Mentally Awesome Running Week/Workout Recap


What a mentally awesome, much needed week of running and workouts!

Some days running is simply fitness and then some days, it’s so much more than that.

Going out for a run and letting your mind do it’s thing while your legs do the rest is just, well, really special for me and a concept that I think only someone who runs can truly understand.

running shadow

My favorite alone time with my shadow.

If you don’t run, I encourage you to try, a few steps at a time, just so you can understand for yourself what I am saying.

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weekly workout recap

Monday – 10 miles I woke up with a ton of energy and the feeling of really fresh legs so I switched my usual workouts around and went for an extended run in place of the usual Pure Barre/easy run Monday morning plan.

The humidity was insanely high for 6:00 am which meant that as well as I felt and as fast as I thought I was going, this is what the splits amounted to anyway:


It was crazy because I felt terrific and if you asked me my average pace, I would have said 8:30 at my slowest. Just goes to show you how much heat and humidity will affect your pace and why you must remember this and switch your mindset to effort level rather than fixate on hitting a certain pace.

Tuesday  – Pure Barre Mile High DVD & 6 Miles

The humidity was a little lower than yesterday morning which made a big difference in how I felt when I was running. I was running easy yet my easy pace wasn’t so far off from what felt so fast yesterday.


I am a really good judge of what I think my pace is at just based on feel in my legs but with the humidity these days, I can’t get an accurate guess at all.

Wednesday – Pure Barre online workout (65 minutes) & 3 Miles

I promise to get a full review up soon of this new Pure Barre online workout!

Pure Barre

I will say though, I am back to plank pathetic — with each new Pure Barre routine comes a new plank routine which leaves me weak in the core and feeling like I can’t hold the position for more than two seconds.

Thursday – 9 Miles Gosh this felt good. No humidity (or at least much less than earlier in the week) which translated into running without the air slowing you down and very little sweat even though I was working hard.


I ended up combining my latest favorite workouts by running the first part of the negative split workout and then adding in the .50 mile speed intervals for the last half of the run before cooling down for two miles.

Friday – Pure Barre Studio Series DVD & 3 Miles

This week’s Pure Barre rotation was perfect because I alternated every other day with a different Pure Barre series which gave me various workout lengths and slightly different exercises.

Saturday – 15 Miles

I’ve been taking raisins with me instead of jelly beans lately to eat during my long runs and I really like the switch. I recommend the jumbo raisins from Trader Joe’s.

I usually start my long run snack around mile 6 but I have noticed that I don’t really want/need anything until mile 8 which I think has to do with my body getting used to the distances I run on a regular basis.

Average pace for this long run @ 8:55.

Sunday – Kickboxing!

It’s been a while since I went to kickboxing so that’s the plan for this morning.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Does the heat and humidity affect you a lot too? 

At what mile do you normally take your fuel during long runs/races?

Were your runs mentally awesome this week?

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      So glad you had a great long run — such a good feeling. This week is supposed to be super hot and humid, I figure I will just go with the flow and take it easy. It’s better than snow!

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    I cannot wait to hear about this pure barre workout online you keep speaking about. I have a love/hate relationship with core workout. I bet it would be challenging.. in an oh so good way.