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I haven’t had a chance to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and personal experiences with me in the comments and via email regarding Tuesday’s NEDA week post. When I receive even just one message from someone thanking me for helping them or questions for further guidance, I know I am reaching the right people. Sometimes, as I mentioned, I feel like we talk so much (or even too much) on the topic of amenorrhea and the female athlete triad, but clearly, it’s beyond important and necessary to continue to do so.

I was just saying to Amanda yesterday that as I look back on my own experience from years ago (when I was 22), I still can’t get over how uninformed I was on this topic, how it seemed like there was no such thing as not eating enough, that it was you were either anorexic or bulimic and if you were eating and not throwing up, you were just fine. But that’s not the case, as we know. I am sure I will cover more aspects of this subject again soon but please feel free to email me or leave a comment on today’s post with anything you may want me to cover in relation to amenorrhea and the female athlete triad. I am not a doctor or nutritionist but I am happy to help however I can 🙂

Anyway, it’s Friday! So happy for the weekend and so happy to run long outdoors tomorrow. I really missed my routine long run last weekend.

My food shopping is out-of-the-way because somehow I have fallen into the pattern of getting it done on Thursday afternoons. I think that once I went food shopping on a Thursday, I ran out of everything we needed come the next Thursday so that’s how Thursday became food shopping day…at least for now.

trader joe's food shopping

Nothing too new in the mix this week aside from getting fresh strawberries for a change, grapes per my son’s request and some cereal. I was in the mood for the granola Red Mango uses (Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax) so I picked up a box at Trader Joe’s and then while in the cereal section, I grabbed the Fruity O’s too just because.

I honestly cannot formulate a solid dinner plan for next week.

I just can’t. I don’t know what we want and I don’t feel like knowing right now what we want. Instead, I have a bunch of our staples in the house that are easy to throw to together and we are going to wing it a bit more than usual (aside from knowing pizza night is Tuesday).

I did come across a crazy amount of tasty-sounding recipes this week though so instead of sharing a dinner plan, I want to share all of the recipe links with you instead.


Pancake Mix Overnight Oats

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls (Paleo/Whole 30)

Almond Butter Berry Breakfast Bars (Paleo)


BBQ Chickpea Deep Dish Pizza

Vegan Falafel Pizza

Pizza Supreme on Cauliflower Crust

Other Dinner Ideas:

25 Vegan Chinese Recipes

Cauliflower Pasta With Lemon-Almond Sauce

Easy Lentil Meatballs

10 Weeknight Chicken Dinner Recipes


Cavity Bars – Brownies, cookies and cookie dough in one? May make these on Sunday.

Easy Gluten Free Carrot Cake Bread Pudding (Dairy Free, Make Ahead)

DIY Cereal Bowl CakeI just love how this looks! So so creative and cute.

Have a great weekend!

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3 things you are doing this weekend?

Long run tomorrow or Sunday?

Which day do you normally do your food shopping?

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    I do my food shopping on Saturday, but I wish I could do it sooner than that! When I was working in the city I would order groceries online and pick them up after work on Friday. We don’t have that option where I am now and its just too late when I get out of work to deal with all that, especially with the traffic involved in getting to the grocery store. I have no idea what we are gonna eat next week either. Ill be trying to come up with a meal plan this evening so thanks for sharing those links!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…The Return of Thinking Out Loud: This Week’s ComplaintsMy Profile

  2. says

    My grocery shopping is all thrown off, I actually think I need to go today since we’re out of bananas and that’s a major essential! Not loving the weather for sat morning but planning to do my long run then. It’s going to be 16 miles and of course now I’m dreading it! But Emily’s birthday party is later in the day so I really want to get it done with.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Honey Almond Fudge Cups {Paleo}My Profile

  3. says

    I feel like I’m at the grocery store every damn day! Those lentil meatballs sound really good. Andrew is such a major meat eater but I know he’d like these. I love the name of the cavity bars. Brilliant!
    Suzy recently posted…Turning OverMy Profile

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    I might be going to Trader Joes this weekend and I now associate that store with you! When I knew I would be in the area I thought, well I need to see what Meredith would buy 🙂 Not a bad association to have haha
    Have a good weekend
    Ellie recently posted…Fast Friday #6My Profile

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    My appetite was nonexistent all week and I wasn’t eating any of the things I bought for myself. I ended up going to the store mid-week for pizza or mac and cheese… whatever I was craving. And I haven’t had dessert since last Sunday. WHO AM I?! I miss my TJ’s salads and roasted potatoes and chocolate. I think i’ll be back to normal this weekend. I missed it too much ha
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…AnswersMy Profile

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    I almost always leave food shopping for Sunday mornings–I get to hit the stores before the church crowd comes in, so it works out perfectly. My training plan has me doing a 15K ‘race’ tomorrow, so I’ll just do that on my own. But I’m doing it in a pair of new running shoes, which I’m super excited about! recently posted…Friday FavesMy Profile

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    thank you for talking on that NEDA topic. I feel like not eating enough was joke back in the day. Wish we could go back and teach us all that that’s WRONG at age 22. AMen!

  8. says

    Long run done on Sunday, done and dusted for another week. I’m a regular shop on a Thursday person, mainly because I just like to get it done ahead of the weekend so that it doesn’t take a chunk of time out of my weekend. That way, come Thursday evening, it starts to feel like the weekend is beginning….:)
    Fiona recently posted…Just Beet ItMy Profile