Thinking Out Loud 1.7.16




1. Another week of school mornings, another week of uneaten car breakfasts because, you know, no one eats breakfast before school.

waffles in car

2. I have been putting paprika on anything and everything. I need to google what it means to crave paprika.

3. I needed new eye shadow and flashed myself way back to the first makeup brand love of my life – Stila.

Stila eye shadow

This palette contains all of my original favorite Stila eye shadow colors dating back to my early 20’s but this time around, without the parabans.

4. I mentioned yesterday that getting my son up for school hasn’t been that huge of a battle this week. He even thanked me for waking him up so nicely, as in, not yelling GET UP! a hundred times. As I said you’re welcome, I informed him I am certainly still yelling every morning but he seems to be sleeping through it.

5. Running this week has taken place indoors every morning and I am totally okay with it. I am getting used to the treadmill again and sometimes, I even look forward to it. I like not being cold, I can wear a Run Swiftly short sleeve shirt, watch the morning news and not care if it’s light outside yet.

6. I spoke to Laura the other day regarding the coaching services I won from her blog giveaway and I am really excited to train with her. We haven’t finalized the race we are going to focus on yet but we are working on it!

If you aren’t already reading her blog (This Runner’s Recipes) you should be. Make sure you check out her running coach perspective on the Whole30 for runners. Great post, great insight and something for you to think about, especially if you are a female runner.

7. Why did I stop buying avocado? How do you go from buying something every time you food shop to not buying it all?

8. The Islanders play in Philadelphia on Saturday and I am all like, Hey LETS GO TO THE GAME! because I will drive just about anywhere to see them play rather than suck it up and go to a home game in Brooklyn. I make no sense.

9. I have fallen in love with my bed on a whole other level after getting new pillows last week. I have found THE MOST comfortable pillows ever which is great but combined with the dark and cold mornings of January, I never want to get up therefore I have been spending extra amounts of time in bed.

coffee in bed

10. Why I am talking IN SO MANY CAPS TODAY? Oh right! Because yesterday tried really hard to get the best of me because I am juggling WAY TOO MANY things which makes me want to talk in ALL CAPS.

So when you go over the Amanda’s blog to see what everyone else is thinking about today, make sure you wish her a happy belated birthday in case you missed her birthday on Monday. Amanda is one of my closest of friends even if she lives all the way in Canada. Maybe I should fly out to Edmonton to visit her and then see the Islanders play the Oilers rather than go to a game in Brooklyn. Hmm…

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Have you been running outside this week or on the treadmill?

Favorite spice or spice combination to cook with these days?

What’s for breakfast today? What time do you normally eat it?







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  1. says

    “Maybe I should fly out to Edmonton to visit her and then see the Islanders play the Oilers rather than go to a game in Brooklyn.” <– YES! Omg that would be the most epic thing. And how much are you loving that Stila palette?! I don't have the exact same one that you do, but it's from the same family and it's been my go-to for like the past year now. I've already hit pan on two of the shades and I have no idea if I'm supposed to buy another one or try to use up the other colours somehow 😆 Also… breakfast today will probably be something ridiculous like 5am. I've been up since 3:30 😡
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…diet rants, a grocery store freakout, and something a little more serious (ToL #164)My Profile

    • says

      yes, for sure you need to make pillows your project. I knew I needed new ones but then my neck and upper back were killing me for two days when I woke up so I didn’t mess around and wait any longer. Immediate difference.

  2. says

    Personally, I don’t think driving in Philly is hard/bad. Driving anywhere within a 15 mile radius of the city? No thanks. We occasionally go to Red Hook and while Red Hook itself isn’t too bad, getting there gives me SO MUCH (Unlike you, I often overuse caps.. oops.) anxiety.
    Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood recently posted…On Eczema and GlutenMy Profile

    • says

      Philly is an easy ride from here, we have gone for the day and just for lunch in fact! Driving to Brooklyn is just a no because of traffic and even the train seems so daunting of a task to me. I guess I will have to adjust though if I want to see them play.

