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I am hoping this is not too much information but can we talk about tampons for a minute? I am absolutely beside myself that Tampax has changed their packaging.

tampax tampons

I associate purple wrappers with lite, green with super and orange with super plus. If they are now ALL WRAPPED IN THE SAME PURPLE color with a small sticker closure dictating which is which, I have to put much more effort into my selection because getting it wrong (as in, choosing lite instead of super plus) is life altering.

And throwing me a token letter S or L on the label doesn’t work when the rest of the tampon packaging is the same! I hardly wear my glasses in the bathroom and the letter doesn’t glow in the dark to help me see at night.

Do I not have enough to think and worry about? Do you know what happens to someone like me who by mistake uses a lite tampon instead of a super plus?

In other news, I am removing the time hop feature in my facebook account.

While there are plenty of funny moments in my facebook past, there are also some things I do not need to relive.

Isn’t the trending New Year’s goal to live in the moment anyway?

I do not need to relive the boyfriend from six years ago who later broke my heart. The one I ran into by the cauliflower in Fairway, by the way.

I most certainly don’t need to relive seven years ago, when I was selling my son’s Pottery Barn train table as I slowly began to sell the contents of my home because of my divorce.

While I am moved on from that time period of my life, it was still my life. My divorce happened and I didn’t want it to happen. I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to sell furniture, I didn’t want any of the things that happened to us back then.

One triggered memory leads to other memories that I don’t wish to dig up, especially first thing in the morning as I scroll through my facebook newsfeed.

The other morning though when I saw this particular time hop about the train table, I had to remind myself that had I not moved, not only would I not have my favorite running path but I never would have met Meaghan.

meaghan and me

#TBT summer 2011 when we actually had every other weekend to ourselves and stayed out way past my bedtime covering Manhattan, Long Beach and Fire Island, sometimes all within one 24 hour period.

Not only is Meaghan one of my best friends and next door neighbor, she is like the other half of my household. We are both divorced moms (our kids are a year apart and in the same middle school) and I do not know what I would do without her.

My son even knows that if there’s an emergency and you think you need to call police, you may want to call Meaghan first. I mean, if my doorbell rings at night, I call to tell her to look outside rather than actually open the door.

Do you freak when the doorbell rings at unexpected times? It’s sort of like when my home phone rings. Who the heck is calling me on my home phone?

Do people still have home phones or am I the only one?

I also wonder if I am the only one using the CD Player in the car. I haven’t ever used the player in this particular car before this week actually. Even though I have been moving my case of CD’s from car to car ever since like 1996, I haven’t used a CD player in years – until the other day.

My son suddenly noticed we had one so I decided to whip out the case of CD’s sitting in my trunk and we have been having a singing blast ever since.


I was cool for a minute too when I took out my Beastie Boys CD from high school and knew every word to Ill Communication 🙂

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Do you use the Time Hop feature on facebook?

Am I the only one with tampon issues?

Does your car have a CD Player? Do you use it?











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  1. says

    I didn’t realize that tampax changed its design…I buy mine on Amazon subscribe n save so I have a bunch of the old kind stocked up and haven’t had to buy any in awhile. But yes, that looks like it would be very confusing!
    I feel like Facebook chooses weird pictures to share but I like the actual TimeHop app. Sometimes I cringe seeing old pictures of things I wrote on Facebook 10 years ago but I still find it somewhat entertaining.
    I have a CD player in my car but I no longer keep my CDs in there, so its been awhile since I used it.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…I Miss Outdoor Running…My Profile

  2. says

    So much I can relate to! The tampon thing is annoying – even mistaking super and super plus can be a disaster for me nowadays! I also freak when the doorbell rings and don’t want to answer it. And we haven’t had a home phone for years but we do have a fax. And come to think of it I haven’t played a CD in my car for at least a year!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Thoughts From the Grocery Store Out LoudMy Profile

  3. says

    I’m glad someone else feels the same way about Timehop. To be honest, I would prefer to live in the present and future versus reliving the past. Half my friends fb updates right now are in regards to past events.
    Hollie recently posted…Random Musings of the WeekMy Profile

  4. Meaghan says

    I’m all a sappy sort of something this morning from this post. You by far are as much a tower of strength for me. If it were not for you I surely would not always find the humor in the unpredictable craziness that surrounds my daily life.
    Now.. would you like me to call Tampax for you?, lol.

  5. says

    I buy the cheapest tampons ever lol. Sometimes I think being in feminine hygiene marketing has to be either the lamest or funniest job ever. Ill Communications was one of my favourite albums. It also makes me feel old to say that, but oh well, it’s a good one. Paul’s Boutique REALLY makes me feel old. I have never signed up for TimeHop because I quit social media for many years (following a slight nervous breakdown and death of a parent), and I really don’t want to relive much from way back.
    Erin@BeetsPerMinute recently posted…Daily Intention: ConnectionMy Profile

  6. says

    I still have a home phone! But I’m not really sure why since no one has the number and the only calls I really get on it are from the front door of my building. I’m thinking it’s time to get rid of that sucker. And I’m pretty sure my car has a cd player, but I don’t remember the last time I listened to it. I think I have some Disturbed hanging out in there, but it’s been connected to my iPod for as long as I can remember.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…healing hands, eyeball liquid, and second skins (ToL #168)My Profile

  7. says

    HAHA you are absolutely right with the tampons. (about to get a bit TMI) I have to say that my world is forever changed now. I used to only get the cheap brand before and I finally splurged and tried Pearls..OMG. SO much better. What have I been doing my whole life?

    At least the designs are pretty on these!
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…What’s New With You? Link-Up #1My Profile

  8. says

    YES Beastie Boys! I definitely still have their CD, and I was blasting jams from my CD player the other week. I’m sure I looked super cool. I actually like the new packaging from Tampax! But I only use one type and don’t get the mixed box, so I don’t have to worry about searching for which one I want. I just like that you can shove the applicator back into the wrapper, seal it up and toss it. recently posted…Biggest FearsMy Profile

    • says

      If I didn’t get the mixed box occasionally I would be as wild but this box is confusing! They didn’t need to change it so drastically, the new packaging itself is useful enough without changing the colors!

  9. says

    The whole tampax thing drives me nuts as well, but I have to admit the new packages that are kind of…contained…are actually really useful. Timehop has started to scare me. I joined FB nine years ago when I was 15 and seeing myself at that age is really crazy, because it doesn’t feel like so long ago, and yet it was, looking at how young I was.
    Alyssa @ renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…WIAW #43My Profile