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I woke up yesterday morning knowing it was cold out (in the 20’s) so I bundled up in layers after finishing breakfast and headed out the door for my run.

My outdoor run was quickly canceled once I actually got outside.


I was not expecting snow on the ground, not to mention, a layer of ice! I almost fell as I stood there in complete shock.

I probably should have looked out the window before going outside or actually listened to the news that I had on the television which may have alerted me to the treacherous running conditions.

I knew it had snowed all day long on Saturday but it wasn’t sticking anywhere but the grass!

I was not thrilled AT ALL about my sudden change in running plans but I sucked it up and carefully tip-toed my way to the gym for a run on the treadmill.

Talk about a surprise treadmill run. I usually like a little more mental preparation for running on the treadmill but it really wasn’t so bad. I just removed a few layers and went with it.

Speaking of layers (not that I care to speak about layers anymore since it is supposed to be spring), I never found my Lululemon Run With Me Neck Warmer but I did find a new one on clearance yesterday at the Lululemon store!

Run With Me Neck Warmer

Only nine dollars?! Of course I bought it. I am putting it away for next winter and since it is a deep shade of pink, hopefully it won’t get lost in my drawer like it seems my black one did.

I also like that it is an updated version; this new one has a drawstring toggle thing to help secure it up your neck in the right place.

So the Fitness Magazine Women’s Half is in a few weeks.

I thought I was going to register but I decided against it.

Although I ran it the last two years, when it came time to finally signing up, I made the decision to skip this year’s race in favor of keeping my $90 for something else.

$90 is a hefty race fee so I started thinking what else I could use that money for at the moment…

Activities with my son during spring break which begins later this week, new makeup, moisturizer, new Lululemon Run Inspire crops, Islanders playoff tickets, a few Pure Barre classes (I love the workouts from home but would like to take the classes too!)

It was not an easy decision to skip this race, mainly because it fell at a good point in my cycle but I put together a list of the other races on my radar which made me realize I had plenty of other options.

races on my radar



I am really hoping to run the Long Island Half again this year. Like really hoping.

It’s looking like it will be a super close call with my cycle as of this moment but I should know more next week, if you know what I mean.

If I can’t run it, I may consider the Bridgehampton half which is only a week later although that race fee is high ($85) for a race that I am not really sure I really care about running so I may just hold off until the Long Beach ten-mile race Memorial Day weekend.

I am okay with NOT running a half marathon this spring if that is what happens.

I am sure that I will be able to do at least one, if not two, of the half marathons on my radar for the fall.

I also decided that I am completely okay with not returning to the Fitness Half this year, even after dropping out of the race around mile seven last year.

I am not all that sorry or disappointed that last year’s race didn’t go as planned because there was nothing I could have done differently.

I always try my best and when I don’t try my best it’s because I have a really good reason or at least a note from my mother excusing me which makes it all okay.

I was never the competitive type, with others or myself.

It’s not in my nature to beat myself up about anything and I have never been one to put pressure on myself either.

The only pressure I have on myself right now is to finish up this post and squeeze in a Pure Barre DVD before my son is awake!

Pure Barre ball

Have a great Monday!

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What’s next on your race calendar?

Do you like to run the same races every year or do you mix it up?

What’s for breakfast today?








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  1. says

    I think you did the right thing with the half. If your mind isn’t in it, there really is not much point in doing it, the other races you have planned sound like fun though! i did a race in brooklyn last year, and it was fun 🙂 By the way, I will be in NYC for a few hours on April 16 and May 2, if you are around? Will text you about it 🙂 Whats for breakfast….plain oatmeal…..bleugh….last 23-24 miler of the segment….eeeeeek!
    Tina Muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Healthy Mexican PizzaMy Profile

  2. says

    It looks like you have alot of great race options! I am grateful that I didn’t sign up for any other races so I don’t have to worry about deciding if I can run them.
    This morning I had a smoothie for breakfast…I woke up with a sore throat and that was just about the only thing that sounded good!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…This Weekend Was Fueled By StarbucksMy Profile

  3. says

    The race fee is the reason I didn’t sign up for that one either! The timing was actually good, I just can’t justify it for the exact same course I did in Jan for $35! We didn’t get sticking snow, but it was so crazy cold yesterday and my run was in a 14 windchill! Then this morning snow was flying in my face during the entire six miles. Not funny at all, this has to end!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Weekend Glimpses and Fearing the No or the Yes?My Profile

    • says

      I couldn’t even believe I saw more snow when I was about to head out again this morning! I ran anyway since it wasn’t on the ground and I think it stopped or just turned to a rainy mist. It’s just enough. Like really.

  4. says

    $90?! Yikes… that’s definitely a hefty race fee. I don’t know all that much about races so I had no idea the fees could get that high. And since i Haven’t exactly ever run a race before, I can’t say that I like to run the same one every year 😛 BUT! I -am- planning on running my first one this summer, so I’m starting to scope out some 5k’s in my area!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. at a glance – march 2015 .My Profile

  5. says

    I always feel so torn about races, because I like supporting local ones and enjoy running them every year to get a good collection of race medals (and see if I can improve my time every year!), but I also love traveling to new races and diversifying my race schedule! I usually end up doing a mix- running my favorite local/cheap races and then adding a few new ones in. My next goal race is the Biggest Loser half in Erie!
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…March 30- Weekly GoalsMy Profile

  6. says

    What!? Only 9 bucks? That’s cheaper than a headband at lulu! I would have bought it no matter what as well.

    Running in races is an addiction. The price alone sometimes is enough for me to feel like I need to slow down and not enter into all of the races (I feel like that’s why they’re so high sometimes 😉 ), but it’s also realizing that maybe I don’t need to push myself so hard to complete every.single.race. that hits my area.

    But I have really bad FOMO. There was a half this weekend in my area that I know I’ll probably end up signing up for next year since I saw my Twitter feed blow up from it. How do you deal with race FOMO?
    Jillie recently posted…Whole30 Week 4 RecapMy Profile

    • says

      I never really feel “left out” when I don’t run races here but that may be because we don’t have the races I would want to run all that often. I really only like to register for half marathons and we don’t have any most of the year! Just spring and fall…I don’t know, I just kind of do my thing – if I can make it, great if I can’t, there’s always another and ALWAYS the option to just run at home, any distance I want, whenever I want, for free. I remind myself that really often!

  7. says

    More snow and ice? Geesh! Where you folks in the northeast ever experience Spring again?! Bless your little cotton socks.

  8. says

    I remember that post you wrote about periods and racing. I missed out on a race this weekend because I had my period. Boooooo. Not sure what’s up next for me. Maybe a tough half course locally here at the end of May? Orrrr a marathon in Washington mid-April along the ocean (Whidbey Island Marathon). I REALLY hope your crappy weather takes a hike asap. UGH.
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile