What we Ate yesterday


I did not plan on my son being home sick yesterday but as we know, things do not always go as planned.

I know my little boy very well. Sick means soup with guaranteed bowls of macaroni and cheese. And sometimes, all he can stomach is macaroni and cheese which means it serves as his breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We all have our sick favorites, right?

Thankfully, I am not sick so let’s take a look at what I ate yesterday while home with the little boy (who isn’t so little I suppose).


Breakfast #1:

I prepared some bowls of oatmeal in the morning when I first woke up. I had a small bowl with banana once it was ready.

oatmeal prep

Breakfast #2:

I normally reserve the almost empty peanut butter jars for my post-long run oatmeal but I felt like using it yesterday. So I did.

oats in a jar

In the jar: oatmeal, frozen berries, Skoop, almond milk and peanut butter.


I was in the mood for a big greek salad like the one I had over the weekend so I made one and it totally hit the spot.

greek salad

Romaine, cucumbers, plum tomatoes, feta cheese, chick peas and some hummus.

I got my son matzoh ball soup from Ben’s which is known to cure anything.



I am pretty sure that 99% of my dinners can be classified as power bowls and I am okay with that.

power bowl

Sweet potatoes, quinoa, roasted vegetables and avocado with some Island Soyaki drizzled for added flavor.

Of course the macaroni and cheese made its appearance, as I knew it would. No one knows a child like the mother does.

mac and cheese

We didn’t follow the dinner meal plan which I shared with you last week but I am hoping that tonight he is feeling better and up for what’s on the schedule!


I love that I love this new (healthified!) apple crisp recipe that I came up with over the weekend!


It’s so good, I have made it twice since Sunday — I hope to share the recipe on Friday 🙂

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Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!


What foods do you eat whenever you are sick?

Are you a soup lover?

Do you prefer boxed macaroni and cheese or the fresh baked kind?

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  1. says

    Mac and cheese is such a perfect comfort food! I love me some Kraft… it’s making me crave it right now! When I’m sick I love bagels and I love grilled cheese… so yummy.
    Jamie recently posted…Running FastedMy Profile

  2. says

    I am excited to see the apple crisp recipe- it looks super yummy!
    Power bowls for dinner sounds good to me- easy and delicious makes everyone happy.
    Kate recently posted…FMy Profile