10k & Weekly Workout Recap


If you follow me on instagram, you already know that my Keurig machine decided not to work yesterday morning.

keurig machine

It’s an awful thing to happen any morning of the week but the morning of a race?

Not nice. Not nice at all.

Before getting to a short race recap, let’s quickly look at the rest of the week’s workouts.

weekly workout recap



8.25 Incredible Miles

When my first mile is 8:11 and my last mile is 8:02 all while feeling comfortable with my pace, I know I am having a great run.

I spoke more about this run in Tuesday’s post and also shared a fun speed play workout so if you missed it, click here to read it!



Pure Barre Mile High & 6 Easy Miles

Six really easy-paced miles, the kind where you can just keep going and going because you are going slow enough to maintain your run for an endless amount of time (if one actually has an endless amount of time).

adidas energy boosts

Kicking off my favorite Boosts and letting them just lie on the floor with the rest of the shoes by the front door signifies they are almost done.



Pure Barre Studio Series  & 5.25 Miles

I skipped the lower body exercises in this Pure Barre DVD and just did the warm up/arms/stretching/abs sections of the video.

It’s easy to skip sections on the DVD which is something I should do more often on days where I don’t have time/don’t feel like doing the full workout.

My run was nothing to speak of; just sort of run and then done.




Pure Barre Studio Series & 45 Minutes Elliptical

I finished up the lower body section of yesterday’s Pure Barre Studio Series DVD and always enjoy the stretching parts.

It was supposed to rain (not that I totally mind running in the rain) but needed a day off from running so I went to the gym instead.





4.30 Miles

Since I decided at the last-minute to run a 10k Saturday morning, I kept things super light as to not overdo it.

I honestly didn’t have much more energy than four miles anyway so this worked out well.




Last minute 10k race!

race number

This race is best told in positive/negative list form, starting with the negatives:

  • My coffee machine decided to malfunction. I had some instant coffee in the house for emergencies but hello, not the same.
  • It was snowing. Yes, snowing. The kind of snow that flies into your eyes forcing you to look down the entire time.
  • The race started ten minutes late which is fine if you aren’t standing around in the snow.
  • My phone was wet while waiting for race to start (I put it in my pocket once we started) so I couldn’t accurately tap on the screen which meant MapMyRun started too soon (and I couldn’t pause it) and my music was all screwed up.
  • Once the music actually started playing, it was stuck on repeat. Titanium is great but after four times, I could use a change.
  • I had a side-stitch during the first mile but dealt with it sort of knowing (hoping) it would pass. It did.


aspire 10K


  • It was snowing, yes, but at least the roads weren’t icy or snow-covered –just really wet.
  • I ran 1.50 mile warm up before leaving for the race just to loosen up my legs so that the first mile of the race I would already be in groove and it worked.
  • I was comfortable with my pace. I stayed consistent the entire time (between 7:39-7:56), even with the hills.
  • There were three or four hills but I handled them fine.
  • I wore my new Boosts and they were just dreamy.
  • I love the Pro Compression racers socks. They hit my calf at just the right point.

Pro Compression Racers and Energy Boosts

Overall, I was really pleased with this last-minute race.

I would have appreciated better weather; this was the first race I have ever run in such poor conditions but I handled it well and most importantly, enjoyed the run.

This was not a PR race (I was somewhere over a minute faster in November’s 10k) but as I said in that race recap, I really don’t think it’s worth comparing different race courses under different weather conditions.

I didn’t really have a goal for this race because I didn’t have much time to think about one! I just wanted to run it as best I could.

Once I was out there in the blowing wet snow, my best hopes were to keep each mile under 8:00 min/miles and I did that without issue.

6.2 miles has become so routine for me that I find the miles fly by without me getting too fatigued. Running these random races every now and again helps me to see how far I have come in my ability and endurance.

There was a time when I would run paces in races that didn’t felt like my own. I would start out quick and then burn out or just curse myself the entire time, questioning my sanity as to why I run at all.

I don’t do that anymore; I think clearly during races these days, feel strong and enjoy myself.



My legs were so confused by yesterday’s shorter than usual Saturday run so I think I will run a few miles this morning.

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Anyone else deal with snow yesterday?!  It snowed ALL DAY LONG!

Favorite race distance? I still love half marathons the best but 10k’s are growing on me!

Best thing you ate all weekend?


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  1. says

    I was so mad all day about yesterdays weather! We were out all day running errands but I had worn Toms and a fleece because I am trying to not wear boots and coats anymore…and the whole time we just kept being shocked at how cold it was! It flurried the whole day and at like 2 I checked the temp on my phone and it was 30 with a real feel of 23. Thats is NOT ok for the afternoon when its almost April!
    Awesome job at the 10k! I would have freaked out if my Keurig died on race morning. I also would have been annoyed if it was so cold/snowing on a race day when its supposed to be spring!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Workouts + Meal Planning and Prep 3/22-3/28My Profile

    • says

      If it makes you feel better about your Toms, I went to get a pedicure in the snow and had flip flops on! I thought of you too about how we say the nail salons in NY are the only thing “cheap” about living here. Still can’t get over how much you have to pay where you live. That’s just not fair.

  2. Jen says

    So jealous you did Run For Aspire. I was going to do it (last minute too) and when I woke up on Saturday AM and saw the snow, I was totally intimidated. I know the streets were just wet…but I still bailed on it. I’ve heard it’s a decent race, so maybe next year? The location couldn’t be more convenient (especially when I stay by my parents!). I’ll be out next weekend too. I’m slated for 9 miles today…getting myself psyched up for it.

    • says

      I watched the weather so closely Friday morning before going to register and decided the flakes would skip Plainview or at least not snow until the afternoon. I was not at all happy when I woke up but ran it anyway since the roads were just wet and I would have run my routine loop regardless…It was a decent race – let’s try to run it next year! It was totally local and quick and the hills weren’t bad.

  3. says

    I got in a 10 mile run with a friend before the snow started here but not I’m not happy at all with this weekend’s weather! The windchill was 14 degrees for my 5 miles this morning and I had to break out all the old winter hear I though I’d put away and double up on gloves and socks. Great job on the race! 10ks are great for seeing where you are fitness wise, I agree. Just signed up for a 10k on mother’s day, figuring it probably won’t be snowed out 🙂
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Week in Running and Yoga + Sleep TroubleMy Profile

    • says

      I couldn’t believe the weather yesterday morning (and all day too). And I really can’t believe this morning, stepping out to almost two inches and a sheet of ice! I was not expecting that and probably should have looked out the window lol. Let’s hope and pray the snow is done now. It’s really enough.