weekend/mother’s day highlights


First Friday night of the season outside at Prime. Summer is really almost here.


I think Ben & Jerry’s will be my ice cream place for the summer.


I am seriously contemplating ordering a different flavor every time I go which is not easy for me. Should I do it, as an ice cream experiment for us?

Once you start quenching your thirst with watermelon, nothing else, not even water, will do the job quite as well which means you must keep your refrigerator stocked at all times with several containers of the red stuff.


When you walk into Trader Joe’s for ONLY ONE THING, you think who you are because you don’t need a wagon or a basket….until you suddenly find your arms filled with “necessities” and your arms and hands are freezing from holding the frozen berries as you wait your turn to pay.

Trader Joe's

Mother’s Day 5th Annual Special Breakfast!!

My son and I realized during our early morning drive to Maureen’s Kitchen (we were there by 7:00 am!) that this was our 5th annual early morning Mother’s Day breakfast (in yesterday’s post I had thought it was only our 4th).

When I started our breakfast tradition a few years ago, it worked really well for us since my son used to wake up at the crack of dawn. Now that he is eleven (when did that happen?!) it isn’t as easy for him to get up so super early BUT if you want to beat the Maureen’s Kitchen breakfast crowd, arriving at 7:00 am is the only way to do things.

We had our choice of seating (but only ten minutes later there was a wait out the door!) so we decided to sit at the counter, as usual, so that we could watch the griddle in action.

Maureen's Kitchen

My son really knows how to order a nice mix of sweet and savory…


Look at those chocolate chip pancakes topped with strawberries and bananas!

Maureen's Kitchen Pancakes

I briefly thought about ordering pancakes myself but I just couldn’t go without the baked oatmeal.

baked oatmeal

They give you a side of warm milk to pour on top so that you can mush things up all nice. I also ordered a side of blueberries to add to the bowl because I am smart like that.

baked oatmeal

There is something about early morning coffee in a cow-themed mug that makes me smile.

Maureen's Kitchen Coffee

We headed over to my parents’ house (which used to be my house but somewhere along the lines of becoming an adult I switched to referring it to my parents’ house and now I am realizing I must have grown up a lot in order to make that term adjustment) in the early afternoon.

We brought my mom pink peonies because we know she really likes them.


I was in charge of bringing dessert. Okay so actually, I put myself in charge of dessert because if I didn’t, we run the risk of it being wrong and I can’t have a wrong dessert, especially on Mother’s Day.

Wondering what the “right” dessert was for Mother’s Day?

bakery goodies

I struggled to decide what I wanted (I am openly admitting to the world wide web that I didn’t really think about anyone but myself) so I went with an assortment of everything that looked appealing to me.

And while I am confessing, I should probably let the world know that while waiting for dinner, I broke into the bakery box, stole some frosting off each cupcake, took a row off of the fudge brownie but did it all super neatly so that no one would never know the difference.

It was Mother’s Day, I am a mother, it was my day <– rationalizing my lack of care for others when it comes to a bakery box in my presence.

Mother’s Day recaps from the past:

Mother’s Day 2013

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Are you a sweet or savory breakfast eater?

Do you have a favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor?

Is it possible to walk into a grocery store, especially Trader Joe’s, for only one thing?!




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  • thesimplepeach May 11, 2015, 6:19 am

    Happy Mothers Day to you! I like savory and sweet breakfasts. I think it depends on what I’m in the mood for. All your eats look so tasty! Ice cream and watermelon are summer musts. We have a gourmet ice cream place too close to our house that has the best seasonal flavors. Last year blueberry honey walnut and lavander ginger became my favorites.

    • The Cookie ChRUNicles May 11, 2015, 10:36 am

      Thank you :)….Oh I would love a gourmet ice cream shop near my house! That would be fun.

  • tina muir May 11, 2015, 6:23 am

    I dont even know where to begin commentting….you are BRAVE to try new B&j every time, I would love the idea, not sure I could bring myself to do it….TJS YES! Every time!!! Pancakes….yes please. DESSERTS….come to me! Basically, I love everything about this post!
    tina muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Honey and Lime 3-Bean DipMy Profile

    • The Cookie ChRUNicles May 11, 2015, 10:34 am

      I don’t know that I can try a new flavor each time. It sounds like a nice idea but I don’t know that I can do it!

  • Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine May 11, 2015, 7:02 am

    Glad you had a nice mothers day! I usually go for a savory breakfast…I don’t usually like sweets in the morning. I always go into stores thinking I don’t need a basket and then I can’t carry everything! I guess it does limit me in some ways from buying too much because there is only so much I can hold in my arms.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Weekly Recap, Trail Running, And Addressing WeaknessesMy Profile

    • The Cookie ChRUNicles May 11, 2015, 10:00 am

      I think from now on I will grab a basket because holding the frozen berries was not fun at all!

