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When one of your best friends sends you a Red Mango gift card two days in advance of your birthday, you proceed to the nearest location to enjoy a midday parfait immediately.

red mango

Love in a cup I tell you, love in a cup.


Sara recently nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award! I was so honored to be included in her list and couldn’t wait to get to the list of questions she had for me to answer.

I thought today would be the perfect time to share them!

What is something people might be surprised to learn about you? Hmm.

Did you know…That I am an only child? That I am a lefty?

That I worked for Mattel back in my college days because I thought I wanted a career in the toy industry?

That I had a cookie business before I had a blog?

Did you know that I still have my Lisa Frank sticker collection and still really care about it?

lisa frank stickers

Have you ever met someone famous? I have lost count of how many hockey players I have met over the years but to answer this question I will go with meeting Dr. Oz since I was a guest on his show.

guest on dr. oz

My face on the television screen!

I always wanted to meet Oprah though and that desire is still going strong!

What’s something you hope will never come back in style? How about I hope that the current trending style of frumpy short and wide flowing shirts go away like now and never return. Ever.

I don’t understand this droopy, shapeless style, sometimes with weird sleeves, sometimes with half a sleeve, a cut-out of a sleeve or no sleeve at all. It does nothing for me and really, nothing for anyone. Make it stop.

What is one place on your travel must-see bucket list? I could really use a beach vacation in my life at the moment. Nothing crazy and no place specific, just a few days away from day-to-day life.

I am happy so long as the hotel is super nice with excellent food and quality desserts, you know, like chocolate fudge cake and brownies without nuts. I don’t need nuts in my brownies.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?  I always said my life would make a great Lifetime movie.

Renee Zwelleger would make the most sense as the actress to play me because I have been told I look like her ever since Jerry Maguire back in 1996.

renee zwelleger

But then she had to go and change her face around recently so she looks nothing like her old self at all which means she looks nothing like me so there goes that idea.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess? I really don’t have one but I am happy to watch a parade of any and all Disney princesses while standing along Main Street in Magic Kingdom while eating a giant chocolate covered apple.

Magic Kingdom Chocolate Covered Apple

What would you sing at karaoke night? I am an 80’s girl so totally Tiffany or Debbie Gibson…

I think we’re alone now, doesn’t seem to be anyone aroundddddd…..

Ohhhh…Only in my dreamsssssssss……

Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island? Can we make this a what would I want to be stranded with instead? I can’t be on a deserted island without coffee and peanut butter.

And my running shoes. It’s really all I need in life. Maybe a packet of oatmeal too. I don’t need utensils. I can rough it.

What is your biggest pet peeve? This says it all…

hate everyone and pants quote

What clothing item/accessory/shoes do you have way too many of in your closet?

My closet is currently loaded with been there done that clothing. I could really use some new tops and I can’t find a thing in the store because as I said above, I am hating the current style so my wardrobe frustration level is at an all-time high.

Don’t forget to enter the two birthday giveaways going on this week…winners will be announced tomorrow!

Skoop Giveaway

Love Grown Foods Giveaway

Be sure to head on over to see what Amanda is thinking about today and check out everyone else’s thoughts too!

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If you could have a gift card right now to any store/restaurant, which would you choose?

Do you look like anyone famous?

Were you a sticker collector as a kid? If not, did you collect something else? Do you still have it?




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  1. says

    Holy.snap. I never realized it before, but you really -do- look like Renee Zellweger! And you better believe I collected stickers when I was little! I had (and still have) HUUUUUUUGE albums of them, and I remember trading with my friends and coming up with all sorts of elaborate rules about how many regular stickers were worth a fuzzy sticker and what not. Good times.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #133 .My Profile

    • says

      Ahhhh fuzzy stickers!!! When you finally come to NY, you are to bring your sticker books so we can play. And then get pedicures :)….It’s so funny about Renee. Since I am 18, people tell me I look like her/stop me to say “I know you look like someone, I am trying to think of who” at which point I have learned to say Renee since that’s who I know they are thinking.

  2. says

    I had someone tell me that I look like Katy Perry, and another person say I look like Amanda Siegfried. I don’t think either of them look like me, or like similar at all. I can definitely see your resemblance to the old Renee!
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…Summer WishlistMy Profile

    • says

      Have you seen the new Renee, I don’t even recognize her! I used to be told I looked like the singer Jewel too which I didn’t totally see until people were comparing Jewel to Renee which made it make some sense.

  3. says

    I would LOVE a giftcard to Candle 79… best vegan restaurant in NYC in my opinion : ) I am also an only child woohoo!!! And I used to collect Beanie Babies … and now I have no idea what to do with them. Someone once told me I looked like Kate Hudson in almost famous… I don’t really see it but it made my day/year/life…. Happy Thursday!!!
    Jamie recently posted…Thinking Out Loud Thursday – Total RandomnessMy Profile

  4. says

    Happy early b-day lady! I always forget that our b-days are so close together (mine is on Sunday). I can totally see the Zelwegger thing, but you are absolutely right…not so much anymore!
    Lish recently posted…CHICAGO!!My Profile