My life is a sex and the city episode


When Sex and the City was the new hit HBO sitcom way back in the late 1990’s,  I couldn’t relate to very much other than Manhattan being my playground and of course, the pretty shoes.

Times Square

I was in the city last night actually!

I wasn’t having the dating and life experiences back then that Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha spoke about because I was in college, already in a serious relationship and about to be married (I was married at the age of 23).

Only after my divorce did I start to relate to most of the scenes from the show and learn to truly appreciate Carrie Bradshaw and her words of wisdom.

While running the other morning, my mind wandered into all of the episodes that have played out in my life over the last few years which then led to picking my top 5 and writing a post about it!


1. When Berger broke up with Carrie via post-it note.

If Sex and the City were to take place now, I think the post-it note break up would have been via text, which yes, was how I was broken up with ever so rudely almost two years ago.  I know, I can’t believe the nerve either.

2. When Miranda hid under Brady’s crib to avoid seeing Steve’s new girlfriend.

While I never had to hide under a crib, I have had to dodge some run-in situations very similar to this. Not a fun feeling!

3. When Carrie and Aidan decide to move in together and Carrie freaks out because she doesn’t want to talk after work and needs her space for eating a stack of crackers with jelly while reading magazines.

We all crave our alone time, more so when we get used to having it.

I do not eat crackers with jelly but I have always enjoyed my independence and most especially, my quiet mornings.

I did get married young and adapt easily to living with someone else but since my divorce, combined with my son getting older and sleeping later, I think I have reverted back to really loving my quiet early mornings.

I love waking up early, making my first cup of coffee, watching the news, reading/writing blogs, eating oatmeal in peace and then running before really having to interact with other humans.

4. When Miranda called Carrie after eating cake from the garbage.

Don’t judge me on this one but unless you properly squirt the cake with dish soap before throwing it in the garbage, as my dad and I always did when we were throwing out cakes we didn’t want to continue to eat, no way is the garbage can about to stop you from going back for another bite.

5. When Samantha has the flu and realizes she is alone.

A few years ago I had a terrible stomach virus <– geez I am really prone to these types of things huh?!

As I laid on the floor of my room with my son who was slightly sick with the same bug, I wanted to cry (but couldn’t because throwing up took all of my energy).

I wanted to cry because it was in that moment I realized I was alone in my house. Like, it really hit me that I was divorced and that divorced meant single mom, no longer married, no one in the house to help out and perhaps even worse, I realized I was no longer a stay at home mom which meant being sick was a huge inconvenience since I was working part-time and had an employer looking for me to get better fast.

At least my window treatments didn’t fall down, isn’t that what happened to Samantha in this episode while she was sick?

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Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today 🙂


What time of day do you need your alone time?

Who are you most like – Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte?

Are you guilty of going back to cake in the garbage?

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  1. says

    This is still one of my favorite shows especially since I don’t watch any recent ones! I have saved things from the garbage but never cake. My kids have thrown out an apple after taking a bite and I’ve rescued it! And I hate that sick/alone feeling especially when the kids were babies and my husband worked all day and night. Shuddering thinking about it!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Am I a Working Mom? Or a Delusional Lunatic?My Profile

  2. says

    This was so funny! SATC is one of my favorite shows. Love it. My favorite scene is probably when they’re using crayons and coloring as a euphemism. My friends and I have definitely done that when we’re out in public. I’m definitely most like Charlotte I think (at least she’s my favorite character so I hope so!)
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…That Time I Went to Costa RicaMy Profile

    • says

      I love Charlotte! I love them all, I sometimes I think I am a combination of them, although, I am not much like Miranda except for the cake in the garbage and hiding under the crib lol

  3. says

    Seriously one of my favourite shows of all time, and I remember every single one of those episodes. I honestly have no idea how I’d cope with having to give up my peaceful mornings. I mean… I guess you adapt to that kind of thing, but I love my quiet time so much that it’d definitely be an adjustment!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #143 .My Profile

  4. says

    I wish I watched SATC but I guess I was too young when it aired. One day I’m going to go back and watch it from the beginning straight through. I feel like I’d really appreciate it a lot more now.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…TOL: One Week!My Profile

  5. Lindsay says

    I remember all those episodes and in a way can relate to most. The eating cake one to be specific. Gasp! I know


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