being flexible with your routine & workout recap

Happy Sunday, Happy Summer and a very Happy Father’s Day!

weekly workout recap

It’s somewhat funny that I shared my workout routine/plan earlier this week and then I didn’t follow it.

I ended up moving my planned workouts around to better accommodate my life and schedule which honestly, is really important.

As dedicated as we are to our running and workout routines, it’s also important to be flexible and not let your fitness overtake your life.

Let’s take a look…


Pure Barre Mile High DVD & 4 Treadmill Miles – Heavy rain meant running indoors but I really didn’t mind!

Monday is typically an easy run day but slowly my speed crept up to 7.0 and stayed there for most of the run. I even bumped it up as high at 7.6 which is a good/bad thing. I wanted to run at a slower pace but I just couldn’t help myself.


8 Miles – Great run with my negative split running workout . I really hope you try it if you haven’t already. It really keeps you working without thinking about the miles.


5 Easy Miles & Pure Barre Mile High DVD – I ran before Pure Barre today because I got started a little bit later than normal and wanted to run as early as possible to avoid the hot sun.


Pure Barre Mile High & Gym Day – So this is the day where I rearranged my normal workout routine.

I decided to switch my long run day from Saturday to Friday which meant running 8 miles today was not smart.

I skipped my run in favor of Pure Barre and the elliptical which would leave my legs feeling more rested for tomorrow’s long run.


12 Miles – This was fun.


I can’t begin to tell you how terrific this run was even though it was crazy humid and little bugs were sticking to my face (and maybe I swallowed one or two but let’s not think about it).

What I loved most about this long run is that it didn’t feel long at all! I did my usual 8 mile workout but added another set of negative splits at the end. The workout keeps you so focused on where you are at that suddenly you are approaching 12 miles and are like, what?! How did that happen?

Part of me wants to attempt this workout with another set of negative splits which would bring me to 16 miles. Maybe next week?


A few recovery miles on the Bethpage State Park Trail – When was the last time I told you I ran a trail? I know, like never.


I went with a friend to run the trail for something different. We walked and ran which means I have no idea the total mileage but it was a nice time.


Not really sure yet. I am having major computer issues so that is becoming my focus right now!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a very Happy Father’s Day!

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What are you doing for Father’s Day?

Running long this weekend? Yesterday or today and how many miles?

Best thing you ate all weekend? I had the best giant m&m chocolate chip cookie. And a chocolate frosted cupcake. So good!


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