Everything Happens For A Reason


Before I say another word, I must let you know about the latest flavor at Red Mango.

Red Mango popcorn flavor

Seriously. Popcorn yogurt? I learned to accept and even like the popcorn-flavored jelly beans but yogurt?

It’s decent. I will give it that. It doesn’t taste like popcorn though and if you swirl it with vanilla, it somehow tastes like vanilla pudding.

Not that I ever really liked vanilla pudding but in yogurt flavor fantasyland, I like vanilla pudding.

Anyway, moving on…

Everything happens for a reason. I have always believed in this, even when things don’t make sense and the reasons aren’t fully clear at the time.

On Sunday I will be going with my son to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs (!!!) where my Islanders will take on the Washington Capitals here at the Nassau Coliseum at 12:00 pm.

That’s right. NOON. A really early Sunday matinée game.

Now, had I registered to run the Fitness Magazine Half as originally planned, which is also taking place on Sunday, I never would have made it back from the city in time to shower, eat, recover and get to the game.

I had zero reason to NOT register for this race at registration time as the playoff schedule was not even known until a few days ago.

But if you recall, I suddenly decided this half marathon was not important to me this year so I did not register to run it!

Funny how things work out, right? 

So anyway, I didn’t run Wednesday morning which meant I was supposed to wake up fresh and ready to roll yesterday for a beautiful morning run.

8 miles

I was not expecting my pace for the first mile to be 9:19.

Nor was I expecting to feel the start of a side stitch developing within the first few steps.

Lately my runs are nothing short of phenomenal. My speedy runs are speedy, consistent, sustainable and, well, just on point with where I want to be while my recovery runs are just that – recovery.

Yesterday’s run should have started a good 30 seconds faster than it did.

I was a little shocked if you want to know the truth given how things have been rolling for me these days.

But I went with it. I have come to understand, respect and trust my body so much to know that I just need to go with where I am at and let the miles fall where they may.

You cannot push yourself to go faster when you have a side stitch. I mean, maybe you can but I wouldn’t advise it nor would I do it.

I kept things where I was comfortable, knowing from experience that everything would probably work itself through on its own, allowing for my pace to pick up naturally, and if it didn’t at all for this run, I was totally okay with that.


I am telling you all of this in detail today, not just to display splits which show that clearly my side stitch went away and my pace did in fact pick up on its own but to try to express how elated I feel about the running part of my life right now, how comfortable and confident I feel within each mile of every run – good or bad.

I can’t even fully put the feeling into words but something has changed.

You know I have always loved running simply for running which is why I do it and I have always been confident,  but something between my running and me is just –different these days.

Like on another level.

Maybe it’s the Pure Barre, maybe it’s all of those winter treadmill miles or maybe it’s everything tied together with the experiences we get from the good runs, bad runs, fast runs, slow runs and races we complete that work as one to help us learn and grow into the runners we are supposed to be with each step we take.

I may never run a marathon (I don’t know, I just don’t think I truly care to?) and I may not be as fast as some of the other bloggers you follow but that’s all fine and good because I love where I am at.

I just ended a sentence with the word, “at” which you legally aren’t allowed to do since you shouldn’t end sentences with prepositions but this is my blog and I run the show around here, okay? Okay!

This weekend when you are out there, don’t focus on your pace. Don’t worry about the miles or the race you have coming up or if you are running as fast or as long as the runners you see on your path or in blog land.

Just run.

And of course, have a good weekend 🙂

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Popcorn flavored yogurt – yay or nay?

How are your runs feeling overall these days?

Anyone racing this weekend? Who is off to Boston?!





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  1. says

    Salted Caramel Popcorn is a great flavor. Straight up popcorn? on the fence. But it still would have to be better than that terrible magic cereal flavor that I tried the other day. My runs feel good when I do them, but I”m having some tendonitis issues that are traveling around my legs and pissing me off. Now that it is beautiful out, why you gotta be like that, legs?
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Favorite Healthy Food Companies and ProductsMy Profile

  2. says

    Yes, funny how things work out! I’m still annoyed about my LI half though, only since I wasn’t refunded and it was both me and my husband. Popcorn yogurt sounds strange to me, can’t even imagine! Not even sure my kids would go for that 🙂

    I hate side stitches, and I’m so prone to them that I would get them regularly until I was running 6 days a week almost 40 miles. I still get them randomly and pushing your pace is a bad idea because they can actually linger on well after the run is over and then into the next run. I hate them!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Mini Frittatas with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Broccolini and BaconMy Profile

