my weekends are best described through food


When I thought about doing a life lately/sentence per picture type post for today, I giggled a bit when checking out my photos, noticing that most of them are food. I guess it’s only natural that someone like me share life updates and recaps via what I eat since food is such a major part of my life.

The virus I had last week has made life hard for me because my appetite returned to normal right away but my stomach has taken a long time to handle what I want to keep eating.

I am stubborn (in case you didn’t know) so attempting to eat overly bland or less than what I desire is not okay in my world, especially when I am hungry!

I did enjoy this giant bagel (which my stomach appreciated) while in the city the other day with a side of grape jelly.

cinnamon raisin bagel

New York bagels are the best. There’s no comparison.

Fruit has not been my friend which is really hard for someone who lives on fruit but my stubborn side ordered this fruit bowl anyway at Sarabeth’s, justifying it because it contained a lot of bananas. Isn’t it pretty?

fruit bowl

Taking my son with me food shopping always leads to extra purchases like this carton of Ben & Jerry’s. What’s your favorite flavor?


The other night I wanted pizza. Veggie-loaded pizza. I was hungry and craving it, not really caring what happened if I ate it nor did I think twice when I ordered a second slice. So there.

veggie pizza

Pizza is really the craving of the moment so I made this really crispy pizza bagel. It was so good that I can’t stop thinking about it!

pizza bagel

Back in the day we used to have pizza bagel night once a week (I think it was Wednesday nights) so I am considering bringing that back into the dinner rotation. Why not right? Maybe use whole wheat bagels with a side salad? Perfect dinner if you ask me.

I rationalized eating Red Mango as a dietary need for the live active cultures and probiotics.

red mango

Oh look, a non-food photo! I played skee ball at the Bayville Adventure Park.

skee ball

And I got a much needed manicure. Sugar Daddy.


Anyone remember this colorful lululemon running skirt from a few years ago?! I forgot I had it but have to say, it’s probably the most comfortable one I own. It’s not the pace setter skirt, it’s a different one.

lulu skirt

I feel like it’s been forever since I had my favorite salad at The Cheesecake Factory. Aside from the vegetable pizza the other night, I have not been eating vegetables so I really needed this in my life.

The Cheesecake FActory BBQ Ranch Salad

We ate outside, realizing it’s basically the middle of August. How did this happen? Camp is almost over for my son which means I better finish buying the school supplies. I can’t even. I am not ready!

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Last time you had a pizza bagel?!

If you wear running skirts, which is your favorite?

Best thing you ate all weekend?

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  1. says

    A pizza bagel? Oh wow. I’m thinking the last time was probably in high school? Pizza-type things used to be my favourite after school snack, until I got sick from eating Hot Pockets, at which point I gave them up cold turkey 😛

  2. says

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a pizza bagel, which is strange because I really really love pizza and bagels, so…
    I’ve also never worn a running skirt… I guess I have a few things I really need to try out!!
    I didn’t eat a whole lot this weekend because I have some nasty virus as well! I did have a really good BLT on a bagel on Saturday though… mmmmm so good:)
    PS – love that nail polish colour!!
    Grace @ Diary of a Running Snail recently posted…What Do You Do When You’re Sick?My Profile

    • says

      I can justify anything but really, Red Mango is the best yogurt out of all of those other random yogurt stores since their yogurt is healthier and made without the artificial stuff, contains the probiotics and live cultures and even gluten free 🙂

  3. says

    Love all of your posts:)
    Best thing I ate this weekend was a Watermelon, Feta and Arugula Salad with a Watermelon Vinaigrette dressing. So delicious and refreshing in the Arizona heat.

    • says

      Sarabeth’s is a great place! I usually go to the one on Park Avenue south but when you said uptown on Madison at 92nd, I can’t help but think of Jackson Hole because I grew up going to that one!

  4. says

    Your food looks so good (as always!). Ben and Jerry’s is SO good and I don’t know if I can pick one favorite flavor. I really like cheesecake brownie, brownie batter, chocolate chip oatmeal, and Jimmy Fallon’s flavor. I would take any of them right now though 🙂
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…Weekend HighlightsMy Profile

  5. says

    I used to eat pizza bagels once a week too. I eat a bagel every day for breakfast but I’m thinking about making them for dinner again soon. It’s funny you mentioned that- I was thinking about it on my walk to work this afternoon!

    p.s. emailing you soon!
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Training 8/2-8/8My Profile

    • says

      You need to experience a pizza bagel at least once in your life! So good 🙂 I don’t really eat bagels often but then go through phases, especially when my stomach is upset, perfect, filling carb for after a stomach bug.