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As I said in last Thursday’s post, I knew we would get to Magnolia Bakery for the chocolate banana pudding before we would get to the lululemon outlet. Only thing is, my son ate the pudding and didn’t share with me.

magnolia bakery chocolate banana pudding

The most I got was a picture of the lid.

He made sure to tell me that I would most certainly love this new chocolate version of the banana pudding and that the chocolate parts were like chunks of brownies.

I would get annoyed at his selfish nature when it comes to sharing food but he’s my kid which means it’s an inborn trait. I can respect it. Sort of.

I would have ordered my own chocolate banana pudding had I known he really wasn’t sparing a spoonful but the truth is, we were at the Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdales so I was enjoying my frozen yogurt anyway.

I came across this 10 minute quick workout for runners from Pop Sugar and really like it.  Don’t take it lightly though my workout friends, it actually left me pretty sore! I couldn’t even believe it.


In fact, I was so sore in my seat (ha, total Pure Barre language) that I had to discuss this workout video with Laura and make her try it too!

Now i want you to try it and let me know what you think. It did not seem that hard at all but the one-legged squats and lunges, which were literally a minute long, get the job done.

On the running shoe front, I am in shock that I currently love my Energy Boosts and new pair of Saucony Rides on an equal level. It makes me wish that I could wear one of each shoe to really figure out which I prefer – that’s how much my feet love both pairs of shoes right now.


I even like the Saucony’s for the treadmill which isn’t easy for me to say about a running shoe.

At the moment I don’t even know which pair I will wear for my next race. Seriously.

And oh, if you ever see my son, please do not give him any money.

My mom gave him some money over the weekend (because that’s what grandparents do) and he used the money TO ORDER HIMSELF A PIZZA while I was in the kitchen making dinner.

What goes on in my life cannot be made up.

domino's pizza

While Domino’s certainly has its own pizza charm, who orders from Domino’s when there’s true New York pizza on every corner? It’s like getting a bagel at Panera. I don’t get it.

It would have been a little bit more acceptable and understandable had my son actually ordered the cookie brownie pie that is advertised on the box instead of a pizza considering I WAS ALREADY MAKING DINNER.

I really didn’t get that upset about the Domino’s man showing up at the door, in case you were wondering. It happened, it was sort of funny, my son paid for it himself so he learned the value of a dollar and I saved the dinner (chicken and potatoes) I made for him for the next night (which he actually admitted was quite good).

And really, so long as no one gives him more money, I am treating it like a terrorist situation. If you cut off the funds, hopefully they can’t continue to strike.

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Do you have a specific pizza place you order from? What do you usually get?

Have you tried Magnolia’s chocolate banana pudding yet? Ever had the original?

Which types of workouts usually leave you sore?


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    • says

      ha, pizza hut. is there one still open out here? I think there was a taco bell pizza hut left in Commack but I don’t even kno wfor sure because I never eat it lol. I think I used to go to pizza hut though sometimes back in the day – they had a salad bar!

  1. says

    There are a few famous pizza places within walking distance of my apartment, but I’ve only eaten at one of them once. I’m just not a big pizza person! I’ve actually never ordered a pizza in my life…I’ve had takeout before but never been the one to order it. Weird!
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…Balancing Blogging + WorkingMy Profile

  2. says

    Your son keeps your house rock’in that’s for sure. He is very mature in his wittiness and style. It will serve him very well as he moves into adulthood and certainly keeps u laughing, entertained and sometimes exacerbated– that’s what you get from smart kids!!

    • says

      you would love the vegetable slice I get on the whole wheat crust – it’s so so good from this one place by me! I usually make pizza at home but I love when we get it from there, best whole wheat slice ever.

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    I’ve never been to Magnolia’s Bakery! I recently visited friends in the city and they kept raving about the banana pudding from there, but we never made it there for me to try it. I will definitely make it a priority to try it next time I am in the Big Apple. When ordering pizza, I always go with pineapple! Some people think it’s disgusting, but I loooove it
    Sara @ Oats & Rows recently posted…Currently: MarchMy Profile

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    The pizza thing is hilarious. Freddy got $40 from his Oma and he ordered a bunch of pizzas and wings for himself and all his friends at the skate park. Then he asked me for money to go out later and I was like, NO! What’s with these boys and pizza?!?!
    Suzy recently posted…ReflectionMy Profile

  5. says

    I wish we had good New York pizza in California! Thats so funny that your son ordered it though! I probably would have done the same thing probably because I just thought food delivery was the coolest thing!