National Running Day & Recent Eats


It feels like I was just making my National Running Day badge for last year and here we are again!

national running day

National Running Day is always the first Wednesday in June which makes me happy because it is always around my birthday, if not on my birthday, which happened two years ago!

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Obviously I have cake on my mind a little more than usual this week but if you must know, I am still finalizing exactly which desserts I will eat for my birthday. Big decision people, big decision.

Until I figure it out, let’s take a look at what else I have been eating lately…


No pre-run oatmeal photos but they look the same everyday so you aren’t missing anything.

My post-run oats though, while basically the same every single day, are always exciting when featured in an almost empty jar.

oats in a jar

Yesterday I went with a smoothie bowl after my run because I was so thirsty — really hit the spot.

smoothie bowl

I always swirl extra peanut butter on top!


Saturday’s beach day lunch looks like frozen yogurt but it isn’t frozen yogurt.

It’s frozen fruit. Chloe’s frozen fruit.

Chloe's Frozen fruit

Chloe’s is dairy, fat and gluten-free.

I have been to the Chloe’s locations in the city but we don’t have a local store near me. I am lucky that Tutti Frutti in Long Beach features a few of Chloe’s flavors. I didn’t love the banana so I just went with the strawberry.


I am still choosing simple English muffins with peanut butter and fruit when I am home at lunch time.

english muffin with peanut butter

I finally tried Brio the other afternoon for lunch.

Brio salad

Chopped greek-type salad with avocado because I always add avocado when it isn’t included in a salad.


We went for pizza Friday night before going to the movies. I don’t eat pizza all that often but I do adore this vegetable  slice on a whole wheat crust from Villa Monte. It’s always so good and loaded high with fresh roasted veggies.

vegetable pizza

Saturday night was gorgeous so we dined outside by the water.

I am definitely on a hummus kick lately, in case you were wondering.


I ordered some sort of roasted beet salad but had them sub the sunflower seeds for candied pecans and add avocado.

beet salad

I usually insist on dressing on the side, not sure what happened here.

Loaded baked potatoes are still my go-to weeknight meal. It’s so mindless and easy yet always satisfying.

loaded sweet potato

Big baked sweet potato topped with roasted broccoli and Brussels sprouts with hummus, barbeque sauce and avocado.

And because you need to see what it looks like when I am roasting up a bunch of my favorites:

roasted veggies


I had a totally yum brownie sundae over the weekend.

brownie sundae

The fudgy brownie was at the bottom of the cup which was topped with vanilla frozen yogurt, cookie crumbs, whipped cream and hot fudge.

Of course I asked for more hot fudge half way through my sundae.

brownie sundae

Don’t forget to enter the two birthday giveaways we have going on this week!

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Will you be running today? Complete the sentence: I run…..

Best dessert you have had recently?

Last time you had pizza? What kind is your favorite?






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  1. says

    You always make me jealous with all your desserts 😛 I wish I could go out and eat some, but it’s a pain in the ass trying to find a place that doesn’t use nuts. Apparently being nut-free isn’t as trendy as being gluten-free… but maybe someday? *fingers crossed*
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. currently – june 2015 .My Profile

  2. says

    I run to avoid the crazy! Haha. Kidding… but it really helps me relieve stress and start my day off on the right foot. No matter what else happens that day I can be proud because I have accomplished something. Best dessert… hmmm. I actually haven’t had many recently which is shocking, but I have been eating my fair share of date balls which is satisfying my sweet tooth at night! I eat pizza at least once a week. Every Sunday my boyfriend and I make the dough/sauce from scratch, heat up our pizza stone, and make our favorite types of pies : ) Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!!
    Jamie recently posted…National Running Day & WIAWMy Profile

  3. says

    I run because running helps me manage my anxiety disorder without medication (I’m not against meds, AT ALL, but if I can manage anxiety without them, then great!). I need to roast a bunch of veggies today. I love hummus lately too. I eat it with a spoon.
    Suzy recently posted…Woozy Wednesday: Pre-Race HydrationMy Profile

  4. Carmella says

    Chocolate cake with Peanut Butter icing, the best I had recently. I have decided to have a Carvel Ice Cream for my birthday tomorrow! Hey Meredith, that makes me older than you, LOL (in more ways than one)!

  5. Nikki says

    Have you read The wonderful horrible reasons why I run long distance? By The Oatmeal ? Say does your bloglovin website work

  6. says

    Oh man you have me craving a giant brownie sundae with extra hot fudge. I may make Tim go with me this weekend as his “going away dessert.” Forget dinner. And pizza- ahh the best. I go in waves where I won’t eat it for weeks or months and then i eat it a bunch of days in a row. I had it pretty recently but sometimes there’s nothing better than a giant slice.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…#BeMore_BmoreMy Profile