  3. Carmella says

    I am racing at PSU, Beaver Stadium Run. It is a 3 mile race for Special Olympics and you finish at the 50 yard line of Beaver Stadium. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. says

    Ha. I wrote a paper for one of my English classes in University and I remember my prof circling every single preposition…all positioned at the very end of a bunch of sentences. Then he wrote across the top of my paper: DON’T END YOUR SENTENCES WITH PREPOSITIONS. Jerk. I say, do it anyway! Let’s start a revolt.
    Suzy recently posted…Blended Family Friday: Tough to DigestMy Profile

  5. says

    I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve heard about popcorn flavoured frozen yogurt, and I’m not all too sure what I think about it. I’d obviously have to give it a go, but from the sounds of it? Ehhhh. And I’m not sure that I’m quite at that place with running, but I’m past the point of “Omg I hurt! Why am I doing this?!?!” so I’m stoked about that :mrgreen:
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. black forest smoothie .My Profile

  6. says

    That is exactly what my goal is for tomorrow-to just run! Whether I can make it 3 minutes or 30 minutes without things starting to feel tight I just want to appreciate what I can do. Its really funny how not running at all really puts things in perspective. I haven’t thought about pace or miles in so long and have pretty much stopped even tracking my workouts. It’s a bit freeing I guess? Although I do think all that stuff definitely has a place in “training” but we don’t always need to be in training mode. Have a great weekend!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Adjusting, Adapting, and AcceptingMy Profile

  7. says

    You do have a fun weekend ahead! You know I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason.” Like very firm believer. So I’d say you made the right decision in not registering for that race- your plans are way better, especially since you’ll be able to run on your own anyways. I’m not sure I’d be willing to try popcorn flavored froyo. No thanks. I don’t mix my sweet and savory snacks.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Post-Injury RunningMy Profile

    • says

      I would never have tried the popcorn flavor but the girl told me to swirl it with vanilla – it tasted liked pudding! lol — just got your email and will be emailing you back shortly. Lots to say!

  8. says

    Did you know that is my quote to live by?! It has been my mantra since my senior year of high school when I got sick. My parents just gave me an Alex & Ani bracelet with the quote – great reminder when I look down at my wrist! Great post Meredith! You do you 🙂
    Sara @ Lake Shore Runner recently posted…Favorites From the WeekMy Profile

  9. says

    I’ve never liked any artificial popcorn flavor. Never never never. I would eat those jelly beans thinking I was getting marshmallow and be severely disappointed. So glad you can go to the game. The Flyers are pitiful this year 🙁

    • says

      I feel your pain on the Flyers – it’s usually the Islanders who are pitiful! Flyers played well last week though against the Islanders….I liked the marshmallow jelly beans — tutti frutti was my favorite

  10. says

    Hi Meredith! Everything DOES happen for a reason. First of all, it’s great you’re feeling good about your runs. I don’t run that often (outside of the group fitness studio anyways), but I do have times when I’m feeling completely optimal in my fitness, which is always good. And as far as flavors? I’d love to try that one. I’ve never actually been to a Red Mango before. Hope you have a lovely weekend!! Speaking of playoffs, Go Warriors!!
    Ashley from A Lady Goes West recently posted…Friday Favorites: Fun stuff and a giveawayMy Profile

  11. says

    i love your focus. Yes, it’s all about the joy of running (most of the time). So glad everything worked out. Now i want to try that popcorn yogurt. I kinda think i’d like it. haha

  12. says

    omg my sister and I used to call the popcorn jelly belly the punishment flavour! Although not going to lie….I kind of hope that flavour is still there when I arrive- Actually, no 16 handles had crazy enough flavours from what I recall, seeing as here, the most crazy flavour you’d get is maybe mango or something.

    Have a blast at the game!
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Healthy Satay Chicken SaladMy Profile

  13. says

    I think I would pass on the popcorn yogurt. I am a plain old vanilla kind of girl (topped with lots of chose cake pieces of course!)

    Hope you had fun at the game. I am a flames fan and I am so excited we made the playoffs!

    Also thanks for the pep talk. I sometimes forget to enjoy running when I am so focused on pace!
    Angela @ HonestlyAngela recently posted…How to Start Intuitive EatingMy Profile

  14. says

    I’m getting ready to go for a run as I type this. Well not literally ready, but mentally. Just catching up on some blogs and then I’m off to hit the pavement. I might even try to go a little farther today than usual. Wish me luck and thanks for the inspiration.