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I have so many issues with modern technology and one of them is how available we all are, or really, how available people expect that we are because we are so easy to reach.


Kids today not only have cell phones, they now have the ability to text their parents from class to say they are bored and want to come home.

I had to suffer through my middle school classes and my child will too.


In fact, I am so bothered that I couldn’t send these texts to my parents when I was a kid more than anything else. I am jealous, okay? And this jealously is what will keep him sitting in class as I LOL back at him. If I couldn’t leave, you can’t either. Deal with it.

I am surprised he didn’t text to say he was hungry considering he is still on the breakfast before school is for losers kick.

Exhibit A: The whole grain waffle topped with peanut butter left sitting on the car seat. I think he took a small bite.

waffle with peanut butter

While on the topic of school, every time my mother reads my workout recaps, she calls me to say that if my evil high school gym teacher isn’t dead yet, she would drop dead to know that not only can I run, I can run fast and long.

10k race

Oh hey, Ms. Tirado! I may have fainted in your gym class and thrown up too when you tried to push me too far but look at me now! And no thanks to you and your early morning gym class detention time when you had me running in circles at 6:00 am as punishment for not wanting to change into my gym clothes.  

Ms. Tirado even told me that in all of her years of teaching gym, I held the record for WALKING her required fitness test mile the slowest in history. I didn’t RUN the required mile back then because I had a doctor’s note to excuse me from such a strenuous activity 🙂

I still walk slow you know.

My son routinely gives me a hard time about my walking pace at which point I usually remind him that I already ran my miles with speed intervals too so I am entitled to walk however slow I wish. I mean, don’t my legs ever get a break?

A few more modern technology complaints for today while I have your attention:

1. I wish my Keurig machine held more water in its tank. Every other minute that blue light is staring at me letting me know it’s time to refill. I don’t want to keep refilling! Hold more water at a time would you?

2. All Pin It! buttons should be required to be positioned in the same corner of all pictures on all websites. My goodness, I am forever hovering over images looking for the darn pin it button.

Some sites it’s the upper left corner, some its the center, some it’s the bottom right, top right yet never the bottom left. It drives me nuts! And what really puts me over the edge? When I finally find the pin it button on the image and a message pops up telling me there’s no image to pin. As if that makes any sense whatsoever.

I am off to run now, 8 miles on the treadmill here I come!

Check out what everyone else is thinking about today here.

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Anyone else have an awful gym teacher growing up?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?

Are you forever refilling the Keurig water?





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  1. says

    In high school I was on the spring track team only because it was “recommended” if you wanted to play field hockey in the fall. I hated running but the track coach throught I was a “natural”- I wanted to laugh at him at the time! But now we are Facebook friends and he sees all the running I do and Im sure he is saying “I told you so”!
    That pin it button drives me crazy too! And yes, I am refilling the Keurig water constantly. I hate when Rob leaves it almost empty, but Im sure I do the same to him without realizing!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Why I Decided To Work With A Running CoachMy Profile

  2. says

    Love that we often have something random in common with our posts – mine was all about my computer dying, me panicking, and my dependence on technology. I don’t even know what to expect when all 3 of my kids have phones, that will be interesting! Planning to run 5-6 miles today. Honestly I’m thinking most likely 5!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…A Total Meltdown and Change of PlansMy Profile

  3. says

    My husband can’t get his brand new Surface to connect to our internet at home any more even though we just got a brand new router and it worked for a month. It works for me, though! I remember being one of the first in my grade to get a cell phone (8th grade–largely because I was sick and that way I could get in touch with my mom). But texting wasn’t huge back then, and you were likely to get caught. But I would text her, particularly in high school, to schedule out pick ups and such.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…How We Vacation Shows Who We AreMy Profile

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    I was always excused from the mile for asthma, so that was nice. My best friend actually ran the mile, then collapsed because an ovarian cyst had ruptured right after. So after that they clearly didn’t make her run it. So they just encouraged us to “walk it to the best of our ability.” It didn’t hurt that we had a mildly creepy old man gym teacher who we could convince to let us out of things..
    Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood recently posted…Ryan Richard: 18 MonthsMy Profile

  5. says

    My gym teacher was also my track coach, so one year for the physical fitness test, I walked the mile and he gave me so much crap for it…then that afternoon I set the school record that year for the mile at the meet. He just rolled his eyes and said I set a bad example.
    I actually am glad I don’t have as much technology as kids do today because that would be so distracting! I sometimes enjoy the days I forget my phone and go offline all day…and my job isn’t even media centered, I work in food service!
    It is kind of sad that your son isn’t doing anything in school. I wish teachers cared more about their job and the kids.
    Ellie recently posted…The Hardest Part About RunningMy Profile

    • says

      technology is totally distracting for kids today and yes about the teachers. WHile some of his teachers are awesome, some are just not and the whole common core thing is a real problem within the schools and how classes are structured. Don’t get me started! lol

  6. says

    I didn’t have a horrible gym teacher but I had a horrible second grade math teacher who loved to embarrass me in front of the class for not knowing my multiplication tables automatically, and I definitely had some math related anxiety for a few years after that. I didn’t get a cellphone until I started driving myself to school–it blows my mind that every student in my building now has one and they’re glued to it like it’s their life line! And yes to the Keurig pet peeve–my blue light came on this morning! recently posted…Weekend Wrap-UpMy Profile

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    Hahahha I always die at those texts but you already know that. I definitely never had the ability to send that to my mom. She would have laughed in my face if I had. I went to school unless I was on my deathbed and was contagious to other students. I probably was home sick like 3 times total from preschool to 12th grade… I might be one of the few people that looks back on gym class and remembers how much I LOVED the one week of the year that was “track week” and we would run for time. I did Girls on the Run so it was my time to “show ofF” since I was so bad at soccer/basketball/any other sport in gym class hahaha and then by the time I got older, I was running for lacrosse/swimming anyways so I used to get excited to just run
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…A Health RantMy Profile

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    Hahha those texts crack me up! I thought you were going to say that he sent that while at a friend’s or something, but no..he wanted you to get him out of school. Lol!! Back when I was in school we weren’t even allowed to have phones in class. Crazy how things change!

    The first time I ran a full marathon I saw my middle school gym/cross country coach. It was so crazy! She ran with me for a bit and thought it was so cool that I kept running. I also ran into my elementary school gym teacher at the grocery store a few years ago..don’t know how he recognized me!
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…2016 Goals and Resolutions [Blogging]My Profile

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    You’re dead right, even if I had a cell phone back when I was in school, there’s no way my parents would ever come and pick me up from school. It’s so much more fun now that you’re on the other end of those texts/wishes!
    Fiona recently posted…Mackerel for RunnersMy Profile