  • Susie @ SuzLyfe May 11, 2015, 7:44 am

    I love sitting at the counter/bar at restaurants and watching people work. I feel like it is a lost art, lol. And I like high chairs/stools. Happy late Mother’s Day!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Lunch at Work with Gardein Plant Based Chicken (Review, Recipes, Coupon) #meetchefMy Profile

    • The Cookie ChRUNicles May 11, 2015, 9:55 am

      It’s so fun to sit up at the counter and watch the inner workings of the restaurant…We like watching the pancakes being flipped and omg the mounds of bacon!

  • Amanda @ .running with spoons. May 11, 2015, 8:05 am

    Sweet breakfasts always and forever. I’ve done the savoury breakfast things a few times, but it never really caught on… and even in those times, I still felt like something was missing after I finished. And I definitely say go for a new flavour each time — it makes life more interesting 🙂
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. currently – may 2015 .My Profile

    • The Cookie ChRUNicles May 11, 2015, 9:53 am

      My thoughts exactly – it seems like something is missing and throws my day off if I eat savory in the morning instead of sweet. I get all off balance!

  • Michele @ paleorunningmomma May 11, 2015, 8:14 am

    Happy Mother’s Day! Your day sounds perfect with the early breakfast and then heading to your parents’ house (feel the same about saying that!) with those yummy desserts! The 7am breakfast is such a sweet tradition 🙂
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Weekly Workout Recap + Mother’s Day Weekend!My Profile

  • Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes May 11, 2015, 9:13 am

    I’m so jealous you have an actual B&J’s ice cream shop near you. I’ve only ever had it from the grocery store and I’m sure it’s not the same. Right now I am obsessed with the new Tonight Dough flavor!
    Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes recently posted…Back For Good!My Profile

    • The Cookie ChRUNicles May 11, 2015, 9:51 am

      I tried the Tonight Dough and LOVED IT!!!! So so so good! We don’t have many Ben & Jerry’s shops but there are a select few scattered about. It’s so weird too since they are from this area yet the stores are so few and far between!

  • Suzy May 11, 2015, 9:32 am

    Ha ha ha! That’s so awesome that you “rearranged” the desserts first before you brought them. That’s totally something I would do. I love how you told us all that you did it, too. You’re so great! Glad you had such a good Mother’s Day!
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

    • The Cookie ChRUNicles May 11, 2015, 9:50 am

      Aw, thank you for thinking my insane and selfish dessert happens are great 🙂 I couldn’t help myself – the frosting from the cupcakes were calling me!

  • Jamie May 11, 2015, 9:37 am

    I’m a sweet eater for breakfast – apple with honey and cinnamon usually, and savory for dinner – eggs of some sort. I really can eat breakfast all day 🙂 And the only time I can successfully only get one item at a grocery story is if I have a chaperone (ie. my boyfriend) haha. Glad to hear you had a great Mother’s Day !
    Jamie recently posted…Weekend RoundUpMy Profile

  • Lish May 11, 2015, 12:36 pm

    Happy belated mothers day! Pancakes sound so delicious right about now!
    Lish recently posted…CHICAGO!!My Profile

  • Shannon May 11, 2015, 1:16 pm

    I am definitely a sweet food lover! Im not much of a salty eater. And no, it is IMPOSSIBLE to only buy one thing!
    Shannon recently posted…Banana Bread Protein MuffinsMy Profile

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld May 11, 2015, 1:33 pm

    Love the tradition Meredith! And love the prime seating- Griddle action viewing = amazing.

    You should totalyl do a B + J taste test- I did it with a gelato store last year for 6 weeks straight then needed a break!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Man Sass and the cityMy Profile

  • Sarah @pickyrunner May 11, 2015, 1:48 pm

    Sounds like the PERFECT mother’s day weekend! Especially Friday night. That view from the restaurant and ben & jerry’s… sign me up. I have the hardest time ordering something different when i go get ice cream. If it’s not broken, why change things?
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…5/3-5/9My Profile

  • Sara @ Lake Shore Runn May 11, 2015, 11:22 pm

    I have a great idea – try out every Ben & Jerry’s flavor and write a tried it tuesday post every time 🙂 ha.

    Also, that is very grown up of you to call it your parents’ house. I don’t think I will ever be able to make the adjustment.
    Sara @ Lake Shore Runn recently posted…Chocolate Silk Overnight Night Oats RecipeMy Profile

  • Jessie May 12, 2015, 2:02 am

    Your boy know show to order a good stack of pancakes. I do kinda think you should followed his lead & got some for yourself. Maybe next time? 🙂