Friday Favorites!


It’s been a while since I did a Friday Favorites post. At least that’s what I thought. It turns out, I do one of these Friday Favorites posts once a month without realizing it which means I am on schedule and organized without even knowing that I am on schedule and organized.

Friday Favorites

Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki

One of my favorite marinades, I had stopped buying it for quite some time only to bring it on back last week. I am glad I did! Love it. Perfect for stir-frys and marinating just about anything.

Trader Joe's Island Soyaki



Skoop Discount! Skoop Discount!




My all-time favorite plant-based protein powder is out with new packaging and much lower pricing! And, if that’s not enough, you can save 30% at checkout by entering THANKYOU30.

If you haven’t tried the Viva-Nilla yet and want/need a new plant-based protein powder, definitely trust me when I say it’s awesome.

Pro Compression Marathon Elite Socks

I MUST order myself a pair ASAP!


Pro Compression socks are the best. I love the Marathon socks but these Marathon Elite socks are looking extra special.

Calf support bands? Like, hello, I NEEDED that this week. I am feeling 100% better by the way 🙂

Extra padding in the toe area is a nice addition — sometimes during my long runs I notice the bottoms of my feet feeling it towards the toe box.

PR Soles Recovery Flip Flops

The guy who likes to send me dessert also likes to send me running necessities. This week he found me these  running recovery flip flops.

runners recovery sandals

I just started wearing them after my runs and so far, they are really comfy. They have these bumpy things sort of like the bumpy things on a foam roller but they are soft to step on, not hard.

A little info from the website:

recovery sandals


And, um, this is the part where I should show you this month’s dessert of the month club delivery because it arrived at the same time as the above sandals.

It was an apple bundt cake. I say was because I kind of sort of picked out and ate all of the yummy apple slices that were baked inside the cake.

I destroyed the cake. Within ten minutes… The apple bundt cake became a pile of cake crumbs.

I have a habit of doing things like this, you know, taking apart food and eating just the parts that I want. I can’t help it, I have always been this way and I don’t feel the need to change because I enjoy it!

Ice cream/frozen yogurt that contains toppings like cookie dough  -> I dig around and eat only the cookie dough and then put the container back in the freezer.

Cereal that contains raisins -> I eat all of the raisins out of the box and leave the cereal.

Cereal that contains marshmallows -> Obviously the marshmallows.

Chocolate fudge cake -> I am more than happy to sit down with a fork and devour only the frosting.

Trail Mix -> I take just the raisins. And then the m&m’s.

Very Cherry Berry Blend from Trader Joe’s -> I love to pick out the cherries!

Bread Baskets -> The tops of focaccia bread, the crispy parts of the rolls, the raisins from the raisin bread.

Do you really want me to continue?

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Favorite marinade?

Are you a food picker outer like me?

What’s on the running agenda for this weekend?

























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  1. says

    Adam and I used to eat ice cream…a lot. Anyway, he always picked out all the pb cups, cookie dough, whatever, and then smeared everything together so you couldn’t tell. If I hadn’t gone paleo we’d be on separate ice cream containers – it was so annoying!

    Love the look of those recovery flip flops! And the marathon elite socks, I want!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Paleo Pecan Pumpkin Pie BarsMy Profile

  2. says

    I am laughing because I pick all the lucky charms out of the lucky charms. So they are not lucky any more. I need those socks and flip flops. I have no running plans as of right now. Have a great weekend

  3. says

    I love that you own being a picky eater (literally). My boyfriends sister does this (all pepperoni off the pizza, any burnt crust on bread, the crumbs off the top of crumb cake, etc) and it drives him and his family nuts. It makes me laugh when you open the fridge and the pizza only has three pepperoni left on it!
    Jamie recently posted…Just Like That…My Profile

  4. says

    I tried the regular Soyaki from Trader Joes and didn’t really like it, so maybe I have to try this one! I like to make my own marinades, and actually made some yesterday for some chicken I made. It was so good! Love those flip flops and i might have to pick some up 🙂
    Gretchen recently posted…Top Five Friday #28My Profile

  5. says

    Yes to food picking outing! I’m horrible for that. It started when I was a wee little thing and picked the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms. Now I’ll steal chocolate chips from cookies. Dried fruit from trail mix. Blueberries from frozen berry mixes. And all the vanilla ice cream from neapolitan mixes :mrgreen:
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #149 .My Profile

  6. says

    Those sandals look perfect to put on after a long run! And maybe I should buy some more skoop…I definitely liked it but now I have a huge bag of the myprotein protein powder that I was sent to try last month. I’m sure it will last me awhile but at some point I will need more!
    And I can’t wait to try those compression socks!!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…5 Things to Love about FallMy Profile

  7. jade says

    Yes! Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate swirl in it…I burrowed around and ate only the chocolate and it drove my dad crazy!