workout recap 9/21 – 9/27


Friday night at dinner I was asked how many miles I was planning to run in the morning.

“Oh, only ten miles.”

To us runners, the word “only” preceding a distance like ten miles when you normally run longer sounds proper, to the average human, it sounds bizarre.

Anyway, my calves, which were super tight at the start of the week are feeling completely back to normal.

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves

With the Great South Bay half marathon quickly approaching on Saturday, I will be taking it easy this week (more taper talk on Tuesday) and living in my Pro Compression socks and sleeves at every opportunity.


weekly workout recap

Monday – Pure Barre Mile High DVD & 4 Easy-Paced Miles

I had planned to stop at 3.50 miles but then my friend called so I chatted until the 4 mile mark.

Tuesday – Not What I Planned!

I talked about my run not going as planned in Thursday’s post. 

The 8 miles I had scheduled did not happen but thankfully, I know when to push and when it take it easy. Giving myself the chance to rest my calves allowed me to feel back to normal only a day later rather than slowing the recovery time and risking a chance at injury.

Wednesday – Pure Barre Pure Results & 3 Miles

I slept in my Pro Compression calf sleeves and woke up feeling so much better!

After Pure Barre, I ran a few slow miles and then walked for 10 minutes, noticing that I felt no pulling feeling at all in my calves during or after my run. I have been completely fine ever since.

Thursday – GREAT 8 MILE RUN!

Insert sunshine and unicorns here.

It felt oh so good being back to normal. I split my run between the treadmill (because it wasn’t light out when I started) and outside.

5 miles on the treadmill:

2 mile warm up

3 miles between 7.0 – 8.0 with a focus on holding at 7.5 (8:00 min/mile) for extended periods of time.

3 miles outside:


I honestly could have kept going which is always the best way for me to feel when it’s time to go home.

Friday – Pure Barre Studio Series DVD & 4.75 Miles

Is it bad that I barely remember this run? Not really right? The uneventful runs are much better to have than the terrible runs! The terrible runs we don’t forget so easily 🙂

Saturday – 11 Miles (10 miles + 1 mile cool down)

I ran a little later than usual but this was actually a good thing since next week’s race doesn’t start until 8:30 am which is on the later side for me.

The time didn’t affect me at all for this run. In fact, this was one of those runs that felt effortless.


Sunday – Rest Day!

Or maybe a nice walk to Dunkin Donuts. I had my first pumpkin spice coffee of the season yesterday and I kind of want another cup.

dunkin donuts coffee

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Who else is in a taper week right now?

Favorite coffee flavor?

Which do you prefer – Pro Compression marathon socks or the calf sleeves?



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  1. says

    I definitely prefer the socks! I feel like they cover more of my lower calves/ankles which sometimes get tight. Also, I bought a grab bag of calf sleeves last year and they are too small. So I really only have 1-2 pairs of sleeves that fit well. However, when I want to wear compression on my longer runs as it gets cooler I will probably try the sleeves so I can wear different socks that prevent blisters. Last year I wore compression socks for my marathon and ended up with lots of blisters. I definitely have issues with my toes on long runs and need socks that protect them as much as possible!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…5 Things to Love about FallMy Profile

    • says

      I sometimes feel the sensitivity of blisters about to form during my long runs too up at the toes ( I think I even mentioned it on Friday) which is why I want to try those new Marathon Elite socks from Pro Compression. They added the extra padding so maybe it will help us!

  2. says

    Almost everyone I know is in taper week, not me. I don’t have any big races planned. Good job on your running!!!! I still have not tried Pumpkin Spice Anything. I am sure it is not going anywhere soon. Have a great Sunday

  3. Frank says

    It being prime race season, I’m always somewhere between taper and tune-up from Sept until mid-Nov.

    “Additive-free” Coffee is my favorite coffee flavor, thogh coffee itself has many different flavors.

    While I don’t like putting them on, I definitely prefer the compression socks. I like the firmness around my foot, especially when wearing my racing flats.

    Good luck with the taper. Sonetimes it’s more challenging than the race.

  4. says

    I feel like it was just the other day you were asking your readers whether or not you should run this race (This was the race right? Haha). I’m really looking forward to hearing how it goes when that time goes. I can only imagine you’ll be kicking major booty & leaving people in the dusttt!!