My Baby’s Birthday & Why I Now Meal Plan


My best little friend, also known as my son…my bunny…my baby…turns 12 today. How could this be? Wasn’t my baby just a baby?!


I remember saving that Elmo airbrushed shirt for him to wear on his first birthday. Along with that first birthday king crown (October 6, 2004).

So, it became clear to me that I was in denial about my son’s age the other day while in Target. I got up to the register with a HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY! birthday card only to realize he is turning 12 years old today, not 11. He’s already been 11 for a year.

He’s going to be taller than me next year at his Bar Mitzvah, isn’t he. He recently grew to be just about my height which is not helping me in the authority department if you want to know the truth.

Not that I ever had much authority anyway. You see, my little bunny (that’s been his nickname since birth) never really understood his role.

At the age of three, he would ask the preschool director to please call his mother as he didn’t have time to be at school. He had errands to run (yes, he really told the director this) and needed to be having lunch at Nordstrom (I know, I raised a foodie).

Disney World Chocolate Apple

Disney World 2011 where we discovered the best ever chocolate covered caramel apples in the world.

He had the keys in the front door at 15 months old, knew how to get us to take him out of his crib at 18 months old by claiming he needed to use the bathroom (and then laughed in my face when we got to the bathroom because he didn’t actually have to go) and when he was two years old, he showed our house to prospective buyers when they came with our broker by walking them through each room, pointing out the key features.


That outfit!!!! I was so in love/obsessed with the blue tye-dye pattern of that cute little sweat suit of his that I am pathetically thrilled to have a blog now so that, if for no other reason, the adorable clothing of my son’s childhood can live on through photos.

I recently talked about how hard it is as kids gets older, in such a different way than when they are little babies.


Not about the little kid stuff anymore, oh no, I am worrying about the big kid scary stuff. Even though I have lectured him on an open and honest real deal level about peer pressure, drugs, drinking and all of that stuff for years, I worry anyway.


That face. Those overalls. I just can’t.

I am grateful for the relationship my son and I have always had, how he tells me EVERYTHING but still, I cannot protect him and make all decisions for him, as much as I try to do so.

Like food in our house for example? I am slowly losing the decision making power. I mean, I still have control over what I buy since I am the one with the money and the car to get to the supermarket but his recent outbursts about what I serve have put me so over the edge that we are now meal planning.

That’s right, you heard me. Me. MEAL PLANNING. At least his dinners anyway because I had just about enough of the abuse regarding what I serve….

I want real pancakes. Not your health food stuff. Not your whole wheat, oatmeal, protein powdered, garbanzo bean pancakes. Real pancakes with real flour. And don’t hide any mashed banana in there either.

Are there chia seeds in this?

I am afraid to ask what’s for dinner. Did you make chicken? Did you bread it? You don’t use normal breadcrumbs.

Why can’t you buy Heinz ketchup? Is it because of food coloring? What has all of this blog reading done to you?!

I want to give you a glimpse into our meal planning but a birthday week filled with dinner celebrations isn’t exactly the ideal sample.

What I can do though, is show you all of today’s birthday food fun in tomorrow’s post which will of course include a cake 🙂

Every year I look at old photos the night before my son’s birthday. I looked at this one last night from three years ago in Hershey Park, October 2012, the day before my first ever half marathon.

benji and me

It feels like yesterday that my father was taking this picture, telling my son to stand still and to stop making silly smiles. It feels like yesterday that I ran this half and it feels like yesterday that I was in labor giving birth to my baby boy.

Time really does go by so quickly, you know?

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Where/when was your first half marathon?

Do you prefer candy apples or the chocolate caramel apples?

Do you meal plan every week or just on occasion?












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  1. Elizabeth Royer says

    My first 1/2 is on October 17th in Baltimore, MD! NERVOUS/APPREHENSIVE/ kind of excited.. haha I ran 11.2 miles this past weekend which was my longest run ever, and it was a consistent 8:15-8:30 pace so I know I CAN do it, I just don’t know if I want to do it. Haha mixed feelings. But you motivate and inspire me, so thanks <3

  2. says

    Didn’t have time to be at school 😆 !! I wish I had thought of that one when I was still in school. Brilliant. Say happy birthday to your little guy for me! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to see your baby getting older, but I guess all you can do is have faith that you instilled good values in him and trust that he’ll make good decisions based on those. Hugs to you both.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. vanilla chai breakfast bake .My Profile

  3. Elizabeth Royer says

    **8:30 average pace ^^^

    I was comfortable so I guess I can run faster if I want to “race” it. But then again it will be a PR. I am just nervous for the distance/long time it takes to run that far. I get bored, I want to be excited and into it the whole time… Any mental/mind tips?

    • says

      I think once you are in the race, the atmosphere and all of the people will keep you excited and moving forward to the finish line. The mental part was built up in your training and you have to trust your training and believe in yourself that you can do it because you can!

  4. says

    Happy Birthday to your son! Meal planning is too hard for me. I feel like I spent hours planning it out, and then my week plans changed I never followed it. I should get better at it though!

  5. says

    Happy birthday to your son! Those baby photos of him are absolutely adorable. You have raised him so well! He may balk at your healthy recipes now (I still can’t get my 19-year-old sister to eat half of my cooking when she visits) but he will thank you later – I know I’m glad my mom made me eat my vegetables!

  6. says

    Aww, Happy birthday to your son! Time really does fly by and I bet it just goes faster once your raising kids. I am still meal planning every week- I can’t NOT do it! Actually one week Rob was going to be away for work and I just bought a bunch of food and then cooked what I felt like each night. So maybe its just when you have to plan for more than one person that makes it easier to plan things out?
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Tips for Time Management During the Peak WeeksMy Profile

  7. says

    Happy Birthday to your son. I’m with you; the little tie dyed sweat suit is adorable. I suspect at a certain point all kids rail against their parents advice whether it be about drugs or alcohol or health foods. I know I certainly did. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, thanks to you, so he’ll be ok.