Workouts From The Week 8/31-9/6


Before we talk running and workouts, I need to tell you what someone asked google the other day which led them to my blog:

Can we skip straight to dessert?

Yes, yes you can. Go right ahead. Would you like a cookie? I made another batch of chocolate chip just the other day.

chocolate chip cookies

So I realized something interesting about how I look at my workouts from the week…

For the purposes of these workout recaps, my week runs from Monday through Sunday.

However, if we were to switch things up and recap, let’s say, starting with last Sunday through yesterday instead, I realized we would have a totally different recap taking place.

For example, I normally run long on Saturdays but last weekend, I ran long on Sunday. While running long yesterday, I realized that taking into account last Sunday’s long run, my week would involve two long runs and total over 50 miles.

Um, that’s a lot.

Is there a right way to look at our weeks when it comes to our workouts? Interesting thought, right?

weekly workout recap

Monday – Pure Barre Pure Results (65 minutes) & 3 Miles

You know the sun is rising later in the morning when the photo I take after I finish Pure Barre in my living room still comes out this dark.

pure barre

My legs were dead but they needed a short recovery run to get over my long run from Sunday and to stretch out after Pure Barre, this Pure Results workout really works you good!

Tuesday – 9 Miles

MapMyRun was not tracking properly again, at least for the first few miles, which I guess didn’t really matter much because it was pretty humid outside which means it made more sense for me to go by effort than by paying attention to my pace.

9 miles

I made a stop at home after mile 3 because the Yurbuds I complained about last week completely died on me and I needed a different pair. I don’t understand why I can’t get Yurbuds to work!

Wednesday – 5 Miles & Yoga For Runners, Injury Prevention

Wednesday is normally a Pure Barre day but I skipped it in favor of yoga. I chose one of the beginner practices which focuses on injury prevention for runners which I learned about from Michele’s  online yoga home practice guide.

My legs were all tired so this yoga routine really loosened things up and relaxed my muscles. I felt amazing afterwards.

Thursday – Pure Barre Mile High DVD & 8 Miles

In my head I figured I would run the 10K Speed Workout I shared last week but added an extra two miles to make it a total of 8 for the day.


I don’t believe mile 5, I think it was a tracking glitch, seriously, I wasn’t go that fast.

With each interval, I felt stronger and more energized rather than burned out which made me real happy.

Friday – Pure Barre Studio Series DVD

I skipped an easy run in favor of a walk after Pure Barre. My calves were tight and it wasn’t worth it.

Saturday – Long Run

It was the first crisp morning in months so I felt great to be outside! I wish I knew exactly how many miles I ran but I don’t because MapMyRun screwed up AGAIN. I don’t know what’s up with this app at the moment but I may need to look into it.

Somewhere after mile 4 it stopped tracking for a bit. It may have only been a mile, not even a mile or more than a mile. I don’t know.

I finished at 14 miles but there’s a lost mile or so somewhere — maybe I ran 15? Maybe less? Maybe more?

I tried the Shot Blocks and definitely didn’t like them as much as the Hammer Gel so Hammer Gel it is going forward.

Sunday – Rest

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What day starts your workouts for the week?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

If you were having dessert for dinner, what would you choose?




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  1. says

    I use Monday as my week start, it just seems right lol. Sundays are my rest days. French fries for both the other answers. I am addicted to fries. I guess sweet potato fries could be considered dessert. Have a great Labor Day!!!

  2. says

    I always question the Mon-Sun/Sun-Sat thing. And sometimes I do compare what my mileage would be each way:) Since I usually don’t run on Sunday its not a problem, but over the past few months I have been running more and more on Sunday so I figure as long as I stay consistent its fine.
    I recently got some hammer gels and they worked well for my race on Saturday! I was a little nervous because I haven’t used them in awhile, but I had no other options.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…My Protein Review and Chocolate PB Protein Bar RecipeMy Profile

    • says

      I am with you – I don’t normally run on Sundays and if I do, it’s not many miles. But, if I do run long on a Sunday, it kinda changes things for the week which has me thinking about how I look at my workout weeks. So confusing but I know you understand!