A Fun Running Workout


I have a fun running workout for you today!

So much of my running has no real structure or plan since I just sort of go with it most of the time and figure things out as I am moving.

Lately though, I have been trying to give my routine a little more structure, a little more purpose each day in terms of which days are speedier and which are recovery in order to balance things out and feel my best each day that I run.

Last week I conjured up a fun workout with purpose for one of my 8-mile runs.

The plan:

-> 3 miles negative

-> 1 mile recovery

-> 3 miles negative

-> 1 mile cool down

I didn’t really consider this a sharable workout routine until I read Michele’s comment on my workout recap post.


She’s right. It’s not overly intimidating but provides more of a workout than just running easy, especially when you aren’t due for a run easy/recovery day.

One of the things I love about sharing this running workout is that it does not focus on hitting a specific pace.

Rather, it motivates you to go from whatever pace you are at to quicker and then quicker for a few miles with a recovery mile in between.

No matter your pace, it’s always good to push yourself, slow down and then push again. This method, sort of like running intervals really, helps to boost your metabolism as well as endurance, teaches your body how to run fast and trains your muscles to adapt to the speed too.

running workout

Negative splits simply means running faster than the mile before.

I implemented this workout again yesterday morning and it was a really good time.

Seriously. I had a great run.


I realized a few things while running:

*My mind was focused on the mile I was in rather than the overall amount of miles.

*I had to figure out how to pace myself which is super important to learn, especially for racing. I found myself wanting to go really fast after the recovery mile but I held back a bit because I didn’t want to burn out. I knew that each mile needed to get faster so I saved some energy in order to achieve the negative splits.

*Those three miles after the recovery mile really work you good. Picking up the pace again is challenging yet awesome.

*This would make for an excellent treadmill workout! Sometimes I have trouble forcing myself to move faster outdoors (although I am getting better at it) but on the treadmill, you can set your pace and control your speed.

If you don’t want to run 8 miles, you can always shorten the workout. However, if you know you are capable of running run 8 miles, I do recommend you try this workout in its entirety because it’s that second set of negative splits where you really feel the work you are doing.

Please let me know if you try it and certainly let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!

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Three things you have planned this weekend?

Do you have a routine running distance?

What song helps you pick up your pace when you want to run faster?





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  1. says

    I love workouts that break up longer runs into shorter segments – helps me stay motivated and mentally breaks the workout up so it seems more manageable! I usually run for about 60 minutes, sometimes thats about 7.3, sometimes its 8.1. Totally depends on the day haha. And I’m a big Fall Out Boy (Uma Thurman) fan when I’m trying to get my legs moving! Hope you have a great Friday!!
    Jamie recently posted…Friday Favorites 5/29/15My Profile

  2. Frank says

    Freihofers Run for Women in Albany this weekend. Friday am helping at the Expo, Saturday will watch. We have at least 13 runners on three teams running.
    There will probably be another thing to make 3 🙂

    I run mostly for minutes vs miles these days. Usually turns out to be around 32 miles a week over 4 days.

    Two songs from Snow Patrol are big motivators. “Open Your Eyes” for the tempo and energizing finish, “Make This Go On Forever” for the focussed intensity and warmdown.

    Have a fun weekend!

  3. says

    1) Drink lots of water 2) Race a half marathon 3) Ice bath
    That workout looks like a great way of breaking down an 8 miler! And songs? Machinehead by Bush, Won’t Back Down by Eminem and Pink, Burn It To the Ground by Nickelback.
    Suzy recently posted…Blended Family Friday: The HeatMy Profile

  4. says

    No real routine for me just yet, but I’m definitely planning on introducing some tracked runs in a little while so that I can work on improving my pace and distance. I try not to get too caught up on numbers, but I’m getting to the point where I kind of have to start paying attention to them if I want to keep pushing myself, because right now I feel like I’m just sitting around in my comfort zone.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. at a glance – may 2015 .My Profile