Islanders, Food Shopping & Next Week’s Meal Plan


After a crazy busy week filled with birthday celebrations and website issues, I am more than happy to wake up to Friday.

Tonight is the first game of the Islanders season (yay for hockey time again!) and we are heading to Brooklyn for opening night at our new home, the Barclays Center.

islanders in brooklyn

It feels like yesterday that it was the last home game at the Nassau Coliseum and now, suddenly, home is in Brooklyn and I am about to hop a train to see my team play against the Blackhawks tonight.

At first I was holding a grudge against the team moving and didn’t plan on going to opening night but as the date approached, I realized I was insane and that of course we had to be there. Not to mention, I usually get tickets for opening night as a birthday present for my son so how could I not keep up the tradition?!

Grocery Shopping & Attempt at a Meal Plan:

I like to get ahead on the weekend food shop by doing it on Fridays but I ended up doing most of my shopping yesterday instead because I needed a few things that couldn’t wait.

trader joe's groceries

The other day I mentioned to you that I started meal planning dinners for my son. I am an easy meatless eater who can throw together anything last minute and be satisfied, he is carnivore who cannot so he is the only person I am meal planning for each week 🙂

I try to plan out dinners for Sunday nights through Friday (no cooking on Saturday!) but this coming week is not your typical or ideal meal planning week because his schedule is a little busy and I only needed to plan for three nights of dinner.

I think that the issue with getting into the habit of regularly planning and preparing healthy dinners is often a struggle for people because they look at their calendar, see a few nights of evening chaos and then decide to just throw in the meal planning towel for the rest of the week thinking why bother but that just shouldn’t be!

Planning three nights is better than planning no nights, right?

After discussing dinner ideas with my son which do not involve chicken (he is tired of chicken) for next week, here is what we came up with:

weekly dinner menu

Bacon & Sweet Potato Fritatta – I have been meaning to try Lisa’s recipe for him for a while now! I like that this recipe can be frozen or even eaten as breakfast.

Sloppy Joe’s made with ground turkey  – I have the ingredients and seasonings, I will just pick up a nice (whole wheat) roll for him on Wednesday.

I have a recipe for cauliflower sloppy joe’s that I would like to make for me too! Too bad Trader Joe’s was out of the cauliflower yesterday, I will pick one up before Wednesday.

Pizza night – Usually, pizza night is Tuesday night in between soccer and hebrew school. This week we moved it to Thursday and will decide as it approaches if we are making pizza using a whole wheat crust or making pizza bagels.

I think the key to getting  this meal planning thing working for us is knowing how to be flexible while holding to some sort of planned out routine as much as possible.

If it really starts to work for us, I may continue to share our meal plans for the weeks ahead in Friday’s post so you can take a look and consider stocking up over the weekend for your meal planning too!

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Three things you are doing this weekend?

How many nights a week do you normally cook dinner?

Are you interested in seeing our weekly meal plan going forward?


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  1. says

    Three things double spin class, running, eating. I try to cook 5 days out of the week but lately things have gotten a little hectic. Have a great weekend.

  2. says

    Those sweet potatoes look so good!!! Yum, love all of those veggies I’m seeing in that grocery haul! This weekend I’m doing tons of studying (per the usual), going to yoga, running, hopefully apple picking, and hanging out with friends! I hardly ever eat out, honestly I just don’t have the time to even go out to eat- everything I make right now is quick, easy & meat free!

  3. says

    You know I love those grocery store haul pictures. They make me all kinds of happy.

    Good luck on the meal planning. It should be interesting how it all shakes out and I’d love to know how the cauliflower sloppy joes come out if you end up trying them.