The Pegan Diet & Other Random Thoughts


1. The radio can’t overplay the song, Love Me Like You Do because I still can’t get enough.

…Love me like you do, la la love me like you do…

2. I may have been a guest on Dr. Oz but I am in no way a regular watcher of his show. However, the other afternoon, I did catch a quick segment on a new diet trend –> Pegan.

Do you know about the Pegan diet?

It’s a cross between Paleo and Vegan. Uh huh. Strange to me too.

The Hottest New Diet of 2015 That Your Haven’t Heard Of

Pegan Diet Aids Weight Loss, Experts Say

3. After dealing with a virus two days before running a half marathon, then running the half marathon which felt like a slow death yet somehow finishing which made me think it’s finally time to rest and recover for a few days  — I get my period.


4. I have my very own pair of boxing gloves.

boxing gloves

More about kickboxing next week!

5. I finally bought the new chicken nuggets at Trader Joe’s. You know which ones I mean? In the blue bag? The gluten-free, antibiotic/hormone free chicken nuggets?

Trader Joe's Chicken Nuggets

My son said they are REALLY GOOD! They smelled really good to me and looked nice too because they are big and have a lot of chicken to them rather than be all breading.

His only issue was when he saw the bag and noticed broccoli on the picture. He thought that maybe someone was trying to trick him by adding broccoli somehow to the nugget but not telling him.

6.  It would be nice if I remembered to talk to you already about roasting frozen vegetables, especially frozen broccoli.  It’s my favorite, I had it last night, I even have it written down on my list of things to talk to you about yet I never fully take the time to do so.

roasted frozen broccoli with sweet potato

Let’s aim for a more in-depth discussion on it next week.

7.  During my recovery run Tuesday morning (11 minute miles never felt so good), I decided that my race recaps should probably be written in two parts.

The first part strings together my initial thoughts and the proper mile by mile breakdown while the second recap comes a few days later, after I really had time to think about what the heck took place.

Delayed onset post-race thoughts:

Should I have started in the 8 minute mile corral instead of the 7?  YES!

Even though I felt “fine” I should have started slower because I had just been sick. I never should have attempted to move so fast because I knew a PR race was not something to go for but of course, in the back of mind, I still was trying for it.

Why the heck was I sore from this race? I run this distance all of the time and my average pace wasn’t even so off from my usual runs.

The answer to this comes directly from Sarah’s comment on my race recap post the other day:

“I feel like our idea of a normal distance to run is so skewed when we run long most weekends. But racing is an entirely different beast.”

She is so correct. My view on distance is totally skewed because I run long so often on a regular basis. Races however are totally different and much more challenging. Sometimes I forget that.

I miss that first ever half marathon feeling. You know, that magical aura that surrounds your first registering, training, running and recovering race experience?

Hershey Park 2012. My first ever half marathon.

Hershey Park Half

It was just so special. Every single part of it. I recall not wanting to take my medal off for days.

Hershey Park Half medal

I actually forgot how special it all was until I was talking with my friend Jen after Sunday’s Long Island half because she ran it too, only it was her first ever half marathon.

She found the half to be hard and hot like me yet she still referred to the race as “magical” which I understood even though I ran the same race and wanted to die, still want to die when I think about it and don’t really see any of the magic in it except for the magician who won the marathon portion of the Long Island Marathon weekend.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!

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Have you heard of this Pegan diet? What do you think?

First ever Half Marathon/race?

Favorite song right now?

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  1. says

    My first half was Jan 2013 in Central Park and it was about 15-20 degrees! Let’s just say I don’t think I’d stand in the cold the way I did for that now. It was awesome and I remember feeling really proud and accomplished and also more confident for the marathon I had coming up.

    So I must be a few days behind you because it looks like I’ll have my period for my Mother’s Day 10k/5k! Not thrilled.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Hairy Insecurities Plus 10k Goals? TOLMy Profile

  2. says

    I’ve come across that Pegan diet as well, and it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me considering it basically goes against everything that veganism stands for, and it’s not exactly Paleo friendly either. But I guess that’s just people’s need to slap labels on everything. And no races under my belt yet, but hoping to run my first this summer 😀
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #129 .My Profile

  3. says

    Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day:) Haha…I do like that song, but there are actually so many songs on the radio now that i don’t like, that i typically listen to my iTunes in the car instead.
    I don’t think I have heard of the Pegan Diet but it doesn’t really make sense. I feel like SO many foods would be off limits!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Back To Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

  4. says

    Funny story. I was like “wait, is she talking about me? I don’t remember saying that. Ohhh wait yes I do.” Wow. It must be Thursday because I’m out of it. I miss that first half marathon feeling too. That’s part of why I want to do a marathon. No expectations, just straight up pride at the finish. Because once you do it once, you never get that feeling back.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Catching UpMy Profile

    • says

      I had the same pride going for the Runner’s World races because that weekend was pretty special I think but nothing is quite like the first ever half. I don’t know that I am up for a marathon but you are right, the feeling would then reappear after running one.

  5. says

    SO FUNNY about how your son was suspicious of the broccoli on the cover of the bag. I love that kid! First ever half marathon was the Vancouver half. I was 19, training for my first marathon and I ran it in 1:47. It was awesome.
    Suzy recently posted…Dear Brain, From VaginaMy Profile

  6. says

    My first half was my freshman year in college, 2007, Hartford Half Marathon in CT! I remember it like it was yesterday 🙂

    This year at Boston, not only was the weather icky, but I woke up race day morning with my period… I mean it seemed only fitting.
    Jamie recently posted…Thinking Out Loud Thursday 2My Profile

  7. says

    I know what you mean about the magical feeling. I totally had with my first marathon (granted it was NYC which was bound to be magical anyway 🙂 ), but my second marathon last weekend was a little lack-luster. haha
    Lish recently posted…Colorado MarathonMy Profile

  8. says

    I have never heard of the Pegan diet, but Im not sure how Paleo and vegan would fit together? I will have to research it to find out what its all about!

  9. says

    Pegan diet?! Weird! My first half was on Thanksgiving day in 2012. Wow! I was over the moon and there was def that first time experience 🙂 I am running my first full marathon next week and am hoping to have that similar feeling :/ Stay tuned hahaha!

  10. says

    Hahaha! The picture about if period cramps burned calories…now that’s the truth. Hmm, the TJ’s chicken nuggets I’d be willing to try for sure. I even talked about TJ’s over on my latest blog post and how excited I am to start shopping there when I move!

  11. says

    Yet another new diet Trend….will we ever learn? And the roller coaster cycle of weight loss continues for most Americans. Sigh.

    I’m sure getting your period had a lot to do with your half marathon struggles. I find myself exhausted the few days before my friend arrives.

    Roasted broccoli is the best, especially the lovely little crispy bits.

  12. says

    pegan is the way to go: say goodbye to most ailments, allergies, symptoms. At least thats what happened with me. I was a walking and talking, real life Bubble Boy and then one day – poof – disappeared.