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Even though I post on an almost daily basis, I decided to link up with Meg’s Week in Review today because it gives me a chance to catch you up on some of the stuff from my everyday life that sometimes falls through the cracks.

Blog Stuff:

I published my usual amount of posts including these three which are worth sharing again in case you missed them:

Easy Run on the Treadmill Workout < – Several of you have tried it and like it just as much as I do which makes me really happy 🙂

Achieving a Balanced Attitude Towards Your Weight < – So glad I finally got this post together!

It’s Okay When What You Eat Changes < – Our taste buds and choices are allowed to vary.

Running Stuff:

I rarely total my weekly mileage but I think, based on a loose calculation right now, I ran something like 43 or 44 miles. I recapped week #3 of half marathon training in yesterday’s post and want to mention again that I really enjoy training with Laura. I am looking forward to week #4 which begins today and includes a 10k race this coming Saturday.

Work Stuff:

I sometimes wonder how my brain juggles, organizes and processes all of the information I am writing about on a daily basis.

I have been busy writing all things event industry-related including the copy for many AllSeated events that are coming up this Spring. I will be attending a few of them (even speaking at one in a few weeks) and, as usual, I am hopeful for a good catered event. I came across this photo from an AllSeated event last year. Sums it up well. If you need me, look by the cake display.

AllSeated event

Bar Mitzvah Stuff:

We are just about 6 months away from my son’s Bar Mitzvah. Planning his affair, as I have said before, is definitely a third job but I have got it under control.

What I am currently focusing on:

The invitations < – I am almost done finalizing the design. Trying not to over think these since most people jot down the date and throw the invite in the garbage.

The floorplan layout < – I am still working on picking the best furniture for the kids lounge and how it will be arranged in the event space.

The centerpieces < – We have some ideas but I want to start getting more focused on it so we can finalize the exact color scheme which will help me select the table linens and throw pillows for couches.

Weekend Stuff:

It seemed as though our weekend began Wednesday afternoon when we randomly ended up going to the Islanders game in Brooklyn. My son had off from school both Thursday and Friday so in between getting some work done, I was busy driving him everywhere including baseball hitting clinics both afternoons with his friends.


I squeezed in a much-needed manicure and broke out my favorite Spring bag for the season.

gucci bag

We went to the movies to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding Two (excellent movie!) and I brought lollipops along for the fun.


I managed some time working from my bed after my long run on Saturday. I used to get back in bed all of the time on the weekends which really doesn’t happen often anymore so this was a real treat.

coffee in bed

My son had two Bar Mitzvah parties Saturday night so in between picking him up from one and driving him to the next one, I popped into Carlo’s Bakery for some chocolate covered strawberries.

I spent more money on these chocolate covered strawberries than I ever care to admit.

chocolate covered strawberries

Sunday afternoon we went over to my parents’ house to annoy them. I mean, I am sure they appreciate seeing us but I am also pretty sure we can be annoying.

Although it’s not my fault that my dad told me to try the mini ice cream cones in the freezer from Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe's Hold The Cone

He should know by now that my style is to take a bite of the chocolate parts and put the rest of the cones back in the box. Maybe that’s weird but it’s how I roll and considering their house used to be my house, I think it’s perfectly acceptable.

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What’s on the workout agenda for today?

Do you have any “weird” eating habits?

Last movie you saw?


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    • says

      It’s totally a 4th job! I am just trying to accept it rather than freak because the weekends are packed and I have no choice lol. Lots of carpooling although I like to drive as much as I can. It’s the late night pick ups that get me!

