Pure Barre Pure Results Review


I am finally ready to talk in more detail about the new Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on seat) streaming online workout!

I’ve been getting lots of questions about Pure Barre lately so we before we get to the new Pure Barre Pure Results workout, lets summarize my Pure Barre history so that we are all on the same page.

Pure Barre Pure Results Online Workout Review

I began taking Pure Barre studio classes last summer and fell in love with the routine immediately.

Pure Barre works every muscle group targeting arms, core, seat and legs in such a non-impact way that as much as you are lifting, toning and burning, you don’t feel as though you are overworking  yourself.

I never loved strength training and favor running over anything else so finding Pure Barre was the perfect complement to my routine. I have experienced an increase in my strength (especially my core), a noticeable difference in my balance/flexibility and even a pretty quick change to my appearance (leaner/smoother muscles).

The stretching segments (a nice mix of yoga and pilates) were so needed in my life that I am not really sure how it is I ran so much before incorporating Pure Barre into my workout routine on a regular weekly basis.

I am still fascinated that using 3-lb weights can really build up your arm strength! When I go to the gym (which isn’t often, especially in the summer) I am still able to lift the heavier weights (10-15 lb weights are heavy for me) and feel stronger, not weaker.

Pure Barre Benefits For Runners:

  • Non-impact full body workout to strengthen core, abs, arms, legs and seat
  • Strength training without overdoing it
  • Cross Training
  • Stretching
  • Works to improve your stability and balance

All of this helps to prevent injury!

How I Got Started With Pure Barre From Home:

Pure Barre studio classes are not cheap. I made the decision at the end of last summer to order a few of the Pure Barre DVD’s so that I could do the routine myself from home.

pure barre dvd

Having the ability to do Pure Barre from home is awesome because I can fit it in on my time schedule, not on a studio class schedule.  I don’t have to worry about making a class or about the weather in the winter. I never liked working out at home but look forward to the early mornings of Pure Barre from my living room.

The Pure Barre DVD’s I Use:

Pure Barre Mile High Series (2 DVD’s/35 minutes each- uses the little red ball, no weights)

Pure Barre Studio Series (2 DVD’s/45 minutes each – uses light weights and a yoga block)

I vary my workouts by alternating the DVD’s from the Mile High series and the Studio series, depending upon how much time I have and my mood.


The New Pure Barre Pure Results Streaming Workout:

Recently I felt the need to add a new Pure Barre routine into my rotation and chose the new Pure Results Streaming Workout with an extra focus on the seat. It’s 65 minutes in length which is slightly longer than a studio class.

pure barre pure results

I love that the workout streams online so that I can access it from anywhere, not that I have been anywhere other than my living room lately but you know what I mean.

For $19.99, you have access to the workout for one year. Not a bad deal, at all, if you ask me, especially when one in studio class on average will run you $25.

This is the first Pure Barre routine I have done that incorporates weights during the warm up and ab section.

pure barre online workout

Is it hard? It really depends upon the day that I am doing it. Sometimes I find it more challenging than others. I am pretty sure that if I didn’t work my core 3-4 times a week with the other Pure Barre routines for the past year, this would be killer.

Don’t get me wrong- it is not easy! I love that it uses weights though, it’s very similar to the other Pure Barre exercises but the use of weights adds a nice twist and something different.

The only equipment you need for this workout is a set of free weight BUT I started to use the little red ball during the ending abs section to support my lower back.


There’s a good amount of “tucking” going on  — if you don’t have a ballet barre (I mean really, how many people do) you can use any stable support like a ledge or a chair.

pure barre online workout review

This routine follows the same Pure Barre structure – warm-up -> arms -> legs -> stretching -> seat -> abs -> stretch – > but then adds in an extra seat section before cooling down.

While the movements themselves aren’t hard, you certainly feel those isometric holds, especially in this workout at the end — the extra set of seat exercises after completing the rest of the workout certainly burns while it lifts and tones!

pure barre online workout

My Plan Going Forward:

A little while ago I shared with you the structure of my weekly workout plan. While it changes up sometimes, I aim for Pure Barre three mornings a week, every other day.

I try to vary the DVD’s and intend to do this new online workout once a week. 65 minutes is a lot, even though you don’t really feel it because the time flies by.

