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A couple of things to note before getting to this week’s workout recap:

I am still finding my groove with that new Pure Barre online 60 minute workout. I really like it but want to know it a bit better in order to really discuss with you in full detail.

I am still working on finding some sort of balance between this new Pure Barre workout and the other four Pure Barre DVDs I have been rotating for the past year.

I didn’t get to the Studio Series this week but I do want to make sure I keep that set of workouts up too because each series of Pure Barre workouts is slightly different in terms of length and exercises.

In running shoe news, you may have seen me wearing the new Mizuno Wave Enigma 5’s on instagram.

Mizuno Wave Inigma 5

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review them and have found a place for the Wave Enigma 5’s in my running shoe rotation.

The Wave Enigma 5’s are a neutral shoe and rather cushiony (remind me of the Asics Gel Nimbus series) but they are not winning first spot in my closet because that still belongs to the Adidas Energy Boosts.

It took some time to break in the Wave Enigma 5’s but I do like running in them now, especially for short runs, easy runs and recovery runs.


weekly workout recap

Monday – Pure Barre Mile High 2 DVD & 6 Miles

Tuesday – 9.25 Miles

It was crazy humid but not sunny which made the run bit more bearable.

I went with a 2 mile warm up followed by .50 mile speed intervals for 4 miles, a mile of speed at the end and a cool down mile to finish.


Remember – the splits are not accurate indicators of pace since half a mile is speed and half is recovery.  What is important to note is how seriously I take the warm up and cool down.

I really ease my way in to my runs lately and then take the time at the end to run slowly before stopping completely.

Wednesday – Pure Barre Mile High 1 DVD & 30 Minute Run

I set out for just 30 minutes of running, must have been a little over 3 miles –> Just enough to loosen the legs and get my friendly endorphins flowing so that people could tolerate me for the day.

Thursday – 9 Miles

I followed my favorite running workout and added an extra cool down mile at the end.

Friday – Pure Barre online workout

I can’t believe this workout is 60 minutes long (actually, it’s even a few minutes longer than 60 minutes).

It really goes by super fast and I think that maybe, just maybe, I started to break a sweat.

I never sweat from Pure Barre which is one of the reasons I love it — it’s challenging and works every single muscle and it definitely produces noticeable results in terms of strength and appearance without getting me all sweaty even though I am working real hard.

Saturday – 16 Miles!

I can’t say that any run is effortless but this was one of those runs that just felt terrific. I averaged 8:45 for the first 13 miles (did some 3-2-1 negative splitting) and then ran easy for the last 3 miles, enjoying the sunshine and summer feel in the air.

running path

I honestly could have kept going but decided that 16 miles probably sounded like an awful lot to the average person so I went home.

Am I right? We runners get really skewed in our thinking and don’t even realize the magnitude of what we are running most of the time.

Sunday – I don’t know!

I haven’t really decided just yet. I don’t plan on running and may just take a rest day or pop in a Pure Barre DVD for the stretching (love the stretching).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Are you running or resting today? 

How many sneakers are you rotating at the moment?

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    • says

      I am boring and like to step outside my front door and run the loop in my neighborhood. I don’t really get bored of it but sometimes through in some extra streets when I go a little longer.

  1. says

    I’m still waiting for my Adidas Boost shoes! I wear the Nimbus but I use New Balance 1400s for track work and racing (I’m doing a half marathon this morning). I used to run in Mizuno. They’re a lot lighter than the Nimbus. Asics uses the gel and Mizuno uses this plate technology thing which makes it a bit stiffer, but way lighter. I really love Mizunos too. You had a great running week! Nicely done!
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    • says

      Good luck in the half today! I lived in the Nimbus before the Boosts and can totally see where you say the Mizuno are a little stiffer yet my first thought when putting them on was that they reminded me of the Nimbus! I can’t wait for you to get the Boosts so we can talk about them. I can talk running shoes all day lol

    • says

      It’s a really rare occurrence for me to run 16 miles, I think I have only done it once before! I am never training for a marathon so it’s nice once a while for me to run over 13 and see that I can do it. It’s those miles beyond the 10 mile mark that usually fatigue me so I like to work on those to make them more comfortable.

  2. says

    I don’t know how you do it – but you are one active Momma. More power to you for finding the energy. Keep it up 🙂

    Best thing I ate? Hmm!! I made taco stuffed potatoes on Saturday that were pretty tasty.