  1. says

    I have no idea what the last movie was that I saw in a theater. It’s been at least 5 years Im sure. I’m sure I have lots of weird eating habits, but they don’t seem weird to me. I have always eaten my food in order of what I like least to what I like best, or I start with a vegetable. Im sure this is from when I was younger and my mom said I couldn’t leave the table until I cleared my plate!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…A Standard Week of Running and Strength TrainingMy Profile

  2. says

    Oh, I have a one strange eating habit: sometimes I am too lazy for sitting in the room, so I eat standing right next to the sink and clean my dishes immediately after eating 😀

  3. says

    Hey at least you were making the cones look like the picture on the box!
    I definitely support your idea to not stress too much about the invitations. Simple is all you need. Especially with all the other planning it sounds like you are doing – this celebration is going to be fabulous! What a lucky guy.
    Glad you treated yourself to a manicure and overly priced chocolate treats as well. I spent more than my daily allowance on a single piece of cake this weekend… sometimes its just gotta happen.
    Cora recently posted…Week In Review: Expectation and RealityMy Profile

  4. says

    oh my gosh, mini ice cream cones?! Those are dangerous! Sadly, no workout for me today…working all day then going straight to library for a last minute cram session before my test and lab at 6pm. Today’s going to be a doozy! Have a good one!
    Sara @ Oats & Rows recently posted…Friday Favorites! 3/25My Profile

  5. says

    Love those mini ice cream cones!!

    Weird eating habits? So many.
    I feel like I put peanut butter on everything whether it’s dry cereal straight from the box … Or on peanut butter clif bars before my run … Or when I’m snacking on pretzels. I have a slight addiction 🙂
    Arthi recently posted…Some Weekends.My Profile

  6. says

    Dying to see that movie! My dad will never forgive me for when I lived at home and I would take a bite out of every single chocolate in a box of chocolates at Christmas time and put them back. Oopsie doodles!
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  7. says

    Haha you can find me by the dessert displays too… at any function. That’s where I spent the entire day yesterday at my aunt and uncle’s house. I’ve never been to Carlo’s bakery but Cake Boss used to be my favorite show so I still really want to go there one day.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…See you laterMy Profile

    • says

      I promise to take you to carlos bakery if you come visit! there’s a really good chocolate store actually right next to carlos and they have ice cream. And Trader joe’s is a few stores down too!

  8. says

    Those strawberries look delicious! I definitely am guilty of eating a bit of something then putting in back. My parents used to get mad at me for poking the bottom of the chocolates in a chocolate box to see what flavor it was because I was always searching for the caramels. And the weather is finally starting to feel like spring in the DC area so I’m hoping to start getting to running outside and logging more miles throughout the week.
    Patricia @Sweet and Strong recently posted…Weekend Recap. Family Visit and DC TripMy Profile

  9. says

    Bar Mitzvah, hm? I’m really curious and might need to look into this a little more as I don’t know a lot about it but find other religions’ celebrations and traditions very interesting. It sounds more involved than confirmations. I think you’re completely right not putting too much energy into the invitations. You’ve only got so much power and the main event should be were the focus is at.
    Those expensive berries? Well deserved. The good old “treat yourself” is a rule always applicable and especially in times where you juggle a LOT of jobs.
    I’m pretty sure I have a lot of eating habits that are weird to others but already normal to me …
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Week in review: Count your lessons [and blessings]My Profile

    • says

      the berries were certainly well deserved but they were double the price of what I consider acceptable lol. I certainly won’t be getting them from there again! Bar Mitzvahs are really fun – sort of like a wedding in terms of how elaborate they are, just focused on kids who are 13.

  10. says

    How did I not know that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was a thing?!?! I seriously loved the first one, so I’m thinking I’ll have to head out and check out the second. And I definitely have a few weird habits when it comes to eating certain foods. If Neapolitan ice cream is around, I’ll eat all the vanilla and strawberry, and leave the chocolate for whatever poor unfortunate soul comes across it 😆
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…link love 3/27My Profile

  11. says

    Aw I’m so glad you linked up. I love having you at the Week in Review and getting a glimpse in your non-blog life. I want to see my Big Fat Greek Wedding Two especially since I rewatched the first a couple months back when I saw it on TV. Fantastic movie.

    I agree when it comes to invites. The only people who save them are the ones creating them. The rest get marked on a calendar and pitched. Keep it simple.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Food, Babies, and Breakdowns (#24)My Profile

    • says

      ha! sure! first I recommend you start using an AllSeated account (it’s free and totally organizes your planning). I do work for them but it’s free and I am using it for my son’s bar mitzvah! definitely recommend it.