Some questions you may be thinking:

Can you run the same day as a Pure Barre workout? Yes, you can, but I do find that Pure Barre can fatigue my legs. For this reason, I only run the same day as Pure Barre if the run is an easy/recovery/short run. I save speed work days for non-Pure Barre days.

Can I do Pure Barre on back-to back days? Yes, you can. I found however that my muscles much prefer an every other day approach but there are times where I do it on consecutive days.

Is the routine hard to follow if I have never done it before? I recommend taking a Pure Barre in studio class before ordering the DVD’s or trying the online workout. I think it’s best, as I described in this post, for the instructor to talk to you and walk you through some of the moves in advance of the class and correct your form the first few times.

What equipment do I need? I recommend ordering the Pure Barre bundles which means, the DVD sets will include the associated equipment (excluding the free weights) unless of course you already have a little ball and a yoga block. Most of the bundles include the Pure Barre socks which is great too, especially if you plan to take an in studio class which requires them on your feet.

Do you get more of a workout out of the longer DVD’s than the shorter DVD’s? Actually, I find that the Mile High Series, which is 35 minutes in length, to be a complete workout. Each DVD runs through the same Pure Barre routine – the longer workouts just focus a bit more on each area.

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UPDATE: Please see my most recent Pure Barre Review: Pure Barre On Demand!

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Are you a barre fan?

Are you good about strength training or do you focus more on cardio?

Random question – do people still take step aerobics?

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    • says

      If you don’t want to do the 65 minutes, you could skip around although that would get annoying. I actually really like the 35 minute Mile High DVD (I think that’s the one you have?) that really gets the entire Pure Barre job done fast. The 65 minute one though is good when you have the time, which I don’t more than once a week in the morning!

    • says

      Aw you are welcome 🙂 I really love doing the routine at home. Makes such a difference in terms of fitting it in when I have the time rather than figuring out when I can make a class.

  1. says

    I’ve never done barre but many friends of mine love it and are trying to convince me to go it a go! I definitely focus more on cardio since lifting isn’t my favorite, but I do need to incorporate more core/stabilizing exercises in order to keep running the milage/distances I like running.
    Jamie recently posted…Tried It Tuesday – ISTJ-TMy Profile

  2. says

    Thanks for this review- I have been dithering about trying Pure Barre for cross-training for awhile now because I too mostly like running but really need something for core work. I grew up doing ballet so barre was suggested, but the NYC classes are SO expensive, so I needed something that I could switch to at-home after trying it in-studio!
    Alyssa @ Renaissancerunnergirl recently posted…No Bake Peanut Butter Berry BarsMy Profile

    • says

      I know, it’s so pricey to keep up with on a regular basis in the studio! I wish I could but I have really found to love it at home and it fits into my schedule whenever I want it!

    • says

      I definitely recommend trying Pure Barre, especially the DVD’s. It goes so fast that you don’t even realize you are beyond 30 minutes. Trust me. I never liked working out at home.

  3. says

    I’ve never tried Pure Barre, but I have a feeling it’s the kind of workout I’d love. I’m a big fan of lower impact workouts, and I prefer using lighter weights to heavier ones. And I love that you can do it from home, too, because sometimes it’s hard for me to get my butt out the door 😛

  4. says

    I will only go to certain barre-style classes. All that “tuck tuck tuck” stuff can be very bad for your body, since it encourages you to completely flatten out the curve in your low back. Since most of us sit all day and look at computers or phones, we tend to have the upper-crossed and lower-crossed syndromes Janda described in his research. Flattening the lumbar curve exacerbates both, since it encourages rounding in the shoulders and collapse in the chest, but even moreso overtight hip flexors and slack hammies and buttocks.

    If you take a lot of barre style classes or workouts, please be careful to keep your pelvis in optimal alignment–which means your low back should curve in towards your body, your pointy hip bones point straight ahead/forward (not tipped down or up), and your tailbone pointed down towards the ground (not underneath your body).

    Barre can be awesome, but some styles are not anatomically friendly for the majority of the population. (I swear, I think some of them were invented to drive business to chiropractors!) I haven’t tried Pure Barre, so I can’t comment on that specifically and don’t know if they use applied anatomy & kinesiology. I might try it out after reading your review though–the local studios are all on ClassPass, so I could try it out without paying $25/class (which I think might be $30 here).
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    • says

      I love Pure Barre, definitely recommend trying it out, especially in the studio so that the instructors can help with proper form according to your body type and personal needs based on injuries and sensitivities!