  3. says

    I enjoyed our phone call so much and am so excited to be working with you! I’ve been looking over the questionaire and already have so many ideas! And thank you for linking to my blog!
    I love Stila eyeshadow also! Although my sister got one of those Naked palettes for Christmas and I’m coveting that now. We got new pillows also this week and I’m obsessed—I’ve slept so well!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…20 Minute Kettlebell Workout for RunnersMy Profile

  4. says

    I’m a fan of paprika too! Sometimes I add it to baked chicken and ALWAYS include it when making deviled eggs, if I’m making it for a family party. I actually ran outside yesterday despite the cold temperatures. It was roughly 30 degrees by that time (15 degrees when I first woke up..yikes!!) but sunny so it actually was nice! Once I learned how to properly dress for the cold temps, I don’t mind the cold at all. Happy Thursday!
    Alyssa recently posted…Thinking Out Loud: A New YearMy Profile

  5. AmandaM says

    Hilarious because I was just commenting on Michele’s post this morning and capitalized 3 words and felt like a goon but HAD to go with it because the words had to be emphasized. Then I come over here and you justified my usage so thank you 🙂
    I am starting to love the treadmill way too much. Have totally acclimated and am happy as can be watching NetFlix.

  6. says

    That’s so cool you won a coach! I am loving working with mine. She’s really a blessing for my training. I have tried to stay outside as much as I can. Today I started outside and then moved in when I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes hahaha
    Breakfast today is chocolate and PB oatmeal with some apples. A great warm up feel good breakfast to keep me going all day
    Ellie recently posted…A Post of WillsMy Profile

  7. says

    I love Laura! She will take such good care of you. I have that same Starbucks mug. I got it for Christmas and I looooove it. The rainbow hearts remind me to not be such a bag.
    Suzy recently posted…Blow the TrumpetMy Profile

  8. says

    I like breakfast foods but I just hate eating in the morning. I had a protein bar and clementines today that I brought to work and am just getting around to the clementines.

    Since I have some big goals for my half at the end of february I am trying to do half my runs outside each week. I know I do better the more time I spend on the roads (minus I LOVE treadmill running. seriously). Today I actually took off both gloves and fleece headband. Barely any wind and pretty nice out (and this is coming from a girl who detests winter).
    Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat recently posted…And Just Like That 2015 is OVER – TOLMy Profile

    • says

      It’s always a treat when it feels warm outside in the winter. I hope it doesn’t get too brutal here because otherwise, I do like running in the chilly temps, just not when they are below 15 degrees!

  9. nat says

    Okay so not one of the questions you asked (i skip breakfast anyway…yeah, I know, bad, bad, bad)

    But i desperately need new pillows and was hoping you could recommend the kind you got. I like/need them to be firm though otherwise my neck and head hurt. I love my bed as it is with a mattress pad warmer etc. but pillows would just take it up a huge notch (:

    • says

      I am allergic to down pillows so I found king sized Claritin allergy something pillows (forgot name, found them at bed bath and beyond). They are really giant and comfy! Firm but mushy but not mushy if that makes sense. Really comfortable. I hope this helps!

    • says

      You probably would use it if you had it. Luckily though, so far at least, the winter hasn’t been that bad. The layering does take time! I just didn’t run outside because it was too dark for me. Otherwise the temperature I would have dealt with even though some mornings were like 12. Ugh, I hope it doesn’t get too bad this month or in February!

  10. Frank says

    While I ran the Hangover Half for the 4th year in a row and participated in a couple of other outdoor holiday running events, pretty much all my training has transferred indoors. In addition to the treadmills, there’s a 9.1 laps to the mile track at the YMCA, which is about a mile away. I usually split time in the same workout between the track and the machine.

    Interrstngly, I am back to the basics recently – salt (though a couple of different varieties)and black pepper.

    Skipped breakfast today! Free vente Latte Machiatto was it…

    (Sorry, I can’t help myself – For the upcoming half, do you have a taper plan? Also, I’d suggest being patient and going out abit slower the first few miles. 🙂 )

  11. says

    You should totally go visit Spoons; you ladies would have a blast. I was going to head to Canada this year to see her but this whole baby business threw a wrench in my plans. You’ll have to go for me.

    I eat (technically drink) my breakfast in the car on the way to work so I can relate. Also the cold, dark mornings make me want to stay in the shower forever.