scenes from the week & next week’s meal planning



This week flew by < – not complaining, not one bit.

I was super busy this week between my son’s soccer games after school (I made it to the correct fields this time!) and I had a blast at BizBash, which is an event industry annual show in Manhattan.


Although I was technically in attendance for my social media/content work for AllSeated, I doubled the experience as a mom planning her son’s Bar Mitzvah…and a girl who really enjoys candy.

candy bizbash

How cool is this – a giant gumball machine which you can have at your event to dispense whatever you want. This one had Baked By Melissa Cupcakes!

gumball machine


I also spotted New York City Marathon Banners, I cannot believe it’s this Sunday. So excited for Michele and all of the other runners 🙂

NYCM banner

As busy as we were this week, our dinner meal planning in advance thing worked out nice and was a big help. We stuck to the plan almost completely which definitely made my life a little easier in that it was one less thing to discuss with my son.

Between getting him up in the morning and out the door for school, requesting that he complete his homework, go to Hebrew school without a fight and take a shower in a timely fashion, not needing to ask him what he wanted for dinner in addition to all of my other nagging was a pleasure.

meal planning from the week

I am still obsessed with Japanese sweet potatoes, adding the roasted wedges anywhere that I can.

On the menu for next week:

meal planning


*I want to try making Michele’s crispy paleo chicken nuggets for my son so I am thinking to use the same “breading” for an eggplant version for me. I will let you know how it goes!

*Pizza night is usually Tuesday around here but my son has a pizza party at school on Monday so there’s that.

*Stir Fry bowls are a favorite since they are so easy and customizable so they are making a repeat appearance.

*Loaded baked potatoes are purposely scheduled for Friday to give me energy for Saturday’s long run.

There’s always a chance I deviate from the plan and reheat some of my meatless meatballs – seriously, they are so good and great reheated for a quick weeknight dinner.

Most importantly, there are ALWAYS roasted vegetables involved at dinner, but you had to know that, right? 😉

Have a very Happy Halloween and a great weekend!

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Which candy are you most looking forward to tomorrow?

Who is running a Halloween race or the New York City Marathon?!?

Are you currently planning a wedding/Bar Mitzvah/large fun event?


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      I don’t love to be bothered thinking about it in advance, it really helps me though in terms of figuring out what my son will have for dinner. I am pretty good at winging it, so long as I have my staples in the house.