workout recap 11/2 – 11/8


Aside from the time change bringing me daylight for my runs this week, the weather has been so oddly warm for November it’s incredible.

I took this picture yesterday morning as I started my long run right around 6:00 am. Although you can’t tell that it was already 65 degrees, it’s still real pretty, and bright outside too!

running path

A few things about my workouts from the week:

Pure Barre never gets easier you just get better at it. It’s still so challenging yet I can feel how strong I have become over the last year, especially during the ab section at the end. The warm up section is still killer though every.single.time. I wish that part would just get a teeny bit easier 🙂

I need cardio breaks/rest days from running during the week. I can’t really plan those rest days in advance as I rather go by how I am feeling on any given day but it’s definitely needed to avoid burnout and fatigue.

weekly workout recap

Monday – Pure Barre Mile High 1 DVD & 5 Miles

I kept things easy which turned into 4 miles progression and 1 mile cool down.


Tuesday  – 8 Miles

It was colder than they said on the news, I probably should have worn gloves. In any case, decent run. I followed my negative split workout and almost achieved it perfectly.


Wednesday – Pure Barre Pure Results / Rest Day From Running

Pure Barre Pure Results

I took a day off from running and skipped the elliptical as well. I needed a cardio break.

Thursday – 8 Miles

This was a good run which consisted of the following:

2 mile warm up

3 miles increased effort

2 miles of .50 mile easy/.50 speed

1 mile cool down


This running workout followed a similar pattern to the 10k workout I shared a little while back — it’s perfect for the treadmill.  

Friday – Pure Barre Mile High 2 DVD & 35 Minutes Easy Running

A little while after my workout I stretched things out with Yoga For Hips, Hamstrings and Back.

Saturday – 14 Miles @ 8:55

As nice as it is to have warm weather in November, this 65 degree thing is a little too hot as I much prefer running long in the cooler weather.

I was sweating more than I have in a while and crazy thirsty towards the end of this run (and for hours afterwards even though I didn’t stop drinking).

Sunday – Rest Day From Running

I may pop in a Pure Barre DVD or go for a walk.

In case you missed my post from earlier this week about How To Add Variety To Your Workout Routine, be sure to check it out!

how to add variety to your running and workout routine

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How is the weather been where you live? Unusually hot or cold?

Do you plan your rest days or go by how you feel?

Best thing you have eaten so far this weekend?



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  1. says

    The weather here has been abnormally warm for November too. I am totally okay with that though. I had a great run in shorts yesterday and couldn’t believe it.

    I always look forward to my workouts during the day, because they are just an instant mood and energy booster for me! I usually have to plan my rest days out just so I can make sure to get them in.