What I Wish I Could Get At Trader Joe’s & Dinner Plan


You know I love to shop at Trader Joe’s,  but the truth is, there are a few items that Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry that I wish they did!

I can do almost all of my food shopping at Trader Joe’s but still need to fill in from time to time from other grocery stores.

What I Wish I Could Get At Trader Joe's

Nutritional Yeast – This is the one item that sends me to Whole Foods most of the time. Not only do I like the taste of Nutritional Yeast, as a vegetarian, I need the B Vitamins.

Plantains – Like, what’s the big deal for stocking them? Sell them in the area next to the bananas.

Japanese Sweet Potatoes – Carrying these sweet potatoes only sometimes is not okay! The other grocery stores always have some sort of variety including the Japanese, white, red, purple etc.

Onion Rings – They had them until they didn’t. Bring them back to the frozen section please!

More organic/hormone-free meat/poultry – Especially in the frozen food section. Most of the frozen meals are not made with organic or free range or at the very least, hormone/antibiotic free meat or poultry. The shrimp stir frys are not made with wild shrimp either. I understand it would cost a little bit more money but there are some of us who are willing to pay it. Offer both options!

What do you wish Trader Joe’s sold? I would love to know!

Moving on….

It’s time to start planning out dinners for next week. After a week-long winter break which saw a bunch of meals out of the house, I have to think ahead a bit to what we will eat next week when life gets a little more hectic again and back to routine.

Sunday – Zucchini Noodles with Cherry Tomatoes Garlic Cream Sauce – I keep meaning to use my spiralizer! Perfect recipe for it.

Monday – Some sort of chicken and baked potato for my son (he’s thrilled < – not really) & Power Bowl for me

Tuesday – Pizza night

Wednesday – Breakfast for dinner (omelets and homefries < – made with sweet potatoes)

Thursday – Roasted Broccoli Tomato Soup – We will both like this I think, we grilled cheese or potatoes.

Friday – Probably Out for Dinner, if not, something like this Roasted Cauliflower Broccoli Stuffed Potatoes with Cheesy Butternut Sauce

Saturday – Out for Dinner

Other Recipes of Interest:

25 Vegan Chinese Recipes

Sweet Potato Pie Waffles

Pinata Cake Already decided that I am making this for my birthday this year. And probably not sharing.

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3 things you are doing this weekend?

What do you wish you could get at Trader Joe’s?


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  1. says

    The roasted broccoli tomato soup looks delicious!

    Things I wish I could buy at TJ’s: Skippy/Jif peanut butter! I love TJ’s almond butter but I prefer baking with the processed stuff 🙂 … Also wish I could get my favorite Tazo Awake tea there!

    Three things I’m doing this weekend: 1.) Second date tonight 2.) Long run/Mardi Gras race tomorrow morning 3.) Dinner with some girlfriends tomorrow night!
    Arthi recently posted…A quiet night in.My Profile

  2. says

    I wish Trader Joes had a location in Ithaca so I wouldn’t have to travel 1.5 hours to get to it! I’d also take a Whole Foods and a couple vegan restaurants, but I’m not picky 😉
    Ellie recently posted…Fast Friday #5My Profile

  3. says

    I hate it when I have to go around to a bunch of different stores to get everything I need, but it seems to be unavoidable. And I -still- can’t find any place that carries Japanese sweet potatoes. I’m thinking that I’ll have to check out some Asian markets.

  4. says

    I am so, SO sad that we don’t have Trader Joes in Canada. BOOOOOOOO. 3 things I’m doing this weekend: Going to the kids’ soccer games (in the rain), doing a long run (in the rain) and going to the used bookstore to stock up on kids books so that when they’re in the house, they can READ!
    Suzy recently posted…Before the FlushMy Profile

  5. says

    I wish I could do all my shopping in one place, but in NYC that is just impossible. I’m never fully stocked because it means 1.5 mile round trips to Fairway and Whole Foods, a bus across town to Trader Joe’s, and the corner Morton Williams and Matter of Health where I usually end up because did I mention they’re on the corner? No plaintains or purple potatoes too often :/

  6. Nik says

    I’m really disappointed in Trader Joe’s here I know you like it but I think it’s expensive and they never have stuff in stock here . when I lived in oregon I really like shopping there ?

    • says

      I agree stuff is not always in stock when I want it but I am surprised you find it expensive. When I compare it to the prices at the other grocery stores, TJ is almost always the cheaper price, even without coupons.

    • says

      I was buying their frozen wild shrimp for a while which was good but they haven’t had it in months! I don’t really eat fish so I guess it’s ok but still, annoying when they don’t have things. I wonder if they will ever carry fresh fish?