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Earlier this week I planned to share this new (and fun!) speed workout with you today under the assumption that I would discuss my latest experience running it, which was supposed to have taken place on Tuesday.

But see,  Tuesday’s run turned into a “bad” run in that I knew within a few steps that any attempt at speed was just not going to happen.

I didn’t call it quits. I thought about my previous post on how I get through the bad runs and switched my mindset from speed work to easy running since nothing was actually hurting or wrong.

Quick and funny side note:

When I speak to my dad each morning, I usually start with a recap of my run. He (pretends) to care and will talk to me about all of the runner details that not just anyone can understand (or tolerate hearing about).

Tuesday morning he asked me how my run was and I told him it was awful.

Our conversation looked something like this…

My dad – “Okay, so you say it was a bad run, let’s hear how many miles you ran anyway.”

Me – “8 miles to be exact.”

My dad – “When I used to have a bad run, I turned around by the mile mark. You have a bad run and still run more than most people on their good day.”

Me – “But see, I started feeling warmed up! I thought I would stop around mile 5 but then went to 6 and 6 became 7 so at 7 I just went to 8, you know?”

My dad – “Oh sure, I wasn’t up for an Iron Man today so I just went out for a quick and easy 26.2 mile run instead.”

Sometimes I wonder why I speak to him.


Even though I wasn’t up for this new speed workout on Tuesday, I love incorporating speed work into my routine lately because it not only challenges me, but I swear, it’s really fun too!

Of course speed work is tough, it’s supposed to be, but I call it fun because I like when my miles have purpose. I get so focused and tuned-in to the workout that the miles literally fly by.

Not to mention, working on your speed helps your legs to adapt and teaches your body (and mind) what it feels like to run fast.

Sometimes we think we can’t run any faster when the truth is, we can. You just have to try, a little bit at a time.

speed workout

I do not focus on hitting exact paces. I just push myself to go faster when it is time to go faster and then go slower to recover.

Here’s an example of this workout from last week, only for this run I ran an extra set of intervals because honestly, I lost track!


The splits are not telling us what pace I was at during the .50 mile speed intervals but that’s okay – I know I was working hard and that’s what matters to me.

Pace is a relative term anyway. Some days you will be faster than your fast self and some days you will be slower than your slow self.

Just go by how you feel and make an effort. So long as you try, you are getting something out of the workout.

This is an 8 mile workout (when you pay close enough attention) but you can definitely shorten it if you want to run less miles.

6 mile version – > Run one less warm-up mile and one less speed interval

5 mile version – > Run one less warm-up mile and two less speed intervals

Whatever you do, keep that final full mile of speed! It’s tough but so worth the challenge!

Let me know if you have any questions! Have a great weekend 🙂

For more workout ideas, click here to view my workout page.

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Anyone else have a “bad” run this week? How did you handle it? 

Who do you talk to the most about your running?

Three things you are doing this weekend?




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  1. says

    I definitely didn’t hit the paces I would have liked during my tempo run Tuesday, but hopefully the humidity will die down a bit and I’ll be able to have a positive long run tomorrow. I blab on about running to my mom and my boyfriend. Such good people for letting me do that! : )
    Jamie recently posted…Because Everyone’s Doing ItMy Profile

  2. says

    I have been trying lately to adopt this mentality of just pushing with what I have that day and releasing the pressure of hitting certain paces. It’s tough, and I’m glad you’re writing about it because it’s something a lot of us need to hear! That said, there are days when I feel like there’s no way I can hit a certain pace and then I do, I guess the key is not beating yourself up on the days you can’t!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge – Paleo & VeganMy Profile

    • says

      Absolutely. We aren’t machines. Some days we have it, some days we have to push to have it and some days we just don’t have it and must leave it alone. I just figure that when those off days happen, the next day will be that much better.

  3. says

    Ha! Your dad is awesome. I don’t really talk to anyone about my running because everyone is so sick of it by now. 😉 I’m getting married this weekend! But shhhh… it’s a secret. We’re just going and doing the paperwork secretly without any of our kids/family/friends etc there. We had a ceremony a couple of years ago but now we’re making it legal. How romantic! Ha ha ha… it actually is romantic, but we’re just keeping it private, and then we’ll tell everyone on Monday. Yippee!!

  4. says

    Your dad sounds awesome. When I first started running just over 2 years ago, it got my mom to start running again like she used to – she is way more competitive than I am though. Then, my dad started running again too, and where my dad used to laugh at me for being upset if I had to skip a run, he now runs 5 days a week and plans where he is going to run in the morning whenever they go on vacation!
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