I Am Officially Old & New Running Playlist


If I had my way, New York State would revise the law that currently allows for children to sit in the front seat of cars at the age of twelve to something more like:

When riding with their parents, kids must sit in the back seat forever. No matter your age, even if you are 37 years old and your parents are entering senior citizen status, you are to sit in the back seat of their car if they are driving.

My biggest problem with having my son up front is the radio.

I thought I was cool. I thought I was hip. I thought I listened to the right songs at the right loud volume. I mean, I know every word to the Beastie Boys which I told you recently, doesn’t that count for something?

This kid requires complete control of the stations and finds songs that not only have I not heard of (which I just don’t understand! I thought I was so up to date?!) but makes them all way too loud.

After going through the whole – I need it lower please so I can see and I need it lower please so I can hear an approaching emergency vehicle, he caught me.

And called me a hypocrite.

New Kids on the Block came on the radio….Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, The Right Stuff…and I blasted it.

What? 80’s music deserves to be blasted, not this current Hit The Quan nonsense he sings these days.

Oh. My. Goodness. I sound like an old person.

Anyway, what I am trying to say today aside from venting about my current motherhood struggles is that I have an awesome 80’s running playlist for you!

There’s no New Kids on the Block included but there are lots of randomly awesome 80’s songs which are perfect for running.

I listen to a bunch of Pandora radio stations when I run and one of my favorites is the 80’s Pop Radio. I love the music they throw at me in the morning because it includes the most popular 80’s songs mixed with some you randomly hear otherwise. The playlist I put together is a combination of both – some songs we still hear all of the time and some are a refreshing blast from the past!

The songs of my youth, I probably played them back in the day via record or cassette tape in my fisher price brown tape player.

It’s official. I am old. My son was right when he told me so the other day.

awesome 80's running playlist

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Do you listen to Pandora when you run? Which stations are your favorite?

If you have kids, do they insist on controlling the car radio?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?

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      lol I love how you say you are defeated and they are in car seats. Actually, my son was opinionated back then too and I listened to all of his music but at least he couldn’t fight me for the control then! Ugh he’s always reaching and touching my buttons.

  1. says

    MEREDITH. My oldest is a guitarist in a band. His teacher is in a death metal band called “The Pig Killers.” I used to try and be nice and let Jake listen to his playlist in the van but now I’m just like, NO. I tell them that they can listen to their music when they get their own vehicle. It’s something to look forward to.

    Anyway, BREAK MY STRIDE! Best song EVER. It’s going to be stuck in my head all day now. 🙂
    Suzy recently posted…Week in Review: LoveFestMy Profile

  2. says

    I go for the top hits while I warm up, then switch to Kesha radio for my hard intervals. I don’t usually listen to music actually, I prefer podcasts. It’s only on my workout days. I also usually listen to podcasts in the car hahahaha I am old! But if music is on it’s a top hits station. I’m not picky though so I will let anyone choose a station. I’d be a good driver for your son.
    Ellie recently posted…Cranberry Cashew Chickpea Brownies [Vegan, Gluten-free]My Profile

  3. says

    Ha the constant struggle. Whenever I’m in the car with my whole family we have to settle for John Mayer pandora because it’s the only thing we’ll agree on. I feel like it’s one of those things where the music is constantly changing and evolving and what you might think is good, your son won’t. And by the time I’m a “real” adult (whatever that means), I’ll probably hate all the new music out there.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Injury Answers and a Weekend RecapMy Profile

  4. says

    I don’t know what I’d do without Pandora!!

    Current favorite stations include: Justin Bieber (don’t judge me), Andy Grammar, Sam Smith, Meghan Trainor, Outkast, and the Zumba Fitness station (because it’s got some really fun songs and I’m going to Miami in a week and I can’t wait to dance like a maniac all weekend long).

    6 miles covered at 6am this morning!
    Arthi recently posted…Monday Night Confessions – Part 47.My Profile

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