Rosh Hashanah & Weekend Stuff


If you are looking for me this morning, I will be seated in temple for Rosh Hashanah services, most likely with one hand on the prayer book pretending to be following along with my other hand attempting to cover my son’s mouth to keep him quiet.

In the meantime, some weekend highlights:

We went to Red Mango under the assumption that we would both order the acai bowl but then I walked in and craved my favorite parfait instead.

red mango

These stunning Chanel shoes are a want not a need but I am working on rationalizing them into a need not just a want.


I mean, if I wear black to my son’s Bar Mitzvah they may be the perfect heel height and I am the mother of the Bar Mitzvah boy which means it’s basically my affair and sort of on par with a wedding day so a special shoe with a rhinestone star is necessary.

You may be starting to recognize the salad I order at the East Bay Diner– love the combination of portobello mushrooms with avocado.

I also love the onions but remove them to avoid having the onion taste in my mouth for three days following their consumption.

diner salad

Amanda asked me the other day if the leaves have started to fall in New York yet and I told her no but then I ran through a pile of leaves during my long run on Saturday so I suppose I need to revise my response.


When we decided to head to Long Beach on Saturday after my long run and after my post-run meal, I knew I would need more to eat before walking the boardwalk so I made a mini oats-in-a-jar to tide me over until lunch.

oats in a jar

Any excuse to eat another round of oats in a jar, you know?

The blogger in me found a photo opportunity while the four of us were walking so I stopped us for a picture.


I was in my “walking shoes” and the only one not wearing Nike.

Salad ordering tip: Once you pick the salad you want from the menu, check out the ingredients of the other salads and select one to have the waitress add to your order. I picked the grilled onions from another salad because grilled onions are tasty and do not leave the onion taste lingering for days.


I made what I thought was the smart decision in terms of cooking for Rosh Hashanah in that preparing all of the side dishes should happen yesterday morning because I have more will power around roasted vegetables in the morning versus the afternoon.

roasted fall veggies

But I couldn’t really resist the roasted sweet potato, butternut squash and acorn squash pan which I drizzled with pure maple syrup and honey < – sweet new year right here.

My Rosh Hashanah food prep looks a lot like what my Sunday food prep would be if I actually did a Sunday food prep each week.

food prep

Roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted fall veggies, quinoa and roasted potatoes.

It’s important to note that cutting up the butternut squash yesterday brought my heart rate to a higher level than running does even though I softened that sucker in the microwave first but it was worth it, everything was delicious.

The only picture I managed during dinner was of the barely remaining brisket (or do you call it pot roast) not that I ate it because I don’t eat meat anymore but truthfully, even before I went meatless, I was never a fan which I suppose goes against my religion.


Time for me to get this day moving so that we arrive at Temple on time (and get a seat in the back to avoid annoying other congregants), enjoy your Monday and your holiday if you celebrate 🙂

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Which sneakers do you reserve for walking around?

Do you food prep each week? What did you prepare for this week?

Favorite fall squash?



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  1. says

    I only have my running sneakers, so if I need to wear something to walk around I would probably just pick an older pair that I don’t run in as much anymore.
    I still do food prep but over the summer its definitely been less. I always roast some veggies and make something to have for breakfast, and Rob usually grills some chicken for us to have in salads for lunches.
    Happy Rosh Hashanah!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Route 66 Marathon Training Week 6My Profile

  2. says

    I have a red mango within a mile of my house now, so I have a feeling you will be getting lots of texts from me every time I have it, although mine are usually a little less healthy than yours….but I can work on it! I am looking forward to having more overnight oats, as you can see, I have rediscovered them. Still need to try it in a jar though. Happy monday my friend!
    Tina muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Peach and Almond Overnight OatsMy Profile

  3. says

    I wear my nike frees, sperries, or danskos to walk around. I needed some good arch support shoes when I got here so I got those. When I was in NYC I had my Converses, but after having to wear those things in the restaurant I got rid of them when I was done! But supportive shoes are a must!
    Happy New Year! I know the brisket isn’t your thing, and I”m not a huge beef brisket person, but that does look goooood.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…The Good, The Bad, The Sleepy, and the Rungry! #MIMMMy Profile

  4. says

    I think those shoes are a need. You need to look like a hot mama at your son’s event. You are the person who made sure he made it to that point in his life. I say go for it. I love spaghetti squash. I don’t do meal prep, I would love to. Have a great day

  5. says

    Happy Rosh Hashanah:)
    I have a pair of Nike Frees for walking around. So much comfier than the Keds or Converse I convinced myself were “good” shoes for walking a few years ago. Yikes.
    I usually do a bit of food prep. Lately, I just make a big batch of quinoa, roast sweet potatoes and usually just empty a can of chickpeas into a tupperware for easy access. I made muffins last week that I am still finishing up this week.
    And favourite fall squash? I have to choose just one?
    Grace @ Diary of a Running Snail recently posted…Back At ItMy Profile

  6. says

    When I first say that food prep picture on IG, I thought you were actually doing food prep and it made me feel horrible because I don’t think I’ve ever done it myself. It would probably be a good thing and save time in the long run, but I just have a hard time devoting THAT much time to food at once, and prefer to do it in smaller bits throughout the week. Or just eat cereal for my meals 😛

    • says

      I am with you. I don’t want to devote all of that time when I can do a little each day depending on what I want. When I needed to bring lunch to work though, I did the food prep thing so I had salads and lots of good ingredients ready.

  7. says

    Loving the squash and sweet potato holiday dish! Today is my dad’s birthday as well as the second evening of the holiday, so I made a rather non-traditional treat of dark chocolate peanut butter bars. Also working on a GF honey cake as of now. We went to services until my brother and I were bar/bat-mitzvah’ed but haven’t much since. I think I’ll start again when I have kids of my own however, definitely something to pass along.
    Alyssa @ Renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…More Exploring in San DiegoMy Profile

    • says

      Happy Bday to your dad! I hear you on only attending during the bar mitzvah years. I am curious to see what we do after my son’s bar mitzvah next year. I like to think we will still go, but, you know how it is…