Fred Lebow Half Marathon Training Recap Week #3


I didn’t mind at all that yesterday morning’s temperature was around 30 degrees for my long run. I was looking forward to the chillier air and the opportunity to layer up with my new Runderful Half Zip from lululemon.

It’s the best kind of fashion coincidence that my new hat and neckwarmer, both of which I scored on sale for this winter running season, blend so nicely with the color I picked for the half zip.

lululemon runderful half zip

I absolutely love the fit of this top! It is much softer than last year’s Race Your Pace Half Zip and roomier too. I wore a Run Swiftly long sleeve underneath and you never would have known it was there. The cuff over mittens have a nicer material, stretch a bit differently and the finish at the bottom of the top is better as well (it sits nicer and stays in place). The hidden zip pocket is more towards the front of the shirt than on the side and very easy to access (I put a hammer gel inside).

I will be watching the lululemon sale racks closely so that I can hopefully pick up another one of these Runderful half zips this season (the sales are the best so long as you don’t care about color which I don’t because I care more about price).

My workouts from this past week were pretty typical although I have been running indoors on the treadmill a bit more, not because of the weather but because I do not like to run in the dark. The sun is rising later and later but I am not going to complain because it’s a short-lived inconvenience and at least I have access to a treadmill when I need it 🙂

Fred Lebow Half Marathon Training Recap Week 3

Monday – Pure Barre & Not The 5 Mile Easy Run I Expected

I went to the gym all excited to wear my new pair of Energy Boosts under the assumption that I would run 5 easy miles on the treadmill.

Adidas Energy Boosts

I made it 20 minutes (a little over 2 miles) before switching to the elliptical machine. The treadmill and I were not getting along at all! It became one of those runs where I just knew it was not worth pushing through.The elliptical gave me a great workout and Tuesday’s run became my focus instead.

Pure Barre Tone in 10 Combo:

  • Thighs & Seat
  • Seat & Abs

Tuesday – 8 Miles

I was slightly nervous for the treadmill after yesterday but was determined to have a good run. I was very cautious with my pace, keeping it as easy as possible for the first 3 miles (6.3 – 7.0) to avoid the shin splint stiff foot feeling I always talk about that I can get on the treadmill if I go too fast too quickly.

I felt so much better today on the treadmill, had a rough patch during mile 4 but things worked themselves out.

Last 1.5 miles were between 7.5 – 8.2.

Wednesday – Pure Barre Mile High DVD (35 min) & 4 Miles

Every single time I approach this cone on my running path I think it’s an animal. Yes, I should probably wear my glasses while I run but how cool did the picture come out?!

orange cone

Thursday – 8 Miles (5 treadmill, 3 outside)

Uneventful treadmill run = great treadmill run. I finished the last 3 miles outside once it was light enough for me.

Friday – Pure Barre Pure Results  & 4 Easy Miles


Saturday – 13 Miles

I started out faster than I would have liked but overall it was a great run. It sort of went in groups of 3’s.

3 miles effort, 1 mile easy, 3 miles effort, 1 mile easy, 3 miles more effort, 1 mile easy and then 1 fast mile to finish at 13.


I liked this pattern of running, I may do it like this again!

Sunday – Rest Day

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Are you an early morning runner? What type of reflective gear do you wear?

Was it colder for your run this weekend? Did you like it or miss the warm weather?

Do you imagine you see things on your run too?

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    • says

      that is a hard one! When I go back to the regular DVD workouts, I think these tone in 10 seem hard because they are so action packed without stopping to stretch.Everything just seems so much faster, I get a little dizzy first thing in the morning from some of them because of the changes in position so quickly.

  1. says

    I get scared to run when it’s freezing because I will slip. I stepped outside yesterday morning all ready to hit the pavement…and slipped so I ran to the gym instead =P I’ll work on this. I don’t wear any reflective gear outside what is on my running clothes already. I have a head lamp but forget to wear it.
    Ellie recently posted…Link Love [12/20/2015]My Profile

  2. says

    I love your new half-zip, I’m a big fan and wear em all the time. That’s a seriously cool picture, makes me dizzy just looking at it, nicely done! It’s still very mild where I am and I’m still running in shorts thinking one of these days I’m going to be freezing but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m not complaining 🙂
    Fiona recently posted…The Small ThingsMy Profile

  3. says

    It was in the negatives when I went out for my 14-miler Saturday morning!! I wore so many layers and the sun was shining bright so it actually wasn’t that terrible! As long as the sun is out and the wind isn’t brutal, I love winter running!
    Arthi recently posted…Weekend Recap – DIY Crazy.My Profile

  4. says

    I’m doing a half in January and it was 30 yesterday morning when I hit the pavement. That is really really really cold for this Texan