than usual. I actually have a bigger snack before bed than a lot of other people, because my metabolism revs up at night and I’m usually exhausted and need a good nights’ sleep!
    Lately, I’ve been really loving yogurt and granola, protein bars, or cheese and fruit 🙂
    Eilish Brazell recently posted…Thinking Out Loud | 3.31.16My Profile

    • says

      yeah, for me I usually just wake up ravenous close to when I normally wake up. on occasion though which usually follows a long run, it’s more like a 1 am wake up needing a little something to settle my stomach in order to sleep.