What I Ate Wednesday 12.9.15


My son was home sick yesterday with what we will call a slight stomach virus. I am saying slight because for one, I am not one to dwell on illnesses and make them more than they are and two, I like to consider the slight stomach viruses as the kind I will hopefully not catch.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some recent meals on this What I Ate Wednesday! Half way through the week already 🙂

What I Ate Wednesday


I have been alternating between bowls of oatmeal and the three ingredient pancake for over a week now. Don’t tell my oatmeal this but at the moment, I am preferring the pancake.

three ingredient pancake

For those mornings though when I run longer/harder, I definitely have oatmeal before my run and then follow my run up with the pancake.


It’s a nice compromise.

Look who is having a Happy Hanukkah…

starbucks mug

I absolutely love this Starbucks travel coffee cup that my son remembered I wanted! I take it with me in the morning when I drive him to school and even find myself using it in the house as well.


I went a good six months without eating eggs or egg whites unless they were baked inside of dessert and suddenly I find myself eating eggs at breakfast and then again at lunch. Hi, Creature of Habit over here.

I am enjoying this roasted sweet potato and egg combo for lunch lately and always add a spoonful of peanut butter to tie it all together.

eggs with sweet potatoes

I found this Cucumber hummus at ShopRite the other day when I was waiting on the line for latkes and really recommend it. It’s so interesting and good! I can’t really say if it’s cucumber I taste, it just has this addicting flavor and texture.

cucumber hummus


Instead of pizza last night, I made my Italian Style Power Bowl by adding quinoa to the below mix of sweet potatoes, broccoli, onions and brussels sprouts cooked in tomato sauce in my cast iron skillet.

Italian Style Power Bowl


I have been snacking on the leftover cookies I made from Sunday night’s dinner all week.


Flourless peanut butter chocolate chip, flourless oatmeal raisin chocolate chip and double chocolate.

Even though I was burned out from cooking on Sunday, I did find myself back in the kitchen by afternoon, whipping up cookies for the first night of Hanukkah.

Getting creative with cookie recipes will always come naturally to me. I made three quick batches without really thinking much about what I was doing which was my favorite part of the process.

I wasn’t at all focused on remembering the ingredients or taking any photos. I made the cookies simply for the intention of getting a nice mix of dessert on the table and for leftover cookie enjoyment.

Of course after the fact I was sorry because each cookie was better than the last so I wish I paid more attention in order to share my recipes with you but part of me needed the mental break from the “work” part of baking, you know what I mean?

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Don’t forget to check out what everyone else is eating today!


What kind of hummus do you like best?

Do you ever feel like just cooking or just baking without documenting it?

Favorite night-time snack lately?


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      If you have eaten your sweet potatoes with peanut butter in the past, you would certainly love this meal. The egg part is the same as making a two or three ingredient pancake really and topping it with peanut butter. I just tend to go sweet over savory with my meals so that’s why the peanut butter ends up involved rather than most people who would choose avocado as their fat source. Try it, trust me!

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    Mmm sweet potato + egg + peanut butter. Sounds like a match made in (my kind of ) heaven. I definitely hear you on the baking for personal pleasure vs documentation thing. That’s totally awesome – and impressive – that you can just whip up a few batches without much thought or recipe in front of you. I think its important to do things just for ourselves and not worry in the slightest about how they are going to be put “out into the world” once and a while. They look delicious!
    mylittletablespoon recently posted…WIAW: Not So Tricky “Tips”My Profile

  2. says

    I feel like we already had the cookie conversation 😛 But yeah… I definitely miss the days where I could just bake something without having to worry about making it pretty so that I could take pictures later. Or about remaking it so that I know the recipe works. That’s actually part of the reason I stopped doing WIAW regularly — just too lazy 😆
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…currently – december 2015My Profile

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    I’m not a huge hummus fan but the cucumber hummus looks very interesting! Have you tried the spinach and kale greek yogurt dip from Trader Joe’s? That’s more up my alley!

    Favorite night-time snack … I love a little piece of banana bread or pumpkin bread heated up with peanut butter on top. It’s nice and warm … The peanut butter starts to melt a little … It’s so satisfying!
    Arthi recently posted…Baker & Nosh: My Bread-Baking Experience!My Profile

    • says

      I haven’t tried that dip but have wondered about it. My son would probably love it. I am not a huge dip eater and steer away from greek yogurt lately (so weird for me, i used to love it!) but I should try it anyway.

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    Yes, I fantasize about going back to the old days of cooking and baking without worrying about a picture or writing down the recipe! Or time of day for lighting purposes, lol. REALLY hope it was truly just a slight bug and you don’t catch it! We have more colds here this week, luckily nothing more serious but I’m hoping I’ve built up enough resistance now to avoid.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…What I Ate Last SaturdayMy Profile

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    I never remember to document things. If I take pictures of my meals for WIAW I am really proud of myself =P Your son is so thoughtful! I get the vibe (from his lovely text messages) that he is pretty intuitive and sarcastic. Am I correct?
    Ellie recently posted…Coffee Time [12/7/2015]My Profile

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    Cucumber hummus? I need some of that!
    I actually only take photos about half the time I cook or bake, because some of my recipes are the meals or snacks I eat day in and day out. Like the weekly frittata for work breakfasts/lunches or muffins for snacks, or lately my pumpkin bread – I probably made that about eight times in the last eight weeks!
    Alyssa @ renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…WIAW #35: Lunch at The Little BeetMy Profile

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      I am the same way – i make a ton of the same stuff over and over again! It’s just when I start baking something new, it was nice to just bake it and eat it with family without thinking about the recipe or taking pictures.

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      I hate that i don’t remember the measurements but so often I bake without measuring anyway which is probably what happened on Sunday – much more fun this way. I will have to try to replicate the cookies though and make more of an effort to know what I was doing exactly so I can share!

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    I think I really need to start getting creative with lunches because today I settled for pumpkin bread. #adulting haha I just don’t like anything! Those cookies look fantastic. And way better than the ones I made this weekend that came out like sponges. Such a failure of a baker.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…A New NormalMy Profile

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    I make it a point to do cooking and or baking without any thought or purpose of measurements or ingredients or photo taking because it helps break up all the blog work and is a nice change of pace. We all need a break from it sometimes. Of course, those are often the meals which come fabulous tasting. Oh well